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Bledsoe County, TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLEVANS, Jonathan  15 Jan 1815Bledsoe County, TN I14434
2 BLEVANS, Mary  19 Dec 1812Bledsoe County, TN I14433
3 BLEVANS, Mary Ann  22 Feb 1819Bledsoe County, TN I14436
4 BLEVINS, Susie Mae  19 Feb 1872Bledsoe County, TN I32640
5 BUTTRAM, Phebe II  20 Aug 1828Bledsoe County, TN I39708
6 CLIFTON, Myrtle Ellen  6 Jul 1903Bledsoe County, TN I32641
7 HALE, Andrew Jackson  1 Apr 1821Bledsoe County, TN I32690
8 HALE, Aquilla  Abt 1833Bledsoe County, TN I32671
9 HALE, Elizabeth  Abt 1835Bledsoe County, TN I32676
10 HALE, Hezekiah  Abt 1826Bledsoe County, TN I32669
11 HALE, Isham  1 Jan 1819Bledsoe County, TN I32667
12 HALE, John Rastus  23 Apr 1847Bledsoe County, TN I30426
13 HALE, John Tate  Abt 1824Bledsoe County, TN I32668
14 HALE, Martha Jane  12 Sep 1828Bledsoe County, TN I32670
15 HALE, Mary Ann  Abt 1832Bledsoe County, TN I32678
16 HALE, Michael  Abt 1838Bledsoe County, TN I32679
17 HALE, Samuel  Abt 1842Bledsoe County, TN I32681
18 HALE, Susan A.  27 Jun 1842Bledsoe County, TN I32695
19 HALE, Thomas  2 Jan 1811Bledsoe County, TN I30420
20 HALE, Thomas Jr.  21 Nov 1829Bledsoe County, TN I32677
21 HALE, William  Abt 1840Bledsoe County, TN I32680
22 HALE, William Isaac  10 Apr 1813Bledsoe County, TN I30424
23 LAY, Luke  Abt 1840Bledsoe County, TN I32699
24 MARSH, Edith May  Abt 1828Bledsoe County, TN I41131
25 SELBY, Elizabeth J.  21 Nov 1823Bledsoe County, TN I32692
26 STANDIFER, Elijah  30 Nov 1806Bledsoe County, TN I36578
27 STANDIFER, John  5 Jul 1801Bledsoe County, TN I36577
28 STANDIFER, Micajah Jackson  1 Jun 1804Bledsoe County, TN I36580


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AGEE, Margaret  Aft 20 Aug 1870Bledsoe County, TN I32685
2 ATKINS, Mildred M.  14 Aug 1869Bledsoe County, TN I30423
3 BLEVINS, Susie Mae  30 Jun 1927Bledsoe County, TN I32640
4 CLIFTON, Charlie Robert  20 Jan 1955Bledsoe County, TN I32639
5 CLIFTON, Robert Lee  28 Mar 1904Bledsoe County, TN I32638
6 HALE, Elijah  Aft 20 Aug 1870Bledsoe County, TN I32684
7 HALE, John  Abt 1842Bledsoe County, TN I32632
8 HALE, John Newton  17 May 1881Bledsoe County, TN I32682
9 HALE, John T.  Aft 23 Jul 1860Bledsoe County, TN I30418
10 HALE, Martha Jane  28 Apr 1907Bledsoe County, TN I32670
11 HALE, Mary Ann  Abt 1875Bledsoe County, TN I32678
12 HALE, Thomas Sr.  Aft 16 Jun 1860Bledsoe County, TN I32634
13 HALE, Thomas  28 Aug 1881Bledsoe County, TN I30420
14 HALE, Virginia B.  12 Mar 1915Bledsoe County, TN I32637
15 HALE, William Isaac  13 Apr 1891Bledsoe County, TN I30424
16 HEARD, Susannah  31 Aug 1795Bledsoe County, TN I36570
17 HUTCHINSON, Mary Ann  Aft 20 Aug 1870Bledsoe County, TN I32675
18 NICKLES, Mary A.  5 Aug 1900Bledsoe County, TN I32683
19 SMITH, Susan P.  8 May 1889Bledsoe County, TN I30425
20 SMITH, Thomas J.  5 Nov 1850Bledsoe County, TN I30422
21 TATE, Martha Jane  Aft 23 Jul 1860Bledsoe County, TN I30419


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BUTTRAM / MISER  1821Bledsoe County, TN F13199
2 CRAWFORD / MARSH  Abt 1847Bledsoe County, TN F17628