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Lycoming County, PA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUCK, Elizabeth  20 Mar 1814Lycoming County, PA I12421
2 DEWALD, John B.  2 Feb 1859Lycoming County, PA I28353
3 DINCHER, Connie Marie  Aug 1942Lycoming County, PA I28395
4 EVANS, Irene Melva  13 Jul 1906Lycoming County, PA I8141
5 FRENCH, Nancy  10 Jul 1810Lycoming County, PA I8101
6 HENRY, Mary Harriet  26 Apr 1879Lycoming County, PA I8146
7 HOLDREN, Abigail Harriet  22 Dec 1828Lycoming County, PA I4218
8 HOLDREN, Artie Leroy  1 Aug 1899Lycoming County, PA I8112
9 HOLDREN, Betty  14 Mar 1933Lycoming County, PA I28387
10 HOLDREN, Carol Mae  5 Jul 1932Lycoming County, PA I28386
11 HOLDREN, Donna Lee  1948Lycoming County, PA I28391
12 HOLDREN, Earl Raymond  19 Feb 1898Lycoming County, PA I8111
13 HOLDREN, Effa C.  14 Aug 1840Lycoming County, PA I4216
14 HOLDREN, Elsie M.  9 Apr 1888Lycoming County, PA I28381
15 HOLDREN, Ervin Brady  22 Nov 1886Lycoming County, PA I28380
16 HOLDREN, George U.  15 Dec 1846Lycoming County, PA I8107
17 HOLDREN, Jason Willard  3 Feb 1905Lycoming County, PA I8099
18 HOLDREN, Joseph Allen  13 Sep 1939Lycoming County, PA I28389
19 HOLDREN, Lawrence William  30 Dec 1929Lycoming County, PA I8115
20 HOLDREN, Leroy Alvin  12 Nov 1931Lycoming County, PA I8116
21 HOLDREN, Livera  26 Apr 1831Lycoming County, PA I4214
22 HOLDREN, Rosanna J.  1944Lycoming County, PA I28390
23 HOLDREN, Ruth E.  5 Jun 1902Lycoming County, PA I8113
24 HOLDREN, William Jacob  24 Oct 1936Lycoming County, PA I28388
25 KELLY, Eugene F.  26 Aug 1912Lycoming County, PA I28392
26 LORE, Mary Elizabeth  1845Lycoming County, PA I14692
27 LOW, Catherine  1814Lycoming County, PA I11460
28 LOW, Charles Wesley  12 Aug 1817Lycoming County, PA I11461
29 LOW, Hannah  Bef 1824Lycoming County, PA I11463
30 LOW, Harriet  10 Jul 1824Lycoming County, PA I12416
31 LOW, Isaac  6 Apr 1802Lycoming County, PA I11454
32 LOW, Isaac  19 Feb 1826Lycoming County, PA I11456
33 LOW, Mary Elizabeth  1811Lycoming County, PA I11459
34 LOW, Philip Jr.  1821Lycoming County, PA I11464
35 LOW, Sarah  12 Aug 1815Lycoming County, PA I11462
36 LOW, Savilla  Abt 1807Lycoming County, PA I14695
37 LOW, Thomas  25 Sep 1806Lycoming County, PA I11457
38 LOWE, Henry Jackson  20 Jul 1828Lycoming County, PA I4298
39 LOWE, John  19 Mar 1809Lycoming County, PA I11458
40 LUTZ, William Sebastian  26 Jul 1860Lycoming County, PA I28321
41 McCARTY, Robert  1854Lycoming County, PA I28346
42 MUNDRICK, Elsie A.  29 Nov 1906Lycoming County, PA I8114
43 MUNDRICK, William Jacob  28 Jun 1873Lycoming County, PA I28396
44 PHILLIPS, Anne  Feb 1826Lycoming County, PA I12422
45 SHERWOOD, Nora E.  11 Jul 1899Lycoming County, PA I8140
46 SMITH, Anna Elizabeth  Dec 1866Lycoming County, PA I8133
47 SONES, Elizabeth Ann  1804Lycoming County, PA I12518
48 SONES, Ellis P.  1836Lycoming County, PA I14691
49 SONES, Hannah S.  1805Lycoming County, PA I12519
50 SONES, Isaac T.  1821Lycoming County, PA I12524

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (HOLDREN), Amanda  17 Feb 1887Lycoming County, PA I28379
2 (LOW), Harriet  24 Apr 1878Lycoming County, PA I12541
3 BUCK, Elizabeth  15 Mar 1850Lycoming County, PA I12421
4 CORSON, Elizabeth  16 Feb 1835Lycoming County, PA I12710
5 CORSON, Peter Sr.  1828Lycoming County, PA I12691
