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Essex County, VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BATES, Katy  15 Feb 1753Essex County, VA I6756
2 CATLETT, Rebecca  Abt 1700Essex County, VA I14360
3 DUDLEY, Elizabeth  Abt 1697Essex County, VA I30709
4 EDMONDSON, Bryant  Abt 1672Essex County, VA I30705
5 HAILE, Francis  Abt 1706Essex County, VA I30596
6 HAILE, Richard  Essex County, VA I30819
7 HAILE, Thomas  Abt 1746Essex County, VA I30747
8 HAILE, Wheeler  Abt 1763Essex County, VA I30757
9 HODGES, James L.  1758Essex County, VA I17014
10 HODGES, John  1765Essex County, VA I26827
11 HODGES, Richard Jr.  1756Essex County, VA I17015
12 HODGES, Sarah  Abt 1765Essex County, VA I17108
13 HODGES, William Sr.  Abt 1764Essex County, VA I17016
14 MEADOR, Adara  Abt 1716Essex County, VA I30597
15 MEADOR, Dinah Esther  Abt 1696Essex County, VA I27140
16 NORTH, Mary  1686Essex County, VA I13219
17 PARKS, Charles Sr.  Abt 1714Essex County, VA I23143
18 PARKS, Elizabeth  1724Essex County, VA I23144
19 PARKS, John Sr.  18 May 1706Essex County, VA I23139
20 PARKS, Martha  Abt 1710Essex County, VA I23140
21 PARKS, Mary  Abt 1715Essex County, VA I23142
22 PARKS, Samuel Sr.  Between 1710 and 1712Essex County, VA I23141
23 PARKS, Thomas Jr.  Between 1720 and 1725Essex County, VA I23126
24 RUTHERFORD, John  Abt 1689Essex County, VA I18883
25 TALIAFERRO, Elizabeth  1695Essex County, VA I14350
26 TRIBBLE, George  Abt 1698Essex County, VA I27139


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (COPELAND), Mary  Abt 1696Essex County, VA I30836
2 ALDIN, Mary  18 Jun 1734Essex County, VA I42376
3 BAKER, Joseph  Bef 10 Nov 1720Essex County, VA I30728
4 BOUGHAN, Henry Sr.  1738Essex County, VA I30715
5 BROWN, Daniel  Bef 10 Sep 1708Essex County, VA I30717
6 BROWN, Henry  Bef 16 Apr 1734Essex County, VA I30825
7 BROWN, Mary  Bef 20 Mar 1753Essex County, VA I30831
8 COFFEY, Edward Sr.  Bef 20 Nov 1716Essex County, VA I42096
9 COPELAND, Jane  Bef 20 Sep 1727Essex County, VA I30718
10 COPELAND, Nicholas  Bef 17 May 1720Essex County, VA I30834
11 DIX, William  Bef 15 Apr 1746Essex County, VA I30724
12 DUDLEY, Richard  Bef 16 Jul 1717Essex County, VA I30730
13 FARGUSON, John  Bef 16 Apr 1770Essex County, VA I30721
14 FULLERTON, James  Bef 13 May 1714Essex County, VA I30711
15 FULLERTON, Mary  Abt 1753Essex County, VA I30699
16 GATEWOOD, John Sr.  Bef 10 Jan 1707Essex County, VA I30726
17 GATEWOOD, Thomas  Abt 1748Essex County, VA I30708
18 GREENHILL, James  Bef 21 Jul 1741Essex County, VA I30710
19 HAILE, John Sr.  Bef 16 Oct 1744Essex County, VA I30698
20 HAILE, Richard  Bef 10 Jul 1703Essex County, VA I30819
21 HAILE, Richard Thomas  Between 18 Sep 1789 and 20 Oct 1795Essex County, VA I30749
22 HARRISON, Andrew Sr.  Bef 18 Nov 1718Essex County, VA I14600
23 JONES, Richard  Bef 10 Jan 1757Essex County, VA I17020
24 MAGRAH, Amy  Bef 14 Jun 1745Essex County, VA I30727
25 MEADOR, Richard  Abt 1716Essex County, VA I30598
26 MOSS, Anne  Abt 1719Essex County, VA I30599
27 NALLE, Martin  Bef 20 Aug 1728Essex County, VA I42375
28 POWELL, Ann  Bef 18 Dec 1744Essex County, VA I42097
29 RUTHERFORD, John  Bef 15 Mar 1742Essex County, VA I30912
30 RUTHERFORD, Robert Jr.  Bef 15 Mar 1725Essex County, VA I18885
31 WEBB, James  15 Jan 1717Essex County, VA I30714


