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The compiler's most remote proven Frost ancestor is William Frost, Sr., who was born about 1710 and died in 1775 in Frederick [now Clarke] County, VA. William Frost, Sr. and John Frost were among the early settlers of Frederick County, VA in the 1730s. John Frost was a Quaker who was born about 1690 and died before 2 September 1766 in SC. William Frost, Sr. and John Frost have been proven, based on DNA tests of their descendants, to have had a common Frost ancestor, although the compiler does not know who that ancestor was. Most persons who have considered the question believe that William Frost, Sr. was a son of John Frost, but the compiler has no conclusive proof of that relationship. According to lore in the families of descendants of William Frost, Sr. and John Frost, their Frost progenitors came to America from Wales. The compiler has not proved or disproved such lore.

The most remote proven Gilchrist ancestor of the compiler's wife is James Gilchrist, who was born between 4 November 1798 and 4 November 1799 in Lanarkshire, Scotland, and died on 13 October 1876 in Fulton County, IN.

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Frost DNA Project - The Frost DNA Project welcomes and encourages participation by any Frost family from any part of the world. We hope that this project will tell us which family lines are related and give us a rough estimate of how many generations back they branched apart, confirming or refuting lineages with established paper trails and pointing the way for further research for other lineages. We also hope that eventually enough data will be collected to identify particular DNA signature variations for particular family lines, enabling us to place previously unlinked families into their respective branches of the Frost family tree. For further information, contact the Frost DNA Project Administrator, whose e-mail address appears on the Project's website.

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