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Jan Roelofse SEBRING

Male Abt 1631 - Aft 1703  (~ 72 years)

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  • Name Jan Roelofse SEBRING 
    Born Abt 1631  Beilen, Drenthe, Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Name Jan Roeloffsen SUEBERINGH 
    Died Aft 23 Apr 1703 
    • (1)

      Sailed 16 April 1660 from Amsterdam, arriving New Amsterdam

      Captain Pieter Lucasz

      Jan Soubanick, from Byle in Drenthe [NWI] . . .
      Steeven Koorts from Drenthe, wife and 7 children; 22, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 yrs old [NWI]

      [Note by compiler: Jan SOUBANICK may have been Jan Roelofse SEBRING. Steeven Koorts was apparently Jan's brother-in-law, Steven Coerte VAN VOORHEES. Nevertheless, it seems likely that Jan came to New Amsterdam as early as 1654.]

      (2) Sebring, Walter Wilson and Sebring, John Cletus, Sebring Collections, Kansas City, MO: Yearbook House, Inc., 1975, 3rd Reprint, Mt. Vernon, IN: Wiedrich Publishing, 2002, pp. 12-13, 14-15, 20:


      In a letter dated March 2, 1912, the late James Leroy Sebring of Kalamazoo, Michigan, wrote to Louis P. De Boer, historian, who had been doing research for JLS,

      "If you are sure that Jan Roelofse Sebering was, in fact, the 'Jan Soubanich' who arrived Apr. 15, 1660 on the ship De Bonte Koe, then of course it would be a waste of time to search for Jan Roelofse Sebering among arrivals of 1652 or 1654".

      However, even when James L. Sebring issued the second edition of his history of the Sebring family on July 1, 1913, he still expressed some lingering doubts in the following words:

      "Jan Soubanick, from B??le (Beilen), in Drenthe, arrived in New Amsterdam April 15, 1660, on the ship 'De Bonte Koe' (The Spotted Cow). He is generally accepted as Jan Suebrinck. (Versteeg) This date of arrival of Jan Suebering probably is correct, but the words 'generally accepted' imply a possible doubt. If his name were found among arrivals in 1652 with Jan Strycker and wife Lambertje Suebering, some conflicting views might easily be reconciled."

      JLS then went on to point out that Adrianna Polhemius

      "who probably came to New Amsterdam with her father in 1654, was then of marriageable age and that her marriage to Jan Suebering may have occurred in any year between 1653 and 1662."

      One of very few published articles on The Sebring Family was written by the Rev. Minor Swick of Flushing, L. I., and appeared in Volume III of the Somerset County Historical Quarterly (New Jersey) in 1914 (pp. 118-124). Swick says,

      "The male ancestor, however, of most of the Sebrings in America, so far as known, was Jan Roelofse Seberinge. . . . He was born in Holland in 1631, and came to America, it is claimed, in 1660, in the same ship ('De Bonte Koe') with the Van Voorhees family."

      But, in the next paragraph Swick says,

      "Jan Roelofse, with his wife, Adrianna, was a member of the Flatbush church from 1654 to 1676, and he was the owner of lands in Flatlands, and of a home in Flatbush; but later he moved to Bergen, New Jersey, and became a member of the Dutch church there in 1683."

      In the Hjstory and Commercial and Industrial Record of County of Kings and City of Brooklyn, New York 1683-1884, by Henry R. Stiles, we find the following on page 220:

      ". . . the inhabitants of Midwout nominated six men in April, 1654, from whom three were chosen to act as schepens of the village. In the absence of any Midwout records earlier than 1659, we cannot state positively the names of these officers. We know that Adriaen Hegeman was appointed a local magistrate in 1654, and find his name on the earliest'record of the village as serving still in the capacity of schepen. It is therefore reasonable to presume that the other men, whose names are found with his on the record of July 2, 1659, were appointed schepens with him in 1654. If this is correct, then the first three local magistrates of Midwout were Adriaen Hegeman, Willem Van Boerum, Jan Sueberingh."

