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Ireland [now Northern Ireland]



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (HENRY), Eleanor  Abt 1788Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I19195
2 ALLISON, Martha  Abt 1706Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I41015
3 BRESLIN, Mary Ann  Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I31579
4 BUCHANAN, Archibald  Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I41012
5 BUCHANAN, James  Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I41013
6 BUCHANAN, Matthew  Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I41014
7 BUCHANAN, Samuel  Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I40972
8 DORRIS, Samuel Sr.  Abt 1740Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I40402
9 DORRIS, William  1715Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I40404
10 GAY, Robert  Abt 1710Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I25504
11 GILKESON, Andrew  1750Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I41351
12 GILKESON, William  Abt 1710Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I41440
13 GILKISON, John Sr.  Abt 1720Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I41518
14 GILKYSON, First Lt. James  27 Jun 1751Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I41372
15 GUTHRIE, John II  29 Jun 1708Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I41453
16 HUTCHINSON, Capt. Robert  Abt 1785Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I17662
17 LOCKRIDGE, William  Abt 1705Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I25441
18 McCORMICK, Jennet  Abt 1690Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I14554
19 McCORMICK, Dr. John  Abt 1698Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I14530
20 McFARREN, Anne  Abt 1704Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I14544
21 MEBANE, Alexander Sr.  26 Nov 1716Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I39854
22 NEILL, John  13 Jun 1701Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I371
23 NEILL, Capt. Lewis Sr.  22 Sep 1704Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I10358
24 NEILL, William  21 Apr 1711Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I359
25 NICHOLS, Rosannah  15 Jan 1767Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I17668
26 NICKELS, Chartus  Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I17651
27 NICKELS, James Sr.  Abt 1747Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I17646
28 NICKELS, Nathaniel  Abt 1743Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I17648
29 NICKELS, William  Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I17650
30 PARKS, John  Abt 1733Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I23012
31 PEARIS, Christian  Abt 1715Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I10326
32 PEARIS, Col. George Sr.  Abt 1680Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I10322
33 PEARIS, George Jr.  Abt 1722Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I10327
34 PEARIS, Capt. Richard  Abt 1724Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I10328
35 PEARIS, Robert  Abt 1726Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I10329
36 POTTS, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1754Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I31075
37 RANKIN, David Sr.  Abt 1690Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I14553
38 RANKIN, David Jr.  Abt 1726Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I14562
39 RANKIN, William Sr.  Abt 1720Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I14564
40 RANNELLS, William  Abt 1715Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I10324
41 REID, Elizabeth  Abt 1752Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I17649
42 VANCE, John Sr.  Abt 1699Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I14586
43 VARMAN, Grace  19 May 1717Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I46440


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 McCLINTOCK, Ann  15 Jun 1831Ireland [now Northern Ireland] I40563


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CALVERT / GLASFORD  11 Nov 1647Ireland [now Northern Ireland] F4632
2 McCORMICK / McFARREN  Abt 1720Ireland [now Northern Ireland] F6577
3 NICKELS / REID  Ireland [now Northern Ireland] F7896
4 PEARIS / (PEARIS)  Abt 1715Ireland [now Northern Ireland] F4843
5 STEER / MERCER  1696Ireland [now Northern Ireland] F27010