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Richland County, OH



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COFFINBERRY, Mary M.  6 May 1821Richland County, OH I41558
2 FAST, William Nicholas  23 Apr 1832Richland County, OH I32461
3 FOX, Angeline  Sep 1850Richland County, OH I41581
4 FOX, John Eli  23 Jul 1849Richland County, OH I41580
5 GILKISON, Allen Lewis  Abt 1825Richland County, OH I41567
6 GILKISON, Angeline Olivia  29 Mar 1818Richland County, OH I41563
7 GILKISON, Caroline Ann  31 Oct 1824Richland County, OH I41592
8 GILKISON, Charles Carl  Abt 1833Richland County, OH I41568
9 GILKISON, Cynthe Ellen  20 Nov 1834Richland County, OH I41596
10 GILKISON, Eben Sturgis  29 Mar 1827Richland County, OH I41593
11 GILKISON, Eliza  3 Jun 1812Richland County, OH I41587
12 GILKISON, George Coffinberry  26 Aug 1810Richland County, OH I41586
13 GILKISON, Harriet F.  16 Oct 1832Richland County, OH I41595
14 GILKISON, Hiram Nigh  1 Apr 1813Richland County, OH I41562
15 GILKISON, James Alexander  Abt 1816Richland County, OH I41571
16 GILKISON, James J.  30 Aug 1818Richland County, OH I41589
17 GILKISON, John McCandles  15 Mar 1819Richland County, OH I41564
18 GILKISON, Louise Lamanda  Feb 1817Richland County, OH I41588
19 GILKISON, Mansfield Hedges  2 Feb 1811Richland County, OH I41544
20 GILKISON, Maria  27 May 1815Richland County, OH I41584
21 GILKISON, Mary Ann  31 Oct 1829Richland County, OH I41570
22 GILKISON, Mary Jane  7 Dec 1820Richland County, OH I41590
23 GILKISON, Nancy  16 May 1830Richland County, OH I41594
24 GILKISON, Newton Young  Dec 1825Richland County, OH I41566
25 GILKISON, Samuel V.  19 Jan 1829Richland County, OH I41585
26 GILKISON, Sarah Amanda  29 Sep 1827Richland County, OH I41569
27 GILKISON, Susan B.  5 Oct 1822Richland County, OH I41591
28 GILKISON, William Franklin  21 Feb 1821Richland County, OH I41565
29 PALMER, Hannah Ann  11 Dec 1835Richland County, OH I41635
30 REED, Joseph H. Jr.  Abt 1834Richland County, OH I41139
31 WAIDLER, George Henry  26 Aug 1884Richland County, OH I45913


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COFFINBERRY, George Lewis II  13 Jul 1851Richland County, OH I41549
2 COFFINBERRY, Sarah  1870Richland County, OH I41543
3 COURTRIGHT, Abraham  29 Jan 1862Richland County, OH I27379
4 GILKISON, Angeline Olivia  3 Apr 1869Richland County, OH I41563
5 GILKISON, Hiram Nigh  22 Feb 1878Richland County, OH I41562
6 GILKISON, John Creighton  1859Richland County, OH I41541
7 GILKISON, Mansfield Hedges  23 Feb 1885Richland County, OH I41544
8 KLEIN, Elizabeth  23 Jun 1854Richland County, OH I41550
9 LEE, Matilda  16 Nov 1889Richland County, OH I41576
10 McELVAIN, William  7 Sep 1892Richland County, OH I41573
11 SHAVER, John  23 Jun 1830Richland County, OH I22151


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FOX / GILKISON  9 Nov 1845Richland County, OH F17852
2 GILKISON / COFFINBERRY  17 Oct 1808Richland County, OH F17840
3 GILKISON / DUKES  5 Dec 1832Richland County, OH F17845
4 GILKISON / LEE  30 Apr 1835Richland County, OH F17849
5 McELVAIN / GILKISON  21 Sep 1840Richland County, OH F17846
6 McKEE / GILKISON  29 Nov 1854Richland County, OH F17851