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Monongalia County, VA [now WV]



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHIPPS, Cynthia  Abt 1830Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13763
2 CHIPPS, David  Abt 1852Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13772
3 CHIPPS, Forbes Britton  Abt 1805Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13757
4 CHIPPS, Jacob  Abt 1836Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13765
5 CHIPPS, James  Abt 1847Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13770
6 CHIPPS, John  Abt 1834Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13764
7 CHIPPS, Josiah  Abt 1840Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13766
8 CHIPPS, Judah  Sep 1837Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I970
9 CHIPPS, Matilda  Abt 1849Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13771
10 CHIPPS, Narcissus  Abt 1844Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13768
11 CHIPPS, Phebe  Abt 1842Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13767
12 CHIPPS, Sarah A.  Abt 1846Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13769
13 CHIPPS, William  Abt 1776Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13759
14 DOOLITTLE, Elizabeth  Abt 1791Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13610
15 JENKINS, Catherine  Abt 1786Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13620
16 LINCH, Abraham  Abt 1786Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13621
17 LINCH, Elizabeth  Between 1804 and 1806Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I14522
18 LINCH, James  Abt 1805Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13626
19 LINCH, John Lincoln  Abt 1793Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13606
20 LINCH, Mary  Abt 1792Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13649
21 LINCH, Nancy  Abt 1798Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13645
22 LINCH, Pierce  Abt 1797Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13607
23 LINCH, Rachel  Abt 1790Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13639
24 LINCH, Rhoda  Abt 1796Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13666
25 LINCH, Sarah  10 Nov 1799Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13643
26 LOUGH, Eleanor  Abt 1799Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13618
27 LOUGH, Thomas Sr.  Abt 1799Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I14513
28 MILLER, Susanna  Abt 1773Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13676
29 NEELEY, Sarah  Between 1780 and 1790Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I14521
30 NEWBROUGH, Nancy  8 May 1813Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13651
31 NEWBROUGH, Sarah  Abt 1815Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13652
32 NEWBROUGH, Vachel  Abt 1811Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13655
33 PAYNE, Francis Thomas  19 Aug 1794Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I23467
34 SCOTT, Rachel  Abt 1813Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13758
35 TIBBS, Stansbury  Abt 1825Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13773
36 WELLS, Asenath  Abt 1802Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13690
37 WELLS, Augustine Jr.  Abt 1791Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13685
38 WELLS, Ephriam  Abt 1794Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13686
39 WELLS, Hezekiah  Abt 1788Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I963
40 WELLS, John B.  Abt 1796Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13687
41 WELLS, Lucy  Abt 1801Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13689
42 WELLS, Martha  Abt 1784Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I964
43 WELLS, Moses Doolittle  Abt 1798Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13688
44 WELLS, Sarah  Abt 1786Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13612
45 WELLS, Thomas  Abt 1792Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13611


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (SCOTT), Rachel  1816Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13788
2 CHIPPS, John  Abt 1852Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13764
3 CHIPPS, Thomas  Bef 5 May 1801Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13761
4 CLELLAND?, Anne  Aft 1870Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I14518
5 DICKERSON, Temperance  1822Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I31927
6 DOOLITTLE, Lucy Elizabeth  19 Mar 1848Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13679
7 DOOLITTLE, Moses Sr.  Bef 20 Apr 1820Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13674
8 DRAGOO, William  1824Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I31926
9 HAYHURST, Sarah  7 Nov 1856Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13662
10 LINCH, John  Bef 9 Jul 1819Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13614
11 LINCH, Patrick  9 Dec 1805Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13622
12 LINCH, William  Sep 1859Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13616
13 LOUGH, James  Between 1821 and 1828Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I14508
14 LOUGH, John Sr.  Mar 1816Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13634
15 LOUGH, John Jr.  1 Jul 1842Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I14507
16 LOUGH, Joseph  6 Nov 1850Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I14506
17 MILLER, Susanna  Abt 1820Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13676
18 PIERCE, Nancy  Aft 1 Oct 1850Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13615
19 SCOTT, David  13 Mar 1846Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13787
20 SCOTT, James  Jan 1781Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13779
21 SCOTT, Mary  Abt Jul 1820Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I13678
22 WILEY, Jane  30 Apr 1866Monongalia County, VA [now WV] I14517


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CHIPPS / SCOTT  2 Jan 1796Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6211
2 CHIPPS / SCOTT  Bef 1830Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6210
3 DOOLITTLE / MILLER  Abt 1788Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6174
4 DOOLITTLE / RIGGS  Abt 1825Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6175
5 HOSKINSON / WELLS  16 Aug 1799Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F1160
6 LINCH / JENKINS  13 Dec 1804Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6143
7 LOUGH / BASNETT  Bef 1830Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6560
8 LOUGH / BRAND  28 Dec 1808Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6558
9 LOUGH / LINCH  Bef 1816Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6565
10 LOUGH / LINCH  26 May 1816Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6154
11 LOUGH / NEELEY  20 May 1813Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6564
12 MILLER / WELLS  5 Jan 1828Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6179
13 NEWBROUGH / LINCH  Abt 1812Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6158
14 NEWBROUGH / YOUST  27 Oct 1808Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6165
15 SCOTT / (SCOTT)  Bef 1790Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6226
16 WELLS / DOOLITTLE  Abt 1783Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6177
17 WELLS / DOOLITTLE  22 May 1813Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6138
18 WELLS / WILSON  25 Sep 1814Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6180
19 WILEY / LOUGH  5 Jan 1807Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6566
20 WILSON / LINCH  27 Oct 1803Monongalia County, VA [now WV] F6152