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Male Abt 1715 - Bef 1794  (~ 79 years)

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  • Name William BALLARD 
    Born Abt 1715 
    Gender Male 
    Burial South River Meeting House Graveyard, Lynchburg (Independent City), VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Will 12 Jun 1792  Bedford County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Died Bef 29 Apr 1794  Bedford County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Probate 29 Apr 1794  Bedford County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • (1) Lineage Group III: William Ballard of Caroline and Bedford Counties, Virginia (c. 1715-1794) < -of-william-ballard-of-caroline-county-virginia-c-1715-1794/>:

      Background: Surviving Quaker Records

      This is a work in progress initially relying on the record abstracts of William Wade Hinshaw's, Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. As time allows, these abstracts will be supplemented with assorted county and other records. While many have survived, there are gaps and in some cases for particular Monthly Meetings, complete losses.

      The surviving records of the Society of Friends, otherwise known as Quakers, provide a unique view of the movements of adherents to that faith. Their scrupulous records include birth and death dates, and "certificates of removal" authorizing travel from one region to another - essentially letters of introduction directing the friends at that Monthly Meeting to welcome one of their own, and important clues to the genealogist tracing migration from one region to another.

      Members of a Ballard family figure in the records of a number of Monthly Meetings in Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.


      The main meetings in Virginia were the following:

      Hanover and Caroline County and environs:

      Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting - established in 1739 from the Henrico-Curles Monthly Meeting; also called the Caroline and Circular Monthly Meeting, which included the following counties: Hanover, New Kent, Caroline, Caroline, Louisa, Orange, Bedford, Campbell, Albemarle, Halifax, parts of Charles City, Amelia, Goochland and Henrico.

      Bedford County and environs:

      South River Monthly Meeting - established 1757 from the Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting, and divided in 1794 into the South River Monthly Meeting and Goose Creek Monthly Meeting. This Monthly Meeting included the counties of Bedford, Campbell, Albemarle, Amherst, Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry, Franklin and Patrick.

      Carrol County and environs:

      Mt. Pleasant Monthly Meeting - established 1801, by authority of New Garden Quarterly Meeting. The Meeting House was in Grayson County, Virginia, but the congregation extended into Carrol County, Virginia and Surry County, North Carolina.

      North Carolina

      Guilford County:

      New Garden Monthly Meeting - established 1754 by direction of Perquimans and Little River Quarterly Meeting. The first settlement at New Garden was about 1750, with a meeting for worship granted in 1751 by Cane Creek Monthly Meeting.

      Deep River Monthly Meeting - established 1778.

      Springfield Monthly Meeting - established 1790.

      Surry County:

      Westfield Monthly Meeting - established 1786. Its predecessor was Tom's Creek Meeting, which was organized in 1771; the name was changed to Westfield when the monthly meeting was established in 1786. It encompassed Surry and adjoining counties in North Carolina, adjacent territory in Virginia and settlements in Greene and Jefferson Counties, Tennessee.


      Greene County:

      Newhope Monthly Meeting - established 1795 by direction of New Garden Quarterly Meeting and Westfield Monthly Meeting. Settlement began as early as 1784.

      Mount Pleasant Monthly Meeting - established 1801 by authority of New Garden Quarterly Meeting. The Meeting House was in Grayson County, Virginia, but the territory extended into Carroll County, Virginia to the east and Surry County, North Carolina to the south.

      Two Quaker Ballard Families

      The Society of Friends (Quakers) established in Hanover County a thriving community that was the outgrowth of two movements: (1) the opening and settlement of new lands above Richmond by those of the Quaker faith; and (2) the most directly continuous of all of the Virginia Monthly Meetings, which came to be known as "The Great Awakening." The Great Awakening was a spiritual revival that reached Hanover, Louisa and Caroline Counties around 1738, and during that time many were converted and professed themselves "Friends." This resulted in the organization of many Quaker meetings in these counties. Eventually the Monthly Meetings encompassed a great number throughout central Virginia, including Cedar Creek (established 1739, though the meeting house dates from about 1719), Camp Creek (1744), Fork Creek (before 1744), Douglas or Orange (1748), Sugar Loaf Mountain (1744), South River (1754), Halifax (1755), Genito (1744), Green Spring (before 1741), Amelia or Johnsons' (1755). The counties within the bounds of the Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting include Hanover, New Kent, Caroline, Louisa, Orange, Bedford, Campbell, Albemarle, Halifax, parts of Charles City, Amelia, Goochland and Henrico. See William Wade Hinshaw, Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. VI (Ann Arbor, Michigan: Edwards Brothers, Inc., 1950), pp. 223-226.

