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Lindsay OPIE, Jr.

Male 1740 - Bef 1786  (< 46 years)

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  • Name Lindsay OPIE 
    Suffix Jr. 
    Born 11 Jan 1740 
    Gender Male 
    Will 12 Jan 1786 
    Died Bef 15 Mar 1786 
    Probate 15 Mar 1786 
    • (1) Virginia Family Histories #1, pre-1600 to 1900s [database online],

      Genealogies of Virginia Families IV, He-S, The Opie Family of Northumberland Co., Virginia, pp. 579-583:

      Lindsay4 Opie, b. 11 Jan., 1740; m. (1) Elizabeth Nelms and (2) Elizabeth McAdams [sic; should be McAdam]; d. 1785. In 1755, Lindsay Opie made choice of Samuel Eskridge for his guardian (Northumberland Co. Orders 1753-1756, p. 284). In 1761, he was possessed of his estate.

      Lindsay Opie and Elizabeth Nelms were married in Northumberland Co. 24 Oct., 1761 (47 Virginia Magazine 41). Elizabeth Nelms was the daughter of William Nelms. The Nelmses and the Downings of Northumberland Co. have intermarried several times, so that a history of the Nelmses inevitably involves the Downings. Following the able work of Mrs. O. A. Keach (25 Wm. & Mary, 1st Ser., 44ff), the Downing line of which we are most interested is that of Samuel3 Downing (John2, William1) who married Elizabeth Saunders, Elizabeth Saunders was the daughter of Ebenezer and Elizabeth Saunders; Mrs. Elizabeth Saunders was the daughter of Peter Presley; Elizabeth (Presly) Saunders married secondly John Cottrell. Samuel3 and Elizabeth (Saunders) Downing had issue: (1) William4 Downing, who married Winifred Nelms, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Nelms. The will of William4 Downing was dated 9 June, 1741 and proved 9 Nov., 1741: names his wife Winifred, sons Samuel and William, and appoints his wife and father-in-law, Samuel Nelms, as executors. At this point, Mrs. Keach makes a difficult error, although, in checking her account, it was found that she is usually accurate. In stating the relationship of John3 Downing and Samuel3 Downing, she says that Elizabeth, widow of Samuel Downing m. Samuel Nelms; whereas the text should read that she m. Charles Nelms, as she correctly had stated on the preceding page. Yet, Samuel Nelms must have had a wife Elizabeth, and from the notices of her, she could easily have been a Downing. To correctly place every Elizabeth Nelms is certainly a major problem for any student of that family, for so many of the wives have the Christian name of Elizabeth. The will of Elizabeth Nelms, as given by Mrs. Keach, should be amplified; it was proved in Northumberland Co. 9 March, 1761: she names her sons William and Samuel Nelms, and grandsons William Downing, William Nelms, and William Lancaster; also one whom Mrs. Keach describes as Elizabeth, Jr., (Northumberland Co. Records, Book # 5, p. 341). The will of her son Samuel Nelms was dated 3 Dec., 1759 and proved 9 Feb., 1761: he names his wife Elizabeth Nelms, nephew William Downing, and "Elizabeth Nelms Hannah Shapleigh Nelms children of my brother Wm. Nelms. . . ." The will of Elizabeth Nelms, wife of Samuel Nelms, was dated 3 July, 1779: "Joseph Lancaster, Son of my nephew William Lancaster (Deceas'd) . . . ;" "to Sarah Opie daughter of my niece Elizabeth Opie dec'd . . . ," to Susanna Opie, Elizabeth Opie, "Dower land that I purchased of Mr. John Edmonds and Helen his wife . . . ," to Lindsay Opie, Thomas Opie, Hiram Opie, . . . . Considering only the Nelms family at this moment, it is apparent that Samuel and Elizabeth Nelms had issue: (1) Samuel2 Nelms, who married Elizabeth . . . but they had no issue; (2) William2, of whom later; (3) Winifred2 Nelms, who m. William4 Downing (Samuel3, John2, Wm1); there is a strong line of evidence which would lead to the conclusion that there was another daughter, probably (4) Elizabeth2, who married William Lancaster, son of Joseph Lancaster.

