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Chester County, SC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BECKHAM, Caswell G. L.  1805Chester County, SC I37994
2 BECKHAM, James Henry  1804Chester County, SC I37993
3 BECKHAM, William C.  1802Chester County, SC I37992
4 GILCHRIST, Anna  7 Apr 1812Chester County, SC I31064
5 GILCHRIST, Ferdinand Vardaman  1801Chester County, SC I31066
6 GILCHRIST, John R.  1805Chester County, SC I31062
7 GILCHRIST, Nancy Harriet  1823Chester County, SC I31068
8 GILCHRIST, Thomas Ensley  6 Jun 1823Chester County, SC I31070
9 GILCHRIST, William  1821Chester County, SC I31067
10 GREEN, Franklin E.  27 Jan 1943Chester County, SC I42233
11 GREEN, Robert C.  14 Aug 1944Chester County, SC I42234
12 HILL, Mary Bowles Glenn  Abt 1798Chester County, SC I4815
13 McCAMMON, John  Apr 1779Chester County, SC I31596
14 McWATERS, Lillian Gertrude  22 Jan 1927Chester County, SC I42217
15 McWATTERS, Melvin Lee  24 Oct 1930Chester County, SC I42222
16 RODEN, Mary  Abt 1775Chester County, SC I31061
17 SMITH, Charles G. Jr.  19 Nov 1929Chester County, SC I42221
18 SMITH, Dexter Eugene  29 Jan 1947Chester County, SC I42232
19 SMITH, Teresa  14 Sep 1949Chester County, SC I42235
20 STARNES, Betty Jean  16 May 1931Chester County, SC I42210
21 STARNES, Grady Ambrose  27 Nov 1932Chester County, SC I42211
22 STARNES, John Jr.  1787Chester County, SC I34903
23 STARNES, Lloyd Purcel  21 Sep 1918Chester County, SC I42204
24 STARNES, Loyd Lever Jr.  12 Nov 1924Chester County, SC I42207
25 STARNES, Nellie  20 Oct 1922Chester County, SC I42206
26 STARNES, Ollie Lillian  12 Dec 1926Chester County, SC I42208
27 STARNES, Peter  1 Jun 1781Chester County, SC I34902
28 STARNES, Ruby Lee  8 May 1929Chester County, SC I42209
29 WRIGHT, Rufus W.  10 Jun 1809Chester County, SC I31065


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BECKHAM, Benjamin Sr.  25 Oct 1817Chester County, SC I37979
2 GIBSON, Ruby Lee  Aug 1993Chester County, SC I42219
3 GREEN, Robert C.  19 Sep 1996Chester County, SC I42234
4 McWATERS, Lillian Gertrude  1 Jun 2014Chester County, SC I42217
5 McWATTERS, Melvin Lee  3 Apr 1969Chester County, SC I42222
6 POTTS, Sarah Elizabeth  28 Jan 1799Chester County, SC I31075
7 RODEN, John  6 Oct 1821Chester County, SC I31074
8 RODEN, Mary  Bef 12 Oct 1850Chester County, SC I31061
9 ROOF, John Thomas  4 May 2008Chester County, SC I42214
10 SMITH, Dexter Eugene  28 Apr 2005Chester County, SC I42232
11 STARNES, Grady Ambrose  7 Sep 2003Chester County, SC I42211
12 STARNES, Lloyd Purcel  15 Jun 1997Chester County, SC I42204
13 STARNES, Loyd Lever Sr.  9 May 1951Chester County, SC I42174
14 STARNES, Loyd Lever Jr.  19 Dec 1987Chester County, SC I42207
15 STARNES, Nellie  11 Feb 2011Chester County, SC I42206
16 STARNES, Ollie Lillian  9 Jun 1992Chester County, SC I42208
17 STARNES, Rosabell  12 Oct 2006Chester County, SC I42205
18 STARNES, Ruby Lee  16 Oct 2013Chester County, SC I42209


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 RODEN, John  10 Oct 1821Chester County, SC I31074


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 RODEN, John  1 May 1820Chester County, SC I31074


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HENDERSON / FROST  Chester County, SC F16625
2 JOHNS / HILL  Aft 1824Chester County, SC F2722
3 McWATTERS / STARNES  18 Sep 1948Chester County, SC F18178