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Greenbrier County, VA [now WV]



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEARD, John F.  Abt 1796Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40793
2 BEARD, Margaret  20 Apr 1803Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40791
3 GABBERT, Keziah  11 Jul 1802Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I16434
4 HANDLY, Robert H.  1 Mar 1792Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40777
5 HAYS, Isaac  28 Jul 1778Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I31476
6 HULING, Caroline  11 Dec 1818Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I16439
7 LOCKRIDGE, Elizabeth  Abt 1781Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I25462
8 LOCKRIDGE, James  Abt 1785Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I25463
9 LOCKRIDGE, John  12 Jan 1787Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I25464
10 LOCKRIDGE, Robert  Abt 1787Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I25465
11 LOCKRIDGE, William  Abt 1790Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I25466
12 McCLINTIC, Ann  1 May 1779Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40770
13 McCLINTIC, Jane  25 Jan 1785Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40771
14 McCLINTIC, Margaret  9 Oct 1784Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40772
15 McCLINTIC, Mary  1776Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40769
16 McCLINTIC, William  Abt 1775Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40768
17 PEERY, Hester Ann  15 May 1843Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I31275
18 PRICE, James  18 Mar 1792Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40795
19 SHANKLIN, Jane  Abt 1772Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I41458
20 SHANKLIN, Susannah  1779Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I41457


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Thomas  7 May 1857Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40821
2 CALLISON, Isaac  Abt Oct 1836Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40813
3 CAVENDISH, William Hunter Jr.  Bef 30 Apr 1794Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40826
4 DICKINSON, Abigail  7 Nov 1820Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40825
5 GILKESON, Isaac  9 Jul 1839Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I41446
6 GILKISON, John Sr.  Aft 1782Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I41518
7 LEONARD, Mary Griffin  3 Jul 1858Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40796
8 LOCKRIDGE, William  Aft 1793Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I25450
9 MANN, Jane  14 Feb 1855Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40765
10 McCLINTIC, Ann  16 Oct 1856Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40770
11 McCLINTIC, Jane Mann  10 Dec 1832Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40781
12 McCLINTIC, Joseph  13 Jan 1854Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40788
13 McCLINTIC, Margaret  31 Aug 1854Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40772
14 McCLINTIC, Moses  8 Aug 1856Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40782
15 McCLINTIC, Robert  21 Jul 1845Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40760
16 McCLINTIC, William  30 Nov 1874Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40775
17 McCLINTICK, Joseph  17 Nov 1837Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40755
18 McCLUNG, William  18 Jan 1833Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40824
19 McCLURE, David  11 Sep 1842Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40853
20 MURPHY, Jane  1800Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40811
21 SCOTT, James  13 Dec 1836Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40778
22 SHANKLIN, Susannah  29 May 1847Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I41457
23 SHEAVES, John Thomas  Nov 1861Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I16435
24 TINCHER, Samuel  Abt 1791Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I10284


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEARD, John F.  Abt 1799Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40793


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 CALLISON, Isaac  Oct 1836Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40813
2 McCOY, James  21 Nov 1780Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] I40808


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROWN / CAVENDISH  11 Mar 1804Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17504
2 CALLISON / CAVENDISH  25 Aug 1792Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17500
3 CAVENDISH / McCLUNG  27 Apr 1809Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17505
4 CAVENDISH / McCOY  6 Feb 1794Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17508
5 CAVENDISH / MURPHY  13 Jun 1780Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17497
6 GILKESON / SHANKLIN  1 Mar 1798Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17790
7 GILKESON / SHANKLIN  3 Feb 1801Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17789
8 GILKISON / CURRENS  9 Sep 1783Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17825
9 HANDLY / McCLINTIC  7 Nov 1816Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17481
10 HODGE / McCLINTIC  11 Oct 1826Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17483
11 KNIGHT / CAVENDISH  25 Nov 1802Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17501
12 LOCKRIDGE / LINDSAY  10 Apr 1778Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F11117
13 MARSHALL / GILKESON  8 Mar 1787Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17794
14 McCLINTIC / BEARD  1 Nov 1819Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17489
15 McCLINTIC / BEARD  22 Oct 1820Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17487
16 McCLINTIC / HANNA  2 Apr 1801Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17478
17 McCLINTIC / MATTHEWS  4 Oct 1832Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17493
18 McCLINTIC / McCLINTIC  10 Apr 1807Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17479
19 McCLINTIC / PRICE  30 Jul 1817Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17488
20 McCLUNG / CAVENDISH  1 May 1804Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17502
21 PRICE / McCLINTIC  16 May 1816Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17491
22 SHEAVES / GABBERT  19 Nov 1844Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F7358
23 SHEAVES / HICKMAN  26 Oct 1809Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F7361
24 VANCE / GILKESON  1792Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17793
25 WALKER / McCOY  23 Aug 1797Greenbrier County, VA [now WV] F17509