      Stiles then reproduces the signatures of the three men named.

      Even if the assumption that Jan Sueberingh was appointed as early as 1654 is incorrect, this record shows positively that he served in Midwout at least eight months before his supposed arrival April 15, 1660!

      Your editor offers two possible explanations for these discrepancies:

      1. Jan Soubanick who came on "De Bonte Koe" was not the same person as Jan Sueberingh.

      2. Jan Sueberingh, also known as Jan Roelofse Seberinge, came to New Amsterdam earlier, and made a round trip back to the Netherlands, returning on "The Spotted Cow" with his sister Willemptje Roelofse, who had become the second wife of Steven Goerte Van Voorhees.

      In any case it seems likely that Jan Roelofse Seberinge came to New Amsterdam as early as 1654.

      Perhaps he came with the Stryckers in 1652.

      John Cletus Sebring reported to Walter W. Sebring in 1963 that Kenn Stryker-Rodda, D. Litt., C.G., F.A.S.G., President of the Long Island Historical Society, and a noted genealogist, a Sebring descendant through Lambertje Sebering who married Jan Stryker, had made several trips to Holland and had others do so for him; yet he had been unable to find any records pertaining to the Sebring family of those early years; that he thought the archives were lost during the war years, when Germany occupied the country. The 1969 reprint of David S. Crater & Job H. Lippincott's New Jersey Index of Wills, with a foreword by Kenn Stryker-Rodda, indicates that the latter was at that time President of the American Society of Genealogists, President of the Genealogical Society of New Jersey, and General Chairman, League of Historical Societies of New Jersey. He is also the Editor of the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record. . . .


      JAN ROELOFSE SEBRING born 1631 Beyle, Drenthe, The Netherlands (son of Roelof Lukassen Sebring c 1595) emigrated to New Netherland and settled in the village of Midwout (Flatbush), L.I. Jan, a farmer, was at one time "scheppenen" or alderman, also a constable of Midwout. He married, 16__, ADRIANNA POLHEMIUS born during the period from 1637 to 1654 in which her father was a minister in Brazil. (Adrianna was a daughter of the Rev. Johannes Theodorus Polhemius 1598-1676 & wife 2) Catharina Van der Werven who died at Flatbush about 1702.) An extensive account of the Polhemius family, as contributed by I. Heyward Peck of Great Neck, New York, was published in the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, vol. XC, No. 2, April, 1959. . . .

      A patent of land was granted in 1662 to the Rev. Polhemius by Pieter Stuyvesant, Director-General of New Netherland. It states in part that Polhemius is to be "granted a piece of valley in common with Jan Roelofze. . . ." This no doubt refers to Jan Roelofse Sebring, as the surname was often dropped in early Dutch records. The original parchment patent is now in the Sage Library, Princeton University. Jan Sebring conveyed to Rev. Polhemius on 6 Mar 1674, 24 morgens of land he had bought from Cornelis Smallwood. "Jan Subering sold, May 17, 1681, his cultivated lands in Flatbush to Roelof Verkerk of North Utrecht, lying north of the lands of Jacob Hendrickse, east of the public highway from the village of Flatbush to New Utrecht, south of the church lotts and west of the lands of wellem Beekman. . . ." [Liber AA, p. 157, Flatbush Records.] The above land adjoined the 24 morgens Jan conveyed to Rev. Polhemius, which is described as being "on the south side of Little Lane, in Flatbush."

      The Assessment rolls of Kings County, Long Island, 22 Aug 1675, show Jan Sebring's real and personal property to be assessed as follows:

      "2 polls; 4 horses; 1 ox; 6 cows; 2 ditto of two years; 2 ditto of one year; 4 hogs; £132; 19 morgens of land and valley, £19."

