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Richmond (Independent City), VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FORD, Earl Carlton Sr.  19 Jul 1900Richmond (Independent City), VA I39645
2 FROST, John Frederick Sr.  17 Mar 1875Richmond (Independent City), VA I14774
3 FROST, Rebecca Lewis  10 Feb 1904Richmond (Independent City), VA I33273
4 HEBRING, Catherine Gertrude  16 Sep 1847Richmond (Independent City), VA I14758
5 O'BRIEN, Rebecca Lewis  8 Apr 1886Richmond (Independent City), VA I33272
6 PRESTON, Virginia Caroline  27 Nov 1916Richmond (Independent City), VA I43107


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURTON, Alfred Albert  18 Feb 1906Richmond (Independent City), VA I33412
2 BYRD, Richard Evelyn Sr.  25 Oct 1925Richmond (Independent City), VA I25765
3 DOUGLAS, Maynor Gay  15 Mar 1935Richmond (Independent City), VA I39647
4 FORD, Luther Aurelius  14 Jul 1948Richmond (Independent City), VA I39638
5 FORD, Virginia May  1 Dec 1898Richmond (Independent City), VA I39635
6 FOSTER, Amelia Ellen  20 May 1940Richmond (Independent City), VA I39643
7 FROST, Dabney A.  1 Apr 1892Richmond (Independent City), VA I33241
8 FROST, Elizabeth  30 Oct 1892Richmond (Independent City), VA I33254
9 FROST, Fanny B.  Mar 1874Richmond (Independent City), VA I33251
10 FROST, Lucy Jane Coutts  18 Aug 1901Richmond (Independent City), VA I33257
11 FROST, Russell Beale Sr.  Mar 1978Richmond (Independent City), VA I14779
12 FROST, Thomas A.  10 Aug 1872Richmond (Independent City), VA I14781
13 FROST, Thomas Washington  17 Jun 1862Richmond (Independent City), VA I36876
14 FROST, William Washington Sr.  13 Jun 1898Richmond (Independent City), VA I14751
15 HALE, Robert O.  15 Jun 1862Richmond (Independent City), VA I33694
16 HEBRING, Catherine Gertrude  17 Apr 1923Richmond (Independent City), VA I14758
17 HENSHAW, Edward  30 Jun 1832Richmond (Independent City), VA I33260
18 KERN, John Thompson  1864Richmond (Independent City), VA I25692
19 MERRITT, John M.  Aug 1869Richmond (Independent City), VA I33252
20 ROYSTER, James Bohannon  17 Jun 1883Richmond (Independent City), VA I33261
21 TINSLEY, Thomas Clarke  20 Dec 1894Richmond (Independent City), VA I33253
22 WEBB, Ferdinand Jr.  5 Jan 1917Richmond (Independent City), VA I13429


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CROSLEY / FROST  31 Oct 1888Richmond (Independent City), VA F14412
2 FINEGAN / FROST  21 May 1888Richmond (Independent City), VA F14411
3 FORD / O'BRIANT  20 Jul 1920Richmond (Independent City), VA F17029
4 JACKSON / FROST  15 Apr 1885Richmond (Independent City), VA F14408
5 JACKSON / ROCHELLE  12 Nov 1913Richmond (Independent City), VA F14516