      The will of William Nelms was dated 27 June, 1751; he names his wife Anne; daughters Elizabeth and Hannah Shapleigh Nelms, and an unborn child; William Lancaster, and Brother Samuel Nelms. It seems evident that he had married twice: (1) to Elizabeth Downing, and (2) to Anne Jones. Mrs. Keach gives the evidence for the marriage to Elizabeth Downing. The evidence for the second is based on two facts: first, that the Christian name of the second wife is the one in the will; and secondly, Mrs. Keach, in her account of the Jones line of Northumberland Co. (23 Wm. & Mary, 1st Series, 261ff), furnishes the will of William Jones, 25 Nov. 1740: he names his daughters Leana and Ann Jones; Leanna m. Charles Lee, and her will is of 24 Jan., 1761, naming her sister Ann Cottrell, wife of Thomas Cottrell, and further explaining that Anne Jones married (1) William Nelms, and (2) Thomas Cottrell. She fails to identify William Nelms, but in her Downing account, she describes the marriage of Sarah Cottrell, daughter of Thomas Cottrell, to William5 Downing, son of William4 and Winifred (Nelms) Downing; so it is evident that Thomas Cottrell m. Anne Jones Nelms. She further gives the settlement of property of Ann Cottrell upon her Daughter Ann Cottrell. The close connection of Anne Jones Nelms-Cottrell to Lindsay Opie is shown by the following: ". . . Negros which Anne Cottrell dec'd held as her dower of William Nelms dec'd her former husband Equally divided between the said William Nelms and Thomas Opie. . . . " (Northumberland Co. Orders, 1773-1783).

      It is necessary to consider the line of the Lancasters of Northumberland Co. There has been a large family of Lancasters in Northumberland Co. since its beginning, and the chief source of details comes from St. Stephen's Parish register. The will of Joseph Lancaster of Northumberland Co. was dated 4 March, 1743/4 and proved 11 June, 1744: to Saml Moor; my Godson Jos Lancaster; "Son William Lancaster if in case my son Willm should die without an heir . . . ;" to John Lancaster, the Sone of my Cousin Richard Lancaster; my Godson William Downing; cousin Elizabeth Nelms; to Hannah Shapleigh Nelms; William Nelms Junr & Elizabeth Nelms be my whole and sole Executors." As far as we know, Joseph Lancaster had but one child, William Lancaster. William Lancaster m. Helen Hack. Helen, daughter of . . . Shepherd, m. (1) Tunstall Hack, (2) William Lancaster, and (3) John Edmonds, whom we have met before in the will of Elizabeth Nelms, 1779 (Northumberland Co. Mar., 47 Virginia Magazine 41ff). "Joseph Lancaster Son to William and Helen was born Feb'ry 7, 1761" (Northumberland Co., St. Stephen's Parish Register).

      The property which Samuel Nelms left to his nephews William Downing and his nieces Elizabeth and Hannah Nelms, and to his nephew William Nelms, was in Fauquier Co. An indenture of 12 Nov., 1773, between Lindsay Opie and Elizabeth his wife, and William Downing; Opie sold to Downing his share of his uncle's property. It was a tract given by Samuel Nelms to Hannah Shapleigh Nelms, Elizabeth Nelms and William Nelms by the last will of Samuel Nelms bearing date 3 December, 1759; Hannah Shapleigh Nelms intermarried with Joseph Blackwell, leaving two children, who died in infancy; her land descended to Elizabeth Opie, wife of Lindsay Opie, she being the surviving heir (Fauquier Co., # 5, p. 519).

      William Nelms had by his first wife, Elizabeth Downing, these children: (1) Elizabeth, who married Lindsay Opie; (2) Hannah Shapleigh, who married Joseph Blackwell; it is probable that William Nelms was a son of William and Anne Jones Nelms (for the marriages, 47 Virginia Magazine 41ff).

      Elizabeth Nelms is described in the Fauquier Co. deed referred to in the above account as unable to go to the Fauquier Court, and so she was examined privately for her consent to the deed. It is probable that she lived only a short time after this date of 1773. Lindsay Opie married sometime shortly after her death Elizabeth McAdam, daughter of Dr. Joseph McAdam and his wife Sarah Anne Gaskins (11 Wm. & Mary 1st Series, 279) of Northumberland Co.; Sarah Anne Gaskins was the widow of John Pinkard, and she m. (2) in July 1744 Dr. Joseph McAdam. The will of Dr. Joseph McAdam was dated 20 April, 1785 and proved in Northumberland Co. 9 Dec., 1788: "I Joseph McAdam of the County of Northumberland Physician and sergean . . ." . . . wife Sarah Ann; son George Thomas; Daughters Martha & Charlotte McAdam; "married Daughters Vizt Sarah C. Conway Janette Brown and Anne Keen . . ." grand Daughters Ann and Janette Opie . . . Lindsey Opie their father; Leroy Opie . . . my Daughter Elizabeth dec'd. . . . " It is important to notice that Lindsay Opie, the brother-in-law of Dr. Joseph McAdam, is living when the latter made his will on 20 April, 1785, and Elizabeth McAdam Opie is named as deceased (Northumberland Co. Records # 14, p. 212). George Thomas McAdam was guardian to Leroy Opie, 1795, and Leroy is described as under 21, which account strengthens our contention that Elizabeth Nelms must have died shortly after 1773. Thomas Parker was the guardian of Leroy Opie after the death of George T. McAdam.