      The earliest mention of a Ballard family among Quaker records is Richard Ballard being mentioned as being of Caroline County, Virginia in 1742. A series of misadventures are documented - among them, seizure of property for refusal to pay priest's wages; his son Thomas being disowned in 1750. We believe (based on y-DNA evidence) that this Richard Ballard is the Richard identified as being of Lineage Group I of the Ballard DNA Project, who removed to Bedford County, Virginia.

      Another unrelated Quaker Ballard family resided in Caroline at the same - and please note that while they share the same surname, genetically they are a different family - and can be traced to the William Ballard who is believed to have married Mary (Byrom) Chenault (an assertion we take issue with; more on that below), and can be distinguished from the William Ballard, brother of Richard based on familial associations. As of this writing (February 2015), two people who trace their descent from William Ballard and Mary Byrom have been placed in Lineage Group III of the Ballard DNA Project, and three others trace to one or more of the many Philip Ballards who resided in these same parts of Virginia early in the eighteenth century (which we will turn our attention to in due course).

      William Ballard of Caroline and Bedford Counties, Virginia (1715-1794).

      William Ballard and his family were "received in membership" of the Camp Creek Monthly Meeting on 16 May 1748. The Camp Creek Monthly Meeting, which covered Caroline, Louisa, and Orange and Counties, was established the previous year and discontinued in 1753, and its members joined the Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting. In a description of that Monthly Meeting, Mr Hinshaw notes, "These appear to have been friends of recent conversion." Hinshaw, Vol. VI, p. 285. A Sarah Ballard joined the same day; her relationship to this William is unknown.

      This William Ballard is commonly claimed to have married Mary Byrom, the widow of Howlett Chenault. We question this assertion because there is no evidence of William having any connection with Essex County. The basis for this claim is that on 21 June 1738, in Essex County, Virginia, is a record that William Ballard and Mary Ballard his wife were the administrators of the Estate of Howlett Chenault, dec'd, and posted bond of 100 pounds sterling. Essex Co. Va. Will Book 6, pp. 133-34.

      On 8 November 1755, William Ballard and his family are granted a certificate from Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting to North Carolina (Hinshaw, Vol. VI, p. 227). The records do not state where he and his family removed to, but later entries provide clues, for on 10 April 1757, an Ann Ballard of Caroline County, the daughter of William Ballard of North Carolina married John Stanley. A later entry states that on 11 November 1763, William, son of William Ballard of Roan [Rowan] County, North Carolina married in the Friends Meeting House in Hanover County Ann Stanley, the daughter of Thomas Stanley of Hanover County. Hinshaw, Vol. VI, p. 227.

      However, neither an Ann nor William are listed among the children of the William Ballard who was at one time a member of the Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting. Assuming Ann Ballard was 21 years old when she married in 1757, her date of birth would be c. 1736, and her father William, in turn (assuming she was an eldest child) would have been born c. 1715. William Ballard recites in his will that he is 77 years of age in 1792, which places his date of birth at 1715. There are additional confounding records, namely, a notation that a Mary Ballard, daughter of William, died 1 September 1771, after traveling to Cedar Creek from New Garden earlier that year; yet this William Ballard names his daughter Mary (McGinnity) in his will of 1792, and his (likely) son William had a daughter Mary, and she is otherwise accounted for. The existence of these three argues for the possibility that the William Ballard identified as residing in North Carolina in 1757 when Ann Ballard married John Stanley while her father was in North Carolina was a cousin, and Ann, William and this Mary are his children, and not the children of William Ballard of Bedford County.

