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Berkeley County, VA [now WV]



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BENTLEY, Isaac  1804Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I25580
2 BENTLEY, William  Abt 1802Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I25590
3 COFFINBERRY, George Lewis III  15 Mar 1795Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I41548
4 COFFINBERRY, Nancy  13 May 1793Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I41551
5 COFFINBERRY, Sarah  20 Jun 1791Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I41543
6 DUNHAM, Jacob  1 Jun 1795Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I23451
7 DUNHAM, Jacob Mackey  Nov 1825Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I23432
8 EVANS, Mary  22 Oct 1774Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26059
9 EVANS, Rosanna  1778Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I25583
10 FROST, Hannah  23 Dec 1751Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I260
11 HOOVER, Polly  3 Feb 1787Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I9288
12 HOPWOOD, Nancy  22 Apr 1782Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I25893
13 HOUSMAN, Christian  17 Apr 1772Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I18733
14 HOUSMAN, David Jr.  30 Dec 1776Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I18734
15 LEE, John  26 Jul 1767Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I16337
16 LINDSEY, John J. III  27 Nov 1809Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I9459
17 LINDSEY, Jonas Hoover  23 Sep 1814Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I9460
18 MOODY, Ann  Abt 1781Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I29565
19 VAN METER, Jacob  12 Mar 1796Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26064
20 VAN METRE, Isaac Jr.  3 May 1804Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26068
21 VAN METRE, John Evans  4 May 1794Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26065
22 VAN METRE, Josina Alida  6 Oct 1806Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26077
23 VAN METRE, Mary  Abt 1779Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26042
24 VAN METRE, Mary  7 Mar 1820Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26073


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROOKS, Priscilla  1787Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I31709
2 DUNHAM, Samuel  18 Feb 1824Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I23486
3 EVANS, Isabella  28 Jun 1817Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26035
4 EVANS, John II  Between 17 Mar 1798 and 26 Jan 1801Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26021
5 GARRETSON, Catherine  16 May 1773Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I9933
6 HOUSMAN, David  Bef 16 Sep 1794Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I18725
7 McCORMICK, James  Apr 1803Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I14545
8 MENDENHALL, John III  Bef 15 Jun 1773Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I7109
9 MORGAN, Evan  25 Nov 1791Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I9940
10 MORGAN, Morgan Jr.  20 Oct 1797Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I9942
11 ROBERTS, Martha  Bef 21 Dec 1780Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26036
12 SEAMAN, John  Bef 21 Oct 1783Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I10130
13 SEAMAN, Jonathan  Bef 15 Mar 1785Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I10129
14 SEAMAN, Phebe  Aft 19 Jan 1805Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I10127
15 THROCKMORTON, Rebecca  Bef 3 Nov 1791Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I18758
16 VAN METER, Abraham  Bef 18 Nov 1783Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26024
17 VAN METRE, Isaac  15 Jan 1828Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26045
18 VAN METRE, Isaac Jr.  12 Feb 1831Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26068
19 VAN METRE, Jacob  20 Oct 1806Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26023
20 VAN METRE, Johannes Jr.  26 Sep 1818Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26078
21 VAN METRE, Mary  18 Mar 1839Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26073
22 WRIGHT, Martha  28 Dec 1794Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I7108


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DUNHAM, Jacob  1 Aug 1794Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I23451
2 FROST, Hannah  22 Dec 1751Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I260


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 EVANS, John II  12 Dec 1800Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26021


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 HOUSMAN, David  16 Sep 1794Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I18725
2 MARCHANT, William  18 Jun 1772Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I31703
3 MENDENHALL, John III  15 Jun 1773Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I7109
4 SEAMAN, John  21 Oct 1783Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I10130
5 SEAMAN, Jonathan  15 Mar 1785Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I10129
6 SEAMAN, Phebe  1807Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I10127
7 VAN METER, Abraham  18 Nov 1783Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26024
8 VAN METRE, Johannes Jr.  12 Oct 1818Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26078


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 SEAMAN, John  10 Feb 1780Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I10130
2 SEAMAN, Jonathan  6 Sep 1777Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I10129
3 SEAMAN, Phebe  19 Jan 1805Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I10127
4 VAN METER, Abraham  21 Dec 1780Berkeley County, VA [now WV] I26024


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BENTLEY / EVANS  12 Aug 1795Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F11172
2 BENTLEY / MUCK  22 Jul 1792Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F11405
3 CHENOWETH / BARNES  19 Feb 1803Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F26732
4 COFFINBERRY / KLEIN  5 Dec 1785Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F17839
5 DUNHAM / GOODNIGHT  21 Oct 1819Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F10347
6 EVANS / VAN METRE  26 Jan 1797Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F11372
7 FIGG / LINDSEY  5 Nov 1801Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F4448
8 FROST / (FROST)  Abt 1782Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F752
9 HOUSMAN / BURG  21 Mar 1797Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F8359
10 HOUSMAN / RIHERD  18 Mar 1794Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F8357
11 HOUSMAN / RIHERD  11 Jun 1795Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F8358
12 LINDSEY / HOOVER  27 Dec 1803Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F4451
13 SHIRLEY / HIATT  Abt 1793Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F4753
14 STARN / BUNNER  18 Jul 1786Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F26295
15 VAN METRE / EVANS  19 Jan 1793Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F11378
16 VAN METRE / VAN METRE  24 Jan 1822Berkeley County, VA [now WV] F11383