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Eastbourne, Sussex, England


Latitude: 50.8, Longitude: 0.25


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MARCHANT, Ann  Bef 15 Sep 1801Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33780
2 MARCHANT, Charles  Bef 3 May 1816Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33785
3 MARCHANT, Charles  2 Jul 1840Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33798
4 MARCHANT, Edward  Bef 24 Mar 1807Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33783
5 MARCHANT, Elizabeth  Bef 17 Jul 1794Eastbourne, Sussex, England I31799
6 MARCHANT, George  Bef 3 Jan 1809Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33784
7 MARCHANT, Henry  1839Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33797
8 MARCHANT, James  Bef 29 Nov 1796Eastbourne, Sussex, England I31800
9 MARCHANT, James  17 Feb 1834Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33795
10 MARCHANT, John  Bef 30 Oct 1799Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33779
11 MARCHANT, Mary  Bef 24 Oct 1805Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33782
12 MARCHANT, Mary Anne  1836Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33796
13 MARCHANT, Sarah  Bef 10 Dec 1795Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33777
14 MARCHANT, Thomas Relfe  Bef 4 Mar 1798Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33778
15 MARCHANT, William  Bef 6 Nov 1803Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33781
16 MARCHANT, William S. J.  1843Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33799


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 MARCHANT, Ann  15 Sep 1801Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33780
2 MARCHANT, Charles  3 May 1816Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33785
3 MARCHANT, Edward  24 Mar 1807Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33783
4 MARCHANT, Elizabeth  17 Jul 1794Eastbourne, Sussex, England I31799
5 MARCHANT, James  29 Nov 1796Eastbourne, Sussex, England I31800
6 MARCHANT, John  30 Oct 1799Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33779
7 MARCHANT, Mary  24 Oct 1805Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33782
8 MARCHANT, Sarah  10 Dec 1795Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33777
9 MARCHANT, Thomas Relfe  4 Mar 1798Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33778
10 MARCHANT, William  6 Nov 1803Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33781


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FROST, Edmund  10 Dec 1921Eastbourne, Sussex, England I28402
2 LYNN, Mary  8 Apr 1878Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33786
3 MARCHANT, Charles  30 Sep 1834Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33785
4 MARCHANT, Elizabeth  18 May 1834Eastbourne, Sussex, England I31799
5 MARCHANT, Ellen  1870Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33800
6 MARCHANT, Henry  1910Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33797
7 MARCHANT, James  22 Aug 1852Eastbourne, Sussex, England I31797
8 MARCHANT, John  9 Sep 1866Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33779
9 MARCHANT, John Lynn  22 Sep 1833Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33794
10 MARCHANT, Mary Anne  1925Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33796
11 RELFE, Elizabeth  22 Apr 1858Eastbourne, Sussex, England I31798