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Bedford County, VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 VICARY, Ann  Abt 1753Bedford County, VA I45815
2 TALBOT, William  1761Bedford County, VA I38335
3 QUARLES, Sarah  15 Aug 1774Bedford County, VA I32843
4 MURPHY, Samuel Jennings  1 Feb 1810Bedford County, VA I13205
5 MURPHY, Samuel  30 Mar 1779Bedford County, VA I8392
6 MURPHY, Nancy S.  Abt 1806Bedford County, VA I13202
7 MURPHY, Lewis Fletcher  Abt 1800Bedford County, VA I8389
8 MURPHY, Katherine  Abt 1802Bedford County, VA I13201
9 MURPHY, James L.  20 Jul 1808Bedford County, VA I13204
10 MURPHY, Elizabeth S.  Abt 1804Bedford County, VA I13203
11 MILES, Susannah  Abt 1785Bedford County, VA I30671
12 JENNY, Rebecca  Abt 1734Bedford County, VA I30649
13 HATCHER, Edmund Sr.  1782Bedford County, VA I32704
14 HARMON, Sarah Nancy  Abt 1736Bedford County, VA I23866
15 HALE, William  1777Bedford County, VA I40456
16 HALE, William  Abt 1771Bedford County, VA I30623
17 HALE, William  2 Feb 1759Bedford County, VA I35043
18 HALE, Stephen  Abt 1778Bedford County, VA I30629
19 HALE, Mary  Abt 1778Bedford County, VA I30628
20 HALE, Lewis  Abt 1776Bedford County, VA I30626
21 HALE, John  Between 1753 and 1754Bedford County, VA I32632
22 HALE, Elizabeth  Abt 1778Bedford County, VA I30627
23 HAILE, Ruth  Bef 5 Dec 1775Bedford County, VA I30608
24 HAILE, Nicholas V  Abt 1762Bedford County, VA I45809
25 HAILE, Nathan  Abt 1758Bedford County, VA I40453
26 HAILE, Mourning  Abt 1747Bedford County, VA I30605
27 HAILE, Mead  11 Dec 1773Bedford County, VA I27184
28 HAILE, Mahaly  Bef 5 Dec 1775Bedford County, VA I30607
29 HAILE, Elizabeth  Bef 5 Dec 1775Bedford County, VA I30606
30 HAILE, Amon Butler  Abt 1780Bedford County, VA I45823
31 HAILE, Amon Butler  16 Jun 1758Bedford County, VA I45808
32 HAIL, William  Abt 1778Bedford County, VA I30638
33 HAIL, Thomas  Abt 1775Bedford County, VA I30637
34 HAIL, Susannah  Abt 1772Bedford County, VA I30632
35 HAIL, Stephen Jr.  5 Dec 1775Bedford County, VA I30635
36 HAIL, Stephen Sr.  Abt 1745Bedford County, VA I30604
37 HAIL, Sarah  Abt 1774Bedford County, VA I30634
38 HAIL, Sarah  Abt 1767Bedford County, VA I30611
39 HAIL, Richard R.  Abt 1740Bedford County, VA I30601
40 HAIL, Richard  Abt 1775Bedford County, VA I30616
41 HAIL, Powel  Abt 1778Bedford County, VA I30618
42 HAIL, Molly  Abt 1799Bedford County, VA I30619
43 HAIL, Mary E.  Abt 1742Bedford County, VA I30602
44 HAIL, Martha  Abt 1773Bedford County, VA I30615
45 HAIL, Lewis  Abt 1782Bedford County, VA I30620
46 HAIL, Laban Larkin  Abt 1779Bedford County, VA I30639
47 HAIL, John  Abt 1780Bedford County, VA I30640
48 HAIL, John  Abt 1767Bedford County, VA I30612
49 HAIL, James Lewis  Abt 1770Bedford County, VA I30631
50 HAIL, James Edmondson  Abt 1771Bedford County, VA I30614

