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Augusta County, VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Robert  5 Nov 1741Augusta County, VA I25169
2 BRAFFORD, Samuel  Abt 1825Augusta County, VA I14475
3 BROWN, Hugh  1744Augusta County, VA I41472
4 BROWN, Janet  6 Jan 1743Augusta County, VA I41475
5 BUCHANAN, George  Abt 1746Augusta County, VA I41017
6 BUCHANAN, John  21 Aug 1745Augusta County, VA I27990
7 CALLISON, Isaac  Abt 1766Augusta County, VA I40813
8 CLARK, John Gridley  7 Nov 1731Augusta County, VA I40849
9 COALTER, Elizabeth  1742Augusta County, VA I26838
10 DICKINSON, Abigail  1746Augusta County, VA I40825
11 DIXON, Sarah  Abt 1815Augusta County, VA I14476
12 GILKESON, Isabel  20 Aug 1744Augusta County, VA I41471
13 GRAHAM, Jean  Abt 1742Augusta County, VA I25507
14 GWIN, Samuel  Abt 1745Augusta County, VA I25511
15 HALE, Armstrong  1767Augusta County, VA I32802
16 HALE, Jane  1769Augusta County, VA I32803
17 HALE, John  29 Jul 1765Augusta County, VA I32801
18 HALE, Joseph  1771Augusta County, VA I32804
19 HALE, Mary  1773Augusta County, VA I32805
20 HARBISON, William III  Abt 1769Augusta County, VA I44436
21 HODGE, Andrew  22 Nov 1770Augusta County, VA I40779
22 JAMESON, Katherine  Abt 1726Augusta County, VA I31136
23 KINKEAD, Robert  Abt 1780Augusta County, VA I25492
24 LOCKARD, Jean  25 Nov 1768Augusta County, VA I28996
25 LOCKRIDGE, Andrew  23 Dec 1790Augusta County, VA I25474
26 LOCKRIDGE, Catherine  Abt 1808Augusta County, VA I25478
27 LOCKRIDGE, Elcy  Abt 1795Augusta County, VA I25475
28 LOCKRIDGE, Eleanor  Abt 1750Augusta County, VA I25451
29 LOCKRIDGE, Eleanor  6 May 1800Augusta County, VA I25476
30 LOCKRIDGE, Elizabeth  Abt 1745Augusta County, VA I25449
31 LOCKRIDGE, Elizabeth  Abt 1785Augusta County, VA I25471
32 LOCKRIDGE, James  Abt 1741Augusta County, VA I25447
33 LOCKRIDGE, James Allen  14 Feb 1813Augusta County, VA I25481
34 LOCKRIDGE, Jane  Abt 1784Augusta County, VA I25470
35 LOCKRIDGE, John  Abt 1743Augusta County, VA I25448
36 LOCKRIDGE, John  Abt 1762Augusta County, VA I25512
37 LOCKRIDGE, John W.  13 Jun 1819Augusta County, VA I25518
38 LOCKRIDGE, Margaret  Abt 1774Augusta County, VA I25461
39 LOCKRIDGE, Margaret  Abt 1788Augusta County, VA I25473
40 LOCKRIDGE, Mary  20 May 1806Augusta County, VA I25477
41 LOCKRIDGE, Nancy  Abt 1783Augusta County, VA I25469
42 LOCKRIDGE, Rebecca  Abt 1787Augusta County, VA I36053
43 LOCKRIDGE, Samuel  Abt 1755Augusta County, VA I25452
44 LOCKRIDGE, Samuel Jacob  11 Oct 1809Augusta County, VA I25479
45 LOCKRIDGE, Sarah  Apr 1786Augusta County, VA I25472
46 LOCKRIDGE, Savannah Jane  Abt 1810Augusta County, VA I25480
47 LOCKRIDGE, William  Abt 1748Augusta County, VA I25450
48 LOCKRIDGE, William  Abt 1789Augusta County, VA I25515
49 MARTIN, Nancy  Abt 1754Augusta County, VA I31138
50 McCLINTOCK, Samuel  Abt 1763Augusta County, VA I40847