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 PARKS, John Sr.  18 May 1708Essex County, VA I23139


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Codicil    Person ID 
1 HAILE, Richard Thomas  18 Sep 1789Essex County, VA I30749


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Daniel  10 Sep 1708Essex County, VA I30717
2 BROWN, Henry  16 Apr 1734Essex County, VA I30825
3 COFFEY, Edward Sr.  20 Nov 1716Essex County, VA I42096
4 COPELAND, Jane  20 Sep 1727Essex County, VA I30718
5 COPELAND, Nicholas  17 May 1720Essex County, VA I30834
6 DIX, William  15 Apr 1746Essex County, VA I30724
7 DUDLEY, Richard  16 Jul 1717Essex County, VA I30730
8 FARGUSON, John  16 Apr 1770Essex County, VA I30721
9 FULLERTON, James  13 May 1714Essex County, VA I30711
10 GATEWOOD, John Sr.  10 Jan 1707Essex County, VA I30726
11 GREENHILL, James  21 Jul 1741Essex County, VA I30710
12 HAILE, John Sr.  16 Oct 1744Essex County, VA I30698
13 HAILE, Richard Thomas  20 Oct 1795Essex County, VA I30749
14 HARRISON, Andrew Sr.  18 Nov 1718Essex County, VA I14600
15 JONES, Richard  10 Jan 1757Essex County, VA I17020
16 MAGRAH, Amy  14 Jun 1745Essex County, VA I30727
17 NALLE, Martin  20 Aug 1728Essex County, VA I42375
18 PICKERING, William  18 Mar 1765Essex County, VA I32057
19 POWELL, Ann  18 Dec 1744Essex County, VA I42097
20 RUTHERFORD, John  15 Mar 1742Essex County, VA I30912
21 WEBB, James  15 Jan 1717Essex County, VA I30714


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Joseph  20 Sep 1720Essex County, VA I30728
2 BROWN, Henry  13 Sep 1733Essex County, VA I30825
3 COFFEY, Edward Sr.  14 Feb 1716Essex County, VA I42096
4 COPELAND, Jane  2 Apr 1727Essex County, VA I30718
5 COPELAND, Nicholas  9 Oct 1712Essex County, VA I30834
6 DIX, William  3 Feb 1745Essex County, VA I30724
7 FARGUSON, John  22 Apr 1769Essex County, VA I30721
8 FULLERTON, James  10 Dec 1713Essex County, VA I30711
9 GATEWOOD, John Sr.  14 Nov 1706Essex County, VA I30726
10 HAILE, John Sr.  17 Aug 1744Essex County, VA I30698
11 HAILE, Richard Thomas  14 Nov 1787Essex County, VA I30749
12 HARRISON, Andrew Sr.  28 Apr 1718Essex County, VA I14600
13 JONES, Richard  7 Apr 1755Essex County, VA I17020
14 MAGRAH, Amy  4 Apr 1744Essex County, VA I30727
15 POWELL, Ann  30 Oct 1744Essex County, VA I42097
16 RUTHERFORD, John  15 Jan 1742Essex County, VA I30912
17 WEBB, James  30 Nov 1716Essex County, VA I30714


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAKER / MAGRAH  Abt 1710Essex County, VA F13364
2 COFFEY / POWELL  1700Essex County, VA F18118
3 COPELAND / (COPELAND)  Abt 1695Essex County, VA F13414
4 COPELAND / (COPELAND)  Abt 1699Essex County, VA F13415
5 GATEWOOD / DUDLEY  Bef 10 Dec 1716Essex County, VA F13352
6 HAILE / FULLERTON  Abt 1698Essex County, VA F13345
7 HODGES / JONES  1 Jan 1741Essex County, VA F7604
8 WEBB / PICKETT  Bef 13 Jan 1715Essex County, VA F13355