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Tyrrell County, NC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Abner  26 Aug 1760Tyrrell County, NC I37492
2 ALEXANDER, Ann Clarca  Abt 1764Tyrrell County, NC I37495
3 ALEXANDER, Elizabeth  Abt 1758Tyrrell County, NC I37491
4 ALEXANDER, Ezekiel  Abt 1760Tyrrell County, NC I37493
5 ALEXANDER, Isaac  Abt 1736Tyrrell County, NC I37514
6 ALEXANDER, Jemima  Abt 1768Tyrrell County, NC I37497
7 ALEXANDER, Jesse  28 Jun 1774Tyrrell County, NC I37500
8 ALEXANDER, Jesse  23 Jul 1795Tyrrell County, NC I37484
9 ALEXANDER, John  23 Jan 1757Tyrrell County, NC I37483
10 ALEXANDER, Joseph  Abt 1756Tyrrell County, NC I37490
11 ALEXANDER, Joshua  Abt 1748Tyrrell County, NC I37458
12 ALEXANDER, Mary  Abt 1762Tyrrell County, NC I37494
13 ALEXANDER, Millie  15 Sep 1772Tyrrell County, NC I37499
14 ALEXANDER, Sara  Abt 1766Tyrrell County, NC I37496
15 ALEXANDER, Zilpha  Abt 1770Tyrrell County, NC I37498


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Abner  22 Jan 1818Tyrrell County, NC I37492
2 ALEXANDER, Ann  Abt 1785Tyrrell County, NC I37504
3 ALEXANDER, Ann Clarca  Tyrrell County, NC I37495
4 ALEXANDER, Anthony  Aft 29 Jul 1741Tyrrell County, NC I37478
5 ALEXANDER, Anthony  1758Tyrrell County, NC I37503
6 ALEXANDER, Benjamin  Abt 1767Tyrrell County, NC I37506
7 ALEXANDER, Elizabeth  Jul 1785Tyrrell County, NC I37491
8 ALEXANDER, Isaac Sr.  Aft 28 Oct 1777Tyrrell County, NC I37460
9 ALEXANDER, Isaac  Aft 25 Mar 1780Tyrrell County, NC I37514
10 ALEXANDER, Jesse  2 Nov 1817Tyrrell County, NC I37500
11 ALEXANDER, Joseph Sr.  Bef 20 Aug 1746Tyrrell County, NC I37480
12 ALEXANDER, Joseph  Aft 1 Nov 1780Tyrrell County, NC I37490
13 ALEXANDER, Joseph Sr.  Aft 27 Mar 1796Tyrrell County, NC I37472
14 ALEXANDER, Joshua  Aft 19 Sep 1796Tyrrell County, NC I37458
15 ALEXANDER, Mary  28 Jul 1795Tyrrell County, NC I37494
16 ALEXANDER, Rachel  Tyrrell County, NC I37507
17 ALEXANDER, Zilpha  Abt 1832Tyrrell County, NC I37498
18 BALLARD, Joseph Jr.  Bef Feb 1773Tyrrell County, NC I37538
19 NORMAN, Minah  Bef 27 Mar 1796Tyrrell County, NC I37535
20 WILLIAMS, Elizabeth  Abt 1764Tyrrell County, NC I37549


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Anthony  Nov 1741Tyrrell County, NC I37478
2 ALEXANDER, Isaac Sr.  Aft 28 Oct 1777Tyrrell County, NC I37460
3 BALLARD, Joseph Jr.  Feb 1773Tyrrell County, NC I37538


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Anthony  29 Jul 1741Tyrrell County, NC I37478
2 ALEXANDER, Isaac Sr.  28 Oct 1777Tyrrell County, NC I37460
3 ALEXANDER, Isaac  25 Mar 1780Tyrrell County, NC I37514
4 ALEXANDER, Joseph Sr.  27 Mar 1796Tyrrell County, NC I37472
5 ALEXANDER, Joseph  1 Nov 1880Tyrrell County, NC I37490
6 BALLARD, Joseph Jr.  18 May 1769Tyrrell County, NC I37538


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALEXANDER / NORMAN  Abt 1753Tyrrell County, NC F16200
2 ALEXANDER / NORMAN  4 Nov 1758Tyrrell County, NC F16210
3 BALLARD / BARDEN  16 Nov 1761Tyrrell County, NC F16218
4 NORMAN / ALEXANDER  30 Jan 1786Tyrrell County, NC F16211
5 NORMAN / ALEXANDER  4 Jan 1790Tyrrell County, NC F16213