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Middlesex County, NJ



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATCHLEY, Abraham  25 Oct 1759Middlesex County, NJ I39291
2 ATCHLEY, Daniel  Middlesex County, NJ I39289
3 ATCHLEY, Joseph I  1747Middlesex County, NJ I39290
4 ATCHLEY, Joshua I  Middlesex County, NJ I39286
5 ATCHLEY, Martin  Middlesex County, NJ I39284
6 ATCHLEY, Mary I  1747Middlesex County, NJ I39288
7 ATCHLEY, Thomas I  3 May 1755Middlesex County, NJ I22351
8 BUCKALEW, Samuel  1696Middlesex County, NJ I12586
9 DEY, William H.  1 Mar 1821Middlesex County, NJ I29338
10 HORN, Hannah  Abt 1723Middlesex County, NJ I8844
11 MILLEN, Jane Hosack  Abt 1804Middlesex County, NJ I45354
12 RAPPLEYE, Sarah  Bef 7 Apr 1754Middlesex County, NJ I12072
13 SEBRING, Annetje  Bef 28 Apr 1708Middlesex County, NJ I12001
14 VAN CLEAVE, William Sr.  1743Middlesex County, NJ I8703


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 APPLEGATE, John  Abt 1747Middlesex County, NJ I5156
2 APPLEGATE, Thomas Sr.  1662Middlesex County, NJ I5155
3 BOICE, John  Between 8 and 22 May 1797Middlesex County, NJ I12062
4 DRAKE, Francis  24 Sep 1687Middlesex County, NJ I12262
5 PROBASCO, John  23 Mar 1789Middlesex County, NJ I21441
6 VAN HORNE, Jacobus  Bef 20 Apr 1761Middlesex County, NJ I20473


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 BLOOMFIELD, Benjamin  15 Jun 1772Middlesex County, NJ I21510
2 BLOOMFIELD, Ezekiel  25 Feb 1703Middlesex County, NJ I21511
3 BLOOMFIELD, Thomas  5 Mar 1686Middlesex County, NJ I12368
4 CARHART, Thomas  26 Mar 1696Middlesex County, NJ I29807
5 DUNN, Hugh Sr.  10 Dec 1694Middlesex County, NJ I12251
6 FARMAR, Thomas  10 Jun 1752Middlesex County, NJ I21037
7 FITZ RANDOLPH, Benjamin  27 Nov 1746Middlesex County, NJ I12346
8 FITZ RANDOLPH, John  19 Jun 1727Middlesex County, NJ I5127
9 FITZ RANDOLPH, Joseph  18 Jan 1727Middlesex County, NJ I12342
10 FITZ RANDOLPH, Nathaniel  12 May 1714Middlesex County, NJ I5129
11 FITZ RANDOLPH, Thomas  25 Oct 1745Middlesex County, NJ I12344
12 FRENCH, John Sr.  20 Mar 1713Middlesex County, NJ I8648
13 FRENCH, William Sr.  Bef 27 Feb 1784Middlesex County, NJ I8842
14 FRENCH, William Jr.  Nov 1812Middlesex County, NJ I12060
15 FROST, William  1 Dec 1720Middlesex County, NJ I5256
16 GORDON, Thomas  11 May 1722Middlesex County, NJ I29811
17 MUDIE, David  12 Mar 1696Middlesex County, NJ I29817
18 MUDIE, Janet  12 Jan 1745Middlesex County, NJ I29812
19 PIKE, John  20 Jan 1690Middlesex County, NJ I5132
20 VAN HORNE, Andries  19 Jan 1747Middlesex County, NJ I20471
21 VAN HORNE, Andries  14 Jun 1763Middlesex County, NJ I20471
22 VAN HORNE, Jacobus  20 Apr 1761Middlesex County, NJ I20473
23 VAN HORNE, John  22 Nov 1737Middlesex County, NJ I19632
24 WORTH, Joseph Sr.  30 Nov 1726Middlesex County, NJ I12083
25 WORTH, Richard  1 Mar 1692Middlesex County, NJ I12113


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 BLOOMFIELD, Ezekiel  12 Jan 1703Middlesex County, NJ I21511
2 DUNN, Hugh Sr.  7 Oct 1691Middlesex County, NJ I12251
3 FITZ RANDOLPH, Benjamin  13 Jul 1793Middlesex County, NJ I12346
4 FITZ RANDOLPH, Joseph  1 Mar 1720Middlesex County, NJ I12342
5 FITZ RANDOLPH, Nathaniel  5 May 1713Middlesex County, NJ I5129
6 FITZ RANDOLPH, Thomas  24 Jul 1745Middlesex County, NJ I12344
7 FRENCH, John Sr.  31 Jan 1712Middlesex County, NJ I8648
8 FRENCH, William Sr.  13 Apr 1776Middlesex County, NJ I8842
9 GILES, James  17 Jun 1688Middlesex County, NJ I12045
10 NOE, John  23 Apr 1751Middlesex County, NJ I8778
11 PIKE, John  24 Jan 1689Middlesex County, NJ I5132
12 VAN HORNE, Jacobus  29 Oct 1760Middlesex County, NJ I20473
13 WORTH, Joseph Sr.  24 Jul 1724Middlesex County, NJ I12083
14 WORTH, Richard  1 Feb 1692Middlesex County, NJ I12113


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FRENCH / SEBRING  28 Dec 1742Middlesex County, NJ F5503