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Hawkins County, TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADKINS, Jesse  1788Hawkins County, TN I36540
2 ADKINS, Owen  4 Feb 1782Hawkins County, TN I36539
3 AUSTIN, William Henry  30 Sep 1805Hawkins County, TN I17454
4 CROSS, John T.  23 May 1820Hawkins County, TN I34831
5 GILLENWATERS, Louisiana C.  27 Nov 1824Hawkins County, TN I16320
6 GILLENWATERS, Thomas A.  6 Sep 1820Hawkins County, TN I16318
7 GILLENWATERS, William H.  20 Nov 1822Hawkins County, TN I16319
8 GROSS, Margaret  18 Apr 1806Hawkins County, TN I34834
9 HELTON, John  Hawkins County, TN I34568
10 HOLSTON, Rebecca  11 Feb 1807Hawkins County, TN I26438
11 JONES, Anderson  20 Sep 1815Hawkins County, TN I43723
12 LIPE, Sarah  14 Jan 1814Hawkins County, TN I34567
13 LOONEY, Absalom David  5 Mar 1790Hawkins County, TN I34563
14 PEARSON, Elizabeth  1 May 1817Hawkins County, TN I34565
15 SHANKS, Elizabeth  13 Sep 1800Hawkins County, TN I44945
16 STARNES, Catherine  1 May 1800Hawkins County, TN I34554
17 STARNES, Charity Charlotte  1815Hawkins County, TN I34558
18 STARNES, Christian Madison  16 Jan 1842Hawkins County, TN I44879
19 STARNES, Cornelia Frances  18 Dec 1850Hawkins County, TN I44883
20 STARNES, George Washington  10 Dec 1810Hawkins County, TN I34557
21 STARNES, Jackson Jefferson  16 Jan 1842Hawkins County, TN I44880
22 STARNES, John Ernest  8 Mar 1807Hawkins County, TN I34555
23 STARNES, John Erving  2 Aug 1837Hawkins County, TN I44877
24 STARNES, Margaret  23 Jan 1797Hawkins County, TN I34552
25 STARNES, Mary Anne  5 Feb 1857Hawkins County, TN I44885
26 STARNES, Orleana  Abt 1835Hawkins County, TN I44875
27 STARNES, Perry H.  23 Aug 1854Hawkins County, TN I44884
28 STARNES, Pleasant Henderson  1809Hawkins County, TN I34556
29 STARNES, Pleasant Henderson  29 Nov 1839Hawkins County, TN I44878
30 STARNES, Richard Mitchell  Abt 1803Hawkins County, TN I44944
31 STARNES, Samuel Howard  18 Jan 1833Hawkins County, TN I44874
32 STARNES, Sarah Jane  30 Jan 1799Hawkins County, TN I34553
33 WILSON, Mary Ingram  1807Hawkins County, TN I34566
34 WILSON, William Ingram  13 Jan 1803Hawkins County, TN I34562


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Jane  1850Hawkins County, TN I34482
2 BALLARD, Philadelphia  25 Nov 1808Hawkins County, TN I37334
3 DRINNON, Nettie  1964Hawkins County, TN I43980
4 FROST, Robert  Abt Jul 1819Hawkins County, TN I43971
5 LOONEY, Absalom David  12 Dec 1862Hawkins County, TN I34563
6 PEARSON, Christian  Bef 1 Jan 1866Hawkins County, TN I44902
7 PEARSON, Elizabeth  10 Feb 1882Hawkins County, TN I34565
8 ROGERS, Robert  1858Hawkins County, TN I34564
9 STARNES, Catherine  27 Sep 1887Hawkins County, TN I34554
10 STARNES, Christian Madison  7 Mar 1916Hawkins County, TN I44879
11 STARNES, Cornelia Frances  29 May 1880Hawkins County, TN I44883
12 STARNES, Jane  24 Oct 1899Hawkins County, TN I34726
13 STARNES, John Ernest  28 Jul 1895Hawkins County, TN I34555
14 STARNES, John Erving  12 Dec 1927Hawkins County, TN I44877
15 STARNES, Perry H.  23 Oct 1955Hawkins County, TN I44884
16 STARNES, Pleasant Henderson  1880Hawkins County, TN I34556
17 STARNES, Pleasant Henderson  7 Feb 1907Hawkins County, TN I44878
18 STARNES, Samuel Howard  21 Aug 1833Hawkins County, TN I44874
19 STARNES, Sarah Jane  8 Feb 1874Hawkins County, TN I34553


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 FROST, Robert  Aug 1819Hawkins County, TN I43971
2 PEARSON, Christian  1 Jan 1866Hawkins County, TN I44902


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 FROST, Robert  21 Mar 1819Hawkins County, TN I43971
2 PEARSON, Christian  4 Nov 1856Hawkins County, TN I44902


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GILLENWATERS / HOLLADAY  14 Oct 1819Hawkins County, TN F7297
2 HELTON / STARNES  1813Hawkins County, TN F15019
3 ROARK / GROSS  Abt 1824Hawkins County, TN F15139
4 ROGERS / STARNES  Abt 1822Hawkins County, TN F15022
5 STARNES / PEARSON  10 Jun 1832Hawkins County, TN F15023
6 STARNES / WILSON  Abt 1834Hawkins County, TN F15024
7 WILSON / STARNES  16 Jan 1827Hawkins County, TN F15020