      Court Records of Flatbush, L. I., Liber B, page 108, show that "Oct. 15, 1662, Femmetje Hermans, widow of Pieter Janse, requested the magistrates of Flatbush to appoint guardians for her children by him, Leffert and Pieter Pieterse. Jan Seubern and Pieter Lodt, both old scheppenen, were appointed. . . . Nov. 25, 1663 Jan Eltings acted as attorney for Jan Subberingh in demanding 360 guilders of Jan Hendrie, on account of the sale of a horse."

      Jan and Adrianna were members of the Reformed Dutch Church, Midwout, until 1681, when they removed to Bergen, NJ, and were received into the RDC there, Oct. 2, 1682. Unfortunately, "The baptismal records of the five Dutch towns of Long Island from 1654-1676, covering the ministry of the Rev. Polhemius, have been lost." Versteeg. "The record of the Dutch Church marriages in the old Brooklyn Church was taken to Nova Scotia by a Tory Clerk during the Revolution and is no longer in the Archives of the Church. It is probably lost." [Fowler, p. 26.]

      Adrianna (Polhemius) Sebring died before 1702, as she did not sign the conveyance of her deceased mother's land, which Jan Roelofse did sign, along with the other heirs and their wives, 19 Dec 1702.

      Bergen names Jan Sebring's second wife as Aeltje _____, and the baptism records of the Raritan Church bear out a second marriage. "Jan Roelofsen Sebering and wife" were sponsors for his grandson, Jaentien, baptised 23 Apr 1703, son of Johannes Sebring and Aeltje (Leffertse). This is the last record found concerning Jan. He was then 72 years old and still able to travel over the Indian trails from Bergen to the Raritan. There were then no roads through the Jerseys, and were none until 1712.

      Several members of the Sebring family appear in an interesting document:

      "Certificate of Jan Elten October 10, 1679

      "Appeared before us, Captain James Hubbard, Elbert Elbertse Stoodhoff and Jacques Coerteljou, at the request of Jan Elten, a resident of Kingston, now about to depart to the Fatherland. The worshipful Steven Coerte Van Voorhees, 79 years old; Wellem Roeloffs, 60 years old; Jan Stryker, armorer, 64 years old; Jan Seubering, 48 years old; and Coerte Stevense, 42 years old, all natives of the land of Drenthe, who declare that it is true that the above named petitioner is the lawful son of Roelof Elten by his wife Aeltje Elten of the village of Swichlaer in the said land of Drenthe. They further declare that to the best of their information that they have always known him as an honest and virtuous man and as far as they can remember they never knew any other man by the same name. They are willing to confirm their testimony by solemn oath.

      "In witness of the truth thy sign this with their own hands at Amersfoort on Long Island in America. Dated as above. Testified in the presence of us under oath.

      Steven Coerte (Van Voorhees)
      Wellem Roeloffs
      Jan Stryker
      Jan Seubering
      Coerte Stevense (Van Voorhees)

      J. Hubbard, Justice
      Elbert Elbertsen
      James Coerteljou"

      This document proves the birth years and native land of the above-named men. Steven Coerte was the husband of Willemptje Sebring; Jan Stryker, husband of Lambertje Sebring. Coerte Stevense was son of Steven Coerte Van Voorhees by his first wife. . .

      Sebring children: (Bergen, op. cit., adds "Janse" after each child's given name):

      [1] Cornelis c 1660 Midwout (Flatbush), Long Island; md Aeltje Frederickse Lubbertsen. . . .

      [2] Ida c 1664 Midwout; md 2 Nov 1684 Reformed Dutch Church, Bergen, Bergen Co., New Jersey (now Jersey City, Hudson Co.) [Church Record back to 1664], Isaac Billew 1661-1709 (son of Pierre Billew & Francoise (de Bois)). Cornelis Sebring and Ida sponsored the baptism, 10 Aug 184, of Adolphus, child of Wellem Brower & Elizabeth. [Holland Society Year Book, 1917.]/ Isaac Billew & Ida moved to the Raritan Valley, New Jersey, and left many descendants.