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLISON, Martha  Abt 1742Augusta County, VA I41015
2 BROWN, Hugh  10 Aug 1816Augusta County, VA I41472
3 BUCHANAN, James  Bef 19 Mar 1765Augusta County, VA I41013
4 CARLOCK, David  Abt 1763Augusta County, VA I4741
5 COFFEY, Hugh  Bef 22 Aug 1767Augusta County, VA I42094
6 GAY, Robert  Feb 1762Augusta County, VA I25504
7 GILKESON, Archibald  Bef 16 Jul 1782Augusta County, VA I41467
8 GILKESON, Hugh  Bef 28 Apr 1806Augusta County, VA I41441
9 GILKESON, Isabel  11 Jun 1820Augusta County, VA I41471
10 GILKESON, Margaret  Oct 1799Augusta County, VA I41469
11 GILKESON, Robert  Bef 15 Aug 1775Augusta County, VA I41465
12 GILKESON, William  3 Jul 1828Augusta County, VA I41442
13 GRAHAM, Jean  Abt 1796Augusta County, VA I25507
14 GRAHAM, Robert  Abt 1774Augusta County, VA I25510
15 GUTHRIE, Ann  27 Apr 1832Augusta County, VA I41539
16 GUTHRIE, Elizabeth  May 1830Augusta County, VA I41452
17 GWIN, Agnes  Aft 1793Augusta County, VA I25446
18 HAMILTON, Elizabeth  Aft 1812Augusta County, VA I25456
19 HOGSHEAD, David  Nov 1799Augusta County, VA I41470
20 HOGSHEAD, Rebecca  1780Augusta County, VA I41466
21 JOB, Abraham  24 Oct 1750Augusta County, VA I19053
22 JOB, Caleb  Bef 4 Jun 1750Augusta County, VA I19047
23 KINKEAD, Jane  Aft 1762Augusta County, VA I25488
24 LOCKRIDGE, Andrew  15 Mar 1791Augusta County, VA I25501
25 LOCKRIDGE, Elizabeth  Aft 1793Augusta County, VA I25449
26 LOCKRIDGE, John  Bef 24 Jun 1799Augusta County, VA I25512
27 LOCKRIDGE, Margaret  Abt 1785Augusta County, VA I25500
28 LOCKRIDGE, Margaret  Bef 1812Augusta County, VA I25473
29 LOCKRIDGE, Samuel  12 Dec 1812Augusta County, VA I25452
30 LOCKRIDGE, William  1795Augusta County, VA I25441
31 LOVE, Sarah  27 Jun 1826Augusta County, VA I41523
32 McCLINTOCK, William  Bef 17 May 1785Augusta County, VA I40750
33 McKAY, Robert Sr.  Bef 19 Aug 1752Augusta County, VA I9890
34 MEADE, William  30 Dec 1805Augusta County, VA I30535
35 PEERY, Thomas  Between 1762 and 1763Augusta County, VA I31185
36 RHEA, Anna  Dec 1837Augusta County, VA I25513
37 TURK, Robert  Between 24 Sep and 17 Nov 1772Augusta County, VA I27026
38 WILSON, Thomas  Bef 18 May 1773Augusta County, VA I17117


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUCHANAN, John  22 Aug 1745Augusta County, VA I27990


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 BUCHANAN, James  19 Mar 1765Augusta County, VA I41013
2 GILKESON, Archibald  16 Jul 1782Augusta County, VA I41467
3 GILKESON, Hugh  28 Feb 1806Augusta County, VA I41441
4 GILKESON, Robert  15 Aug 1775Augusta County, VA I41465
5 HOGSHEAD, David  27 Jan 1800Augusta County, VA I41470
6 JOB, Abraham  27 Nov 1750Augusta County, VA I19053
7 JOB, Caleb  4 Jun 1750Augusta County, VA I19047
8 LOCKRIDGE, John  24 Jun 1799Augusta County, VA I25512
9 LOCKRIDGE, William  Sep 1795Augusta County, VA I25441
10 McCLINTOCK, William  17 May 1785Augusta County, VA I40750
11 McKAY, Robert Sr.  19 Aug 1752Augusta County, VA I9890
12 TURK, Robert  17 Nov 1772Augusta County, VA I27026


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 BUCHANAN, James  9 Jun 1761Augusta County, VA I41013
2 GILKESON, Archibald  5 Nov 1780Augusta County, VA I41467
3 GILKESON, Hugh  3 Feb 1806Augusta County, VA I41441
4 GILKESON, Robert  24 Sep 1772Augusta County, VA I41465
5 JOB, Abraham  25 Jul 1750Augusta County, VA I19053
6 JOB, Caleb  28 May 1750Augusta County, VA I19047
7 LOCKRIDGE, John  4 Dec 1798Augusta County, VA I25512
8 LOCKRIDGE, William  12 Mar 1793Augusta County, VA I25441
9 McCLINTOCK, William  2 Sep 1783Augusta County, VA I40750
10 McKAY, Robert Sr.  7 Oct 1746Augusta County, VA I9890
11 TURK, Robert  24 Sep 1772Augusta County, VA I27026
12 WILSON, Thomas  5 Apr 1773Augusta County, VA I17117


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROWN / GILKESON  Bef 1772Augusta County, VA F17799
2 BUCHANAN / RESIDE  Abt 1742Augusta County, VA F17583
3 DAGGY / LOCKRIDGE  29 Oct 1818Augusta County, VA F11128
4 FULTON / LOCKRIDGE  17 Sep 1803Augusta County, VA F11123
5 GAY / LOCKRIDGE  Abt 1746Augusta County, VA F11134
6 GILKESON / BROWN  Bef 1761Augusta County, VA F17803
7 GRAHAM / ELLIOTT  Abt 1722Augusta County, VA F11140
8 GWIN / LOCKRIDGE  20 Jan 1803Augusta County, VA F11125
9 HODGE / MATEER  6 Sep 1791Augusta County, VA F17484
10 KINCAID / LOCKRIDGE  20 Nov 1802Augusta County, VA F11122
11 KINKADE / LOCKRIDGE  11 Mar 1806Augusta County, VA F15589
12 KINKEAD / LOCKRIDGE  22 Apr 1806Augusta County, VA F11126
13 LOCKRIDGE / CARLILE  Abt 1748Augusta County, VA F11137
14 LOCKRIDGE / HAMILTON  Abt 1780Augusta County, VA F11118
15 LOCKRIDGE / KHALE  Abt 1803Augusta County, VA F11120
16 LOCKRIDGE / RHEA  Abt 1781Augusta County, VA F11141
17 McCLINTOCK / KING  23 Nov 1793Augusta County, VA F17516
18 MILLER / FUDGE  3 Jun 1785Augusta County, VA F12772
19 PARKS / PATTON  28 Jul 1828Augusta County, VA F10151
20 PEERY / OAKES  Abt 1738Augusta County, VA F13565
21 ROSAMOND / WILSON  Abt 1740Augusta County, VA F7653
22 TROTTER / McCLINTOCK  24 Aug 1786Augusta County, VA F17513
23 WILLSON / SEARS  1753Augusta County, VA F17232