6 CORSON, Peter COURSEN  Abt 1828Lycoming County, PA I1923
7 DINCHER, Connie Marie  Aug 2005Lycoming County, PA I28395
8 DODDERER, Elizabeth  30 May 1837Lycoming County, PA I11383
9 DUTTER, Hannah  Aft 1820Lycoming County, PA I1924
10 FAGUE, Catherine  Bef 1824Lycoming County, PA I11381
11 FAGUE, Frederick  5 Mar 1803Lycoming County, PA I11392
12 FAGUE, George  11 Dec 1831Lycoming County, PA I12711
13 GARNHART, Vera C.  3 Apr 1943Lycoming County, PA I8139
14 GERMAN, Delila  Aft 2 May 1910Lycoming County, PA I8100
15 HENRY, Mary Harriet  18 Apr 1953Lycoming County, PA I8146
16 HOLDREN, Artie Leroy  26 Feb 1974Lycoming County, PA I8112
17 HOLDREN, Carol Mae  1984Lycoming County, PA I28386
18 HOLDREN, Donna Lee  1949Lycoming County, PA I28391
19 HOLDREN, Earl Raymond  10 Feb 1993Lycoming County, PA I8111
20 HOLDREN, Elsie M.  4 Sep 1888Lycoming County, PA I28381
21 HOLDREN, Ervin Brady  21 Aug 1887Lycoming County, PA I28380
22 HOLDREN, George U.  16 Apr 1917Lycoming County, PA I8107
23 HOLDREN, Jason Willard  3 Sep 1981Lycoming County, PA I8099
24 HOLDREN, Joseph Allen  2 Sep 2001Lycoming County, PA I28389
25 HOLDREN, Lawrence William  16 Sep 2004Lycoming County, PA I8115
26 HOLDREN, Leroy Alvin  22 Oct 1995Lycoming County, PA I8116
27 HOLDREN, Rosanna J.  1944Lycoming County, PA I28390
28 HOLDREN, Ruth E.  Jun 1976Lycoming County, PA I8113
29 HOLDREN, Wesley C.  1941Lycoming County, PA I8121
30 HOLDREN, William Jr.  5 May 1883Lycoming County, PA I8096
31 HOLDREN, William Jacob  29 Jul 1999Lycoming County, PA I28388
32 HOLDREN, William Jeremiah  1940Lycoming County, PA I8097
33 KARSCHNER, Michael  25 Aug 1853Lycoming County, PA I28330
34 KELLY, Eugene F.  16 Jun 2001Lycoming County, PA I28392
35 LORE, Mary Elizabeth  6 Jul 1925Lycoming County, PA I14692
36 LOW, Ann  1846Lycoming County, PA I11455
37 LOW, Henry  Dec 1862Lycoming County, PA I11449
38 LOW, John  Abt 1808Lycoming County, PA I11450
39 LOW, John  14 Mar 1813Lycoming County, PA I11382
40 LOW, Philip Sr.  Nov 1828Lycoming County, PA I11379
41 LOW, Sarah  1 Jul 1884Lycoming County, PA I11462
42 LOW, Thomas  16 Nov 1888Lycoming County, PA I11457
43 LOW, Thomas Bowman  15 Jan 1867Lycoming County, PA I11451
44 LUTZ, Sebastian  4 Jan 1882Lycoming County, PA I28319
45 LUTZ, William Sebastian  28 Jul 1939Lycoming County, PA I28321
46 MATTHEWS, Dorothy J.  18 Sep 2005Lycoming County, PA I28394
47 MERKEL, Elizabeth Anna  Mar 1830Lycoming County, PA I12526
48 MINNIER, Martha Bertee  1947Lycoming County, PA I8098
49 MUNDRICK, Elsie A.  Aug 1964Lycoming County, PA I8114
50 MUNDRICK, William Jacob  18 Mar 1946Lycoming County, PA I28396

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DENSE / HARDER  28 Aug 1931Lycoming County, PA F15751
2 GOLDER / HOLDREN  10 Jun 1908Lycoming County, PA F3935
3 HELM / HOLDREN  20 May 1955Lycoming County, PA F12358
4 HOLDREN / MINNIER  Abt 29 Jan 1885Lycoming County, PA F3930
5 HOLDREN / SHERWOOD  23 Jun 1919Lycoming County, PA F3943
6 HOLDREN / SMITH  1888Lycoming County, PA F3939
7 HOLDREN / WETTLAUFER  Abt 1940Lycoming County, PA F12354
8 LOW / PHILLIPS  26 Aug 1852Lycoming County, PA F5656
9 LOWE / HOLDREN  21 Sep 1848Lycoming County, PA F2526
10 MUNDRICK / HENRY  24 Aug 1897Lycoming County, PA F3945
11 SONES / BRIGGS  1833Lycoming County, PA F5695
12 SONES / WARNER  1810Lycoming County, PA F6636
13 STEVENSON / SONES  1829Lycoming County, PA F5688