      On 9 March 1776, William Ballard (probably this the son of the William born in 1715) and his family were granted a certificate to remove to the New Garden Monthly Meeting in Guilford County, North Carolina. Hinshaw, Vol. VI, p. 228]

      Mary must have died by 13 August 1768, for on that date at Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting, William Ballard is granted a certificate to South River Monthly Meeting VA to marry. Hinshaw, Vol. VI, p. 228. On 25 August 1768, at South River Monthly Meeting, William Ballard married to Rachel Moorman. Hinshaw, Vol. VI, p. 296, and again on 15 October 1768. Hinshaw, Vol. VI, p. 297. On their marriage at South River Meeting House, the following witnesses signed the marriage certificate: Zach Moorman, Micajah Moorman, Charles Moorman, Clark Moorman, Gillis Moorman, Benjamin Johnson, William Johnson, Byrum Ballard, Thomas Ballard, Bowling Clark, Micajah Terrell, Christopher Anthony, Henry Tate, Sarah Terrell,, Winifred Clark, Susanna Johnson, Eleanor Ballard, Martha Ferrall, Martha Ferrall, Jr., Betty Moorman, Susanna Moorman, Lucy Johnson, Elizabeth Ferrall, Sarah Tate, Penelope Johnson, Mary Ferrall, Mary Timberlake, Judith Goode, Agnes Clark. James Pinkney Bell, Our Quaker Friends in Ye Olden Time (Lynchburg: J.P. Bell Co., 1905), p. 71.

      On 21 July 1771, at South River Monthly Meeting, Rachel Ballard's name appeared for the first time in the women's Monthly Meeting records. Hinshaw, Vol. VI, p. 297.

      On 24 February 1783, William Ballard emancipated a slave called Squire York, recorded Bedford Co. Val Deed Book G.7, pp. 181-82. . . .

      On 10 June 1792, at South River Monthly Meeting, Rachel is reported to have died about 82 years old [therefore b. c. 1710]. Hinshaw, Vol. VI, p. 296.

      William Ballard left a will dated 12 June 1792 and recorded 29 April 1794 in Bedford Co. Va. Will Book 2, p. 130:

      Be it known to all Men that I William Ballard of Bedford Co, Virginia Being at this time in health of Body and Sound of memory for which I desire to be thankful to the Lord and being in the Seventy-Seventh year of my age do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament and dispose of all my worldly good in form and manner following Viz:

      Item: I give and bequeath to my son Byrom two hundred acres of land lying in Orange Co. which he had paid me for and I have made him a deed for but fearing the Deed is not good do now bequeath the same to him and his heirs forever.

      Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter Frances Wilson three pounds six shillings in Loo of a Daddle and also one featherbed and furniture to her and her heirs forever.

      Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary McGinnity forty shillings to make her saddle equal to her sister's

      Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter Delphia Caldwell twenty pounds to her and her heirs forever to make her equal to what I have given to the rest of my children.

      My will is that whereas I have purchased a tract of land of my son Byrom and given it to my son Barclay and am indebted twenty pounds to my son Byrom for the same that it be paid out of my son Barclays part of my Estate after my decease.

      Item my will is that after my decease that the remaining part of my Estate be equally divided amongst all my children and do constitue and appoint my son Byrom Ballard Sole Executor of my Estate to collect and pay of at His discretion and do ratify and confirm this my last will and testament and have hereunto set my hand and seal this ye 12 day of the sixth month 1792.

      William X Ballard [His Mark]

      Signed and sealed in the presence of us.

      Christopher Anthony - affm.
      Mary Anthony - affm.
      Christopher Anthony Jr.

      At a Court continued and held for Bedford County at the Court house the 29 Apr 1794.

      The last will and Testament of William Ballard deceased was proved by the solemn affirmation of Christopher Anthony and Mary Anthony two of the witnesses whose names are there to subscribed and ordered to be recorded - and on the motion of Byrom Ballard the Executor therein named who affirmed thereto cerrtificate is granted him for obtaining probate thereof according to law on giving security whereon the said Byrom Ballard together with William Davis his security entered into and acknowledged their Bond in the penalty of three thousand pounds conditioned for the said Byrom Ballard faithful administrator of the said decedents estate and performance of his will. Teste Ja Steptoe C. B. C. . . .

      The children of William and Mary Ballard were [birth dates (except the last two children) are from a record book of Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting, Hanover County, Virginia. Bell, p. 3]:

      [i] THOMAS, b. 12 November 1735.

      [ii] Frances, b. 12 December 1737. On 12 November 1763, Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting. . . . Married _____ Wilson.

      [iii] BYROM [Byram], b. 27 February 1740.

