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Snyder County, PA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DRUCKENMILLER, Mary  1783Snyder County, PA I39524
2 STEININGER, Alfred T.  Jan 1896Snyder County, PA I16715
3 STEININGER, Allison A.  Abt 1856Snyder County, PA I16681
4 STEININGER, Almon  Abt 1860Snyder County, PA I16672
5 STEININGER, Annie M.  Jan 1891Snyder County, PA I16709
6 STEININGER, Arietta  Abt 1864Snyder County, PA I16689
7 STEININGER, Calvin W.  Abt 1869Snyder County, PA I16687
8 STEININGER, Cloyd Nillie  12 Apr 1876Snyder County, PA I16713
9 STEININGER, Cora  Nov 1892Snyder County, PA I16710
10 STEININGER, David  Dec 1865Snyder County, PA I16728
11 STEININGER, Ellen  Abt 1865Snyder County, PA I16674
12 STEININGER, Esther E.  Feb 1896Snyder County, PA I16711
13 STEININGER, Franklin  17 May 1857Snyder County, PA I16790
14 STEININGER, Rev. George Calvin  30 Dec 1864Snyder County, PA I16636
15 STEININGER, George Franklin  Mar 1859Snyder County, PA I16682
16 STEININGER, Henry Wilhelm  1861Snyder County, PA I16635
17 STEININGER, James  Oct 1863Snyder County, PA I16683
18 STEININGER, Laurah Jane  12 Sep 1865Snyder County, PA I16791
19 STEININGER, Maggie S.  Jun 1889Snyder County, PA I16708
20 STEININGER, Martha  Abt 1879Snyder County, PA I16729
21 STEININGER, Park Bliss  6 Apr 1878Snyder County, PA I16714


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (STEININGER), Catharine  27 Nov 1866Snyder County, PA I16660
2 (STEININGER), Jemima  11 Jan 1891Snyder County, PA I16727
3 BOWERSOX, Barbara  4 Jan 1888Snyder County, PA I32643
4 STEININGER, Franklin  26 Jan 1859Snyder County, PA I16790
5 STEININGER, George W. Sr.  21 Jul 1857Snyder County, PA I16659
6 STEININGER, Jacob H.  23 May 1899Snyder County, PA I16662
7 WALTER, John David  16 Nov 1884Snyder County, PA I32642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 STEININGER, Franklin  Snyder County, PA I16790