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 OVERSTREET, Thomas  Bef 27 Feb 1792Bedford County, VA I32840
2 MURPHY, John Sr.  9 Oct 1819Bedford County, VA I6757
3 MOORMAN, Thomas  10 Nov 1767Bedford County, VA I37355
4 MOODY, William  9 Dec 1794Bedford County, VA I30668
5 LONG, Ann  Aft 1763Bedford County, VA I27187
6 LEFTWICH, Augustine Sr.  Bef 22 Jun 1795Bedford County, VA I13216
7 JENNY, Rebecca  Abt 1788Bedford County, VA I30649
8 HARMON, Sarah Nancy  Bef 1776Bedford County, VA I23866
9 HAILE, Francis  Bef 28 Aug 1780Bedford County, VA I30596
10 HAILE, Ann  22 Jul 1769Bedford County, VA I30531
11 HAIL, Stephen Jr.  Abt 1848Bedford County, VA I30635
12 HAIL, Richard R.  Bef 19 Nov 1783Bedford County, VA I30601
13 GIBSON, James  26 Feb 1765Bedford County, VA I40452
14 FUQUA, Elizabeth  Bedford County, VA I13225
15 ELY, Thomas  Bef 27 Mar 1780Bedford County, VA I32760
16 EDMONDSON, Elizabeth  Abt 1799Bedford County, VA I30609
17 CLARK, Rachel  10 Jun 1792Bedford County, VA I37328
18 BYRUM, Mary  Abt 1765Bedford County, VA I37262
19 BANISTER, William  Aft 1763Bedford County, VA I27188
20 BALLARD, William  Bef 29 Apr 1794Bedford County, VA I37261
21 BALLARD, Charles  Bef 3 May 1800Bedford County, VA I37368
22 ARTHUR, Thomas  24 Jan 1820Bedford County, VA I30648


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FROST, Amelia  15 Jun 1769Bedford County, VA I35148


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 OVERSTREET, Thomas  27 Feb 1792Bedford County, VA I32840
2 LEFTWICH, Uriah Sr.  26 Feb 1838Bedford County, VA I13214
3 HAILE, Francis  28 Aug 1780Bedford County, VA I30596
4 BALLARD, William  29 Apr 1794Bedford County, VA I37261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 OVERSTREET, Thomas  17 Dec 1791Bedford County, VA I32840
2 LEFTWICH, Uriah Sr.  7 Jul 1830Bedford County, VA I13214
3 HAILE, Francis  5 Dec 1775Bedford County, VA I30596
4 GIBSON, James  14 Apr 1764Bedford County, VA I40452
5 BALLARD, William  12 Jun 1792Bedford County, VA I37261


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 WOODCOCK / HAIL  11 Jul 1793Bedford County, VA F13319
2 TALBOT / HAILE  Jun 1753Bedford County, VA F16539
3 MURPHY / LEFTWICH  14 Jan 1799Bedford County, VA F4053
4 MURPHY / BATES  25 Apr 1770Bedford County, VA F3439
5 MOODY / HAIL  23 Feb 1792Bedford County, VA F13320
6 LEFTWICH / FUQUA  2 Dec 1779Bedford County, VA F5984
7 JOHNSON / HAIL  12 Sep 1796Bedford County, VA F13321
8 HATCHER / FERGUSON  6 Dec 1813Bedford County, VA F13327
9 HALE / QUARLES  4 May 1791Bedford County, VA F14253
10 HALE / CAGE  25 Apr 1787Bedford County, VA F15241
11 HAILE / JACKSON  12 Mar 1796Bedford County, VA F11822
12 HAILE / GIBSON  Abt 1757Bedford County, VA F17354
13 HAIL / MOODY  19 Dec 1803Bedford County, VA F13336
14 HAIL / MOODY  14 Feb 1793Bedford County, VA F13338
15 HAIL / MAXEY  27 Oct 1796Bedford County, VA F13339
16 HAIL / HAIL  8 Oct 1799Bedford County, VA F13312
17 FROST / HARMON  4 Jul 1757Bedford County, VA F10538
18 DUDLEY / HAIL  Abt 1771Bedford County, VA F13305
19 BUCHANAN / STURMAN  12 Feb 1801Bedford County, VA F11092
20 BROOKS / FROST  23 Mar 1778Bedford County, VA F10537
21 BENTLEY / ADAMS  1 May 1794Bedford County, VA F11247
22 BANISTER / LONG  26 Apr 1763Bedford County, VA F11824
23 ARTHUR / SNOW  12 Jan 1788Bedford County, VA F13326