      [iv] Delphin [Delphia], b. 1 May 1742, married _____ Caldwell.

      [v] MOORMAN, b. 10 March 1747.

      [vi] DAVID, b. 9 April 1750.

      [vii] BARCLAY, b. c. 1751.

      [viii] Mary, b. after 1752, married _____ McGinnity.

      (2) According to the Ballard DNA Surname Project <>, William BALLARD and his male BALLARD descendants appear to be in BALLARD Lineage Group III. DNA tests are useful only when combined with a well-researched family history.

      (3) Berry, Ellen Thomas and Berry, David Allen, Our Quaker Ancestors: Finding Them in Quaker Records,
      Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1987, p. 67:

      Quakers . . . did not use names for days of the week or months of the year since most of these names were derived from the names of pagan gods. A date such as August 19, 1748 will never be found. Rather it would be written "19th da 6th mo 1748." Sometimes this will be written as 6mo 19da 1748. Why 6th month since August is the 8th month? The Quakers, along with everyone else in the American Colonies and England, did not begin using the Gregorian calendar until 1752. Under the Julian calendar the year began on March 25th; March was the first month and February the twelfth month. This is something of a problem when an event occurred in the months of January, February or up to March 25th, for then the date is given as 1748/1749.

      (4) Hinshaw, William Wade, Encyclopedia of America Quaker Genealogy, Vol. VI [Reprint]: Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing County, Inc., 1993, p. 205:


      RECORDS . . .


      _____, _____, William & Mary
      Thomas b 1735, 11, 12
      Frances b 1737, 12, 12
      Byram b 1740, 2, 27
      Delphin b 1742, 5, 1
      Moorman b 1747, 3, 16
      David b 1750, 4, 9

      1771, 9, 1. Mary, dt William, d

      1748, 5, 16. William & fam rec in mbrp


      William Ballard, Jr
      Birth: Sep. 8, 1715, York County, Virginia, USA
      Death: 1794, Bedford County, Virginia, USA

      After Mary died, he married Rachel (Clark) Moorman on 25 Aug 1768 in Bedford Co, VA.

      Family links: Parents: William Ballard (1684 - 1754), Philadelphia Ludwell Lee Ballard (1682 - ____); Spouses: Mary Sarah Byrum Ballard (1710 - 1765), Rachel Clark Moorman (1714 - 1792); Children: William Hudson Ballard (1735 - 1821), Byrum Ballard (1740 - 1817); Siblings: Philip Ballard (1704 - 1778), William Ballard (1715 - 1794), Thomas Ballard (1716 - 1781)

      Burial: South River Meeting House Graveyard, Lynchburg City, Virginia, USA

      Created by: Sue Macduff:
      Record added: Oct 24, 2010
      Find A Grave Memorial# 60563826
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    Family 1 Mary BYRUM,   b. Abt 1710,   d. Abt 1765, Bedford County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 55 years) 
    Married 1734  Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting, Louisa County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. David BALLARD,   b. 9 Jun 1750,   d. Between 1822 and 1823, Clinton County, OH Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 71 years)  [natural]
     2. Moorman BALLARD,   b. 16 May 1747,   d. 27 Apr 1821, Clinton County, OH Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 73 years)  [natural]
     3. Mary BALLARD,   b. Aft 1752,   d. 9 Sep 1791, Louisa County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age < 37 years)  [natural]
     4. Barclay BALLARD,   b. Abt 1751,   d. Abt 4 May 1814, Lynchburg, Campbell County [now Independent City], VA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 63 years)  [natural]
     5. Thomas BALLARD,   b. 12 Jan 1735,   d. 15 Mar 1809  (Age 74 years)  [natural]
     6. Byrum BALLARD,   b. 27 Apr 1740, Hanover County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 13 Jul 1817, Grayson County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 77 years)  [natural]
     7. Philadelphia BALLARD,   b. 1 Jul 1742, Hanover County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 25 Nov 1808, Hawkins County, TN Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 66 years)  [natural]
     8. Frances BALLARD,   b. 12 Feb 1737,   d. 15 Mar 1809  (Age 72 years)  [natural]
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    Family 2 Rachel CLARK,   b. 14 Jun 1714, New Kent County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 10 Jun 1792, Bedford County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 77 years) 
    Married 25 Aug 1768  South River Monthly Meeting, Bedford County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
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