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Graves County, KY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Antoinette Almira  11 Mar 1834Graves County, KY I15185
2 BAILEY, Eliza J.  7 Mar 1856Graves County, KY I15033
3 CAMPBELL, Marinda Katherine  19 Dec 1859Graves County, KY I15816
4 CHARLTON, Edmond Zolliecoffer  21 Jan 1868Graves County, KY I14959
5 CHARLTON, Lucy Ellen  4 Apr 1870Graves County, KY I14960
6 CHARLTON, Metta Frances  2 Aug 1882Graves County, KY I14964
7 CHARLTON, Samuel Edgar  23 Feb 1872Graves County, KY I14961
8 CHARLTON, William Robert  3 Aug 1877Graves County, KY I14963
9 Del CHARLTON, Ira  20 Oct 1874Graves County, KY I14962
10 EMERSON, Sarah Elizabeth  29 Jul 1844Graves County, KY I14947
11 FROST, Benjamin F.  Dec 1862Graves County, KY I15013
12 FROST, Elizabeth J.  Oct 1865Graves County, KY I15014
13 FROST, G. W.  6 May 1859Graves County, KY I15024
14 FROST, James B.  31 Aug 1856Graves County, KY I15023
15 FROST, John W.  7 Nov 1857Graves County, KY I15010
16 FROST, Leonard Moze  25 Apr 1882Graves County, KY I34914
17 FROST, Margaret A.  9 Oct 1869Graves County, KY I15016
18 FROST, Robert Brown  Apr 1866Graves County, KY I15015
19 FROST, Robert Milton B.  Abt 1848Graves County, KY I14942
20 FROST, Sarah Fannie  Abt 1863Graves County, KY I15012
21 FROST, Thomas Jacob  3 Oct 1860Graves County, KY I15011
22 FROST, William Anderson  30 Jun 1872Graves County, KY I14944


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AbarillaWILLIAMS, Abigail  14 May 1856Graves County, KY I46117
2 BAILEY, William B.  15 May 1855Graves County, KY I15030
3 CAMPBELL, Marinda Katherine  8 May 1949Graves County, KY I15816
4 CHARLTON, Chester  10 May 1960Graves County, KY I14970
5 CHARLTON, George Franklin  18 Oct 1927Graves County, KY I14954
6 CHARLTON, Metta Frances  2 Sep 1882Graves County, KY I14964
7 CHARLTON, Samuel Edgar  18 Aug 1872Graves County, KY I14961
8 CHARLTON, Willard  19 Jul 1980Graves County, KY I14971
9 EMERSON, James Harvey  16 Jun 1873Graves County, KY I41919
10 EMERSON, Sarah Elizabeth  16 Nov 1913Graves County, KY I14947
11 EMERSON, William Brantly  8 Apr 1878Graves County, KY I41887
12 FROST, Frances Rebecca  14 Aug 1882Graves County, KY I14943
13 FROST, James B.  1 Jan 1857Graves County, KY I15023
14 FROST, James L.  1895Graves County, KY I14939
15 FROST, John F.  19 Feb 1902Graves County, KY I14933
16 FROST, Jonathan B.  9 Mar 1852Graves County, KY I14932
17 FROST, Margaret A.  22 Dec 1944Graves County, KY I15016
18 FROST, Mary J.  6 Jul 1821Graves County, KY I14941
19 FROST, Samuel  28 Jan 1852Graves County, KY I14937
20 FROST, Sarah Jane  7 May 1922Graves County, KY I15021
21 LATTA, James A.  24 Apr 1949Graves County, KY I15206
22 LEWIS, Mary Frances  1901Graves County, KY I17117
23 MATTHEWS, Agnes H.  25 Oct 1897Graves County, KY I41888
24 ROBY, Mariah Katherine  18 Sep 1919Graves County, KY I36598
25 ROGERS, Louvinnie Missouri  12 Feb 1937Graves County, KY I14958
26 SUTTON, William Benjamin  1900Graves County, KY I17131
27 WEAKS, Fannie E.  25 Jun 1926Graves County, KY I15171


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 EMERSON, Sarah Elizabeth  29 Jul 1853Graves County, KY I14947


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ROGERS, Louvinnie Missouri  14 Feb 1937Graves County, KY I14958


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 EDWARDS / ALEXANDER  3 Oct 1854Graves County, KY F6806
2 EMERSON / BOWDEN  18 Jul 1853Graves County, KY F18036
3 FROST / BAILEY  19 Jul 1855Graves County, KY F6746
4 FROST / EMERSON  1866Graves County, KY F6725