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Wayne County, IL



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEESON, Susan Jane  27 May 1851Wayne County, IL I30397
2 MILNER, Calvin A.  Abt 1875Wayne County, IL I43291
3 MILNER, Florence  11 Jun 1868Wayne County, IL I43289
4 MILNER, Infant Son  27 Oct 1860Wayne County, IL I43283
5 MILNER, Ira Jacob  7 Feb 1880Wayne County, IL I43293
6 MILNER, Jacob  14 Sep 1839Wayne County, IL I28687
7 MILNER, John A. Logan  28 Jun 1865Wayne County, IL I43286
8 MILNER, Lewis  Abt 1870Wayne County, IL I43288
9 MILNER, Mary Alice  5 Mar 1862Wayne County, IL I43284
10 MILNER, Randal R.  Abt 1877Wayne County, IL I43292
11 MILNER, Samuel  Abt 1873Wayne County, IL I43290
12 TURNER, Susan Elizabeth  27 Aug 1842Wayne County, IL I28685


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ESSMAN, Anna Margaret  22 Oct 1854Wayne County, IL I28691
2 GOODMAN, Lucinda  20 Feb 1900Wayne County, IL I30413
3 HALE, Andrew Jackson  26 Oct 1908Wayne County, IL I28680
4 HALE, George W.  23 Jun 1893Wayne County, IL I28681
5 HALE, James Henry Massey  5 Mar 1915Wayne County, IL I30412
6 HALE, Luke J.  22 Nov 1859Wayne County, IL I28666
7 HALE, Malinda  11 Nov 1887Wayne County, IL I28682
8 HALE, Nancy J.  5 Jan 1874Wayne County, IL I28684
9 LEATHERS, John Wesley  12 Mar 1914Wayne County, IL I28689
10 MILNER, Infant Son  29 Oct 1860Wayne County, IL I43283
11 MILNER, Ira Jacob  15 Jun 1881Wayne County, IL I43293
12 MILNER, Jacob  23 Apr 1881Wayne County, IL I28687
13 REESER, Margaret  Abt 1894Wayne County, IL I28679
14 RUSH, Grace  2 Apr 1872Wayne County, IL I28978
15 TURNER, Susan Elizabeth  27 Aug 1921Wayne County, IL I28685
16 WEAVER, Mariah Louisa  4 Apr 1913Wayne County, IL I28697