      [3] Lucas c 1666 Midwout; md 16 Apr 1690 Bergen RDC, Merritje Dorlandt,baptized 11 Apr 1672 (dau. of Jan Gerretse Dorlandt & Anna (Remsen)), "a Y.M. from Minkachquee and his wife a Y.D. from Broeklen, living at St. I."

      [4] Johannes c 1673 Midwout; md c 1699, Aeltje Leffertse, bp 2 Jun 1676 (dau. of Leffert Pieterse & Abigail (Auksen). . . .

      [5] Roelof c 1675 Midwout; md 1700, Chrystyntje Volkertse, born c 1678 (dau. of Volkert Dirckse & Annetje Phillipse (Langelan). . . .

      [6] Elizabeth bp 8 Jun 1677 [Wilson], or 8 Jun 1687 [Bergen].

      [7] Daniel bp 2 Jul 1682 [RDC Flatbush Record, p. 384]. He married, supposedly, Catherine Leboiteaux, and moved to the Raritan Valley. Daniel, with Jerome Van Neste, purchased 2,000 acres of land near Readington, Hunterdon Co., NJ, from Joseph Kirckbride. Daniel was deacon at North Branch Church (now Readington); and an office-holder in the county from 1712 to 1726. No direct descendants of Daniel were shown in his will, written 1743, in Hunterdon Co., proved 19 Nov, 1763, inv. 1764 [Book 11, page 532].

      Another Daniel Sebring purchased land in 1746 in Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ, and a Daniel owned a tavern there in 1768 [Newspaper extracts of New Jersey, in New Jersey Archives].

      [8] Marietje born c 1685 Bergen, NJ; living in 1727. "Mary" md in 1713, Mordecai McKinney (Makinni/Minkins) 1685-1760. . . .
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    Father Roelof Lukassen SEBRING,   b. Abt 1595, Beilen, Drenthe, Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Family ID F135  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family 1 Adrianna POLHEMIUS,   b. Abt 1644, Itamarac??, Brazil Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef 1702  (Age ~ 57 years) 
    Married Abt 1661 
     1. Cornelis SEBRING,   b. Abt 1660, Midwout (Flatbush), Now Part of Brooklyn. Kings County, NY Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef 25 Mar 1723, Kings County, NY Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 63 years)
     2. Ida SEBRING,   b. Abt 1664, Midwout (Flatbush), Now Part of Brooklyn. Kings County, NY Find all individuals with events at this location
     3. Lucas SEBRING,   b. Abt 1666, Midwout (Flatbush), Now Part of Brooklyn. Kings County, NY Find all individuals with events at this location
     4. Johannes SEBRING, Sr.,   b. Abt 1673, Midwout (Flatbush), Now Part of Brooklyn. Kings County, NY Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1744  (Age ~ 71 years)
     5. Roelof Janse SEBRING,   b. Abt 1675, Midwout (Flatbush), Now Part of Brooklyn. Kings County, NY Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef 26 Mar 1756, Somerset County, NJ Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 81 years)
     6. Elizabeth SEBRING,   b. Bef 8 Jun 1677,   d. Aft 27 Aug 1726  (Age > 49 years)
     7. Daniel SEBRING,   b. Bef 2 Jul 1682, Midwout (Flatbush), Now Part of Brooklyn. Kings County, NY Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef 19 Nov 1763, Hunterdon County, NJ Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age < 81 years)
     8. Mary SEBRING,   b. Abt 1685, Bergen, Bergen [now Hudson] County, NJ Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1727, Bergen, Bergen [now Hudson] County, NJ Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 43 years)
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    Family 2 Aeltje (SEBRING),   d. Aft 23 Apr 1703 
    Married Bef 23 Apr 1703 
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