      There is a document of Northumberland Co. which gives us an insight into the problem of determining the children of Lindsay Opie by his two wives. In 1798, there was the case of Brewer against Opie: it recites that William Lancaster, dec'd, in his will had a son Joseph, who died under age and without issue, after 1766; Elizabeth Nelms, the wife of Lindsey Opie, who had issue: Sally, Lindsey, and William, all of whom were born prior to 1766, and Thomas, Elizabeth, Susanna, and Hiram Lindsey Opie, who were born after 1766. Joseph Blackwell, after the death of his wife, Hannah Nelms, married Hannah Rogers, by whom he had issue, Nancy, born after 1766, wife of Brewer. This document reveals a considerable amount of information, which will help us in the naming of the children of Lindsay Opie.

      The will of Lindsay Opie was dated 12 Jan., 1785/6, and proved 15 March 1785/6: he gives to his son Thomas Opie a tract of land on the condition that Thomas Opie convey his right to the property of William Lancaster to Hierome Lindsay Opie; he refers to the death of Joseph Lancaster "upon certain events which have happened;" referring to the land of William Lancaster, "for as much as it hath been thought by some Persons that the aforementioned Land Claimed under Wm. Lancasters Will Vested in my Daughter Sarah Opie tho Contrary to my opinion . . . ;" to Son Leroy Opie; Daughters Sarah Opie, Elizabeth Opie and Susanna Opie; my eight children: Sarah Opie, Thomas Opie, Elizabeth Opie, Susanna Opie, Hierome Lindsay Opie, Leroy Opie, Anne Opie & Janette McAdam Opie; every child must fulfil the condition of conveyance of the property left by William Lancaster, or the one who refuses to do so will not receive his property.

      Lindsay Opie and his first wife Elizabeth Nelms had issue:

      i. Sarah5 Opie, born before 1766. She married General Thomas Parker. Thomas Parker finally became guardian of most of the living children of Lindsay Opie, and many of the final Court records are devoted to the care of the property of these children. The Parkers moved to Frederick Co., Va., and lived in what is now Clark Co., Va.

      ii. Lindsay, died early.

      iii. William, died early.

      iv. Thomas5 Opie, born after 1766; probably unmarried; lived and died in Northumberland Co., and there his will was made 10 July, 1798 and proved 10 Dec., 1798; all his land to Brother Hierome Lindsy Opie; Sister Sally Parker; Sister Susanna Opie; Leroy Opie; Jane Opie. One important contribution to our information is furnished, in that Sarah Parker had married her husband by the date of the will, 10 July, 1798.

      v. Elizabeth, born after Thomas, was unmarried; she was in Northumberland Co. in 1788 (17 Wm & Mary, 2nd Series, 105); an inventory of her estate was taken in Frederick Co. 7 Feb., 1793 (Frederick Co. Wills, # 5, p. 508).

      vi. Susanna, the third child born after 1766, m. in Frederick Co. 27 Sept. 1807, Thomas Hooe (Mar. Reg. Frederick Co.); the Will of Thomas P. Hooe, 30 Dec., 1809, proved Prince William Co.: names parents Bernard J. and Margaret H. Hooe; gives his little daughter to the care of Sallie, wife of Col. Thomas Parker (Hayden, Va. Gen., p. 563). Susanna his wife is apparently dead, and nothing is known of the little daughter.

      vii. Hierome Lindsay Opie, the fourth child born after 1766; m. Margaret Muse; the history of Hierome Lindsay Opie is not proper to the limitations of this subject, and so several of his family, himself and several of his sisters, will be noticed in the near future.

      The children by the second marriage to Elizabeth McAdam were:

      viii. Leroy5 Opie, born after 1773: he was a 2 lt. 5 inf., 3 May, 1808; 1 lt., 10 July, 1809; capt. 26 June, 1813; hon. disch'd 15 June, 1815; batln paymr corps art 12 April 1816; died, 30 Oct., 1819 (Heitman, Historical Reg & Dictionary of the U. S. Army, vol. 1, article Opie). The Lindsays of America and a Rhode Island death notice describe his death (14 Vital Records of Rhode Island, p. 148, taken from the Providence Gazette); if the occurrance [sic] of his death from these two accounts are given in parallel columns, it will be seen that despite the differences of details, that the narratives are the same. The R.I. narrative may give the due to his life and where he lived before he was killed, for it mentions Warrenton, N. C. There are two deeds of sale in Richmond Co., Va., of 1802 and 1804, "Leroy Opie of the County of Northumberland" (Richmond Co. Deeds No. 18, p. 322 & 91). He was injured on the way home (home being in one account Va. and in the other N. C.) and died shortly afterwards.

      ix. Anne (or Nancy) Opie, the second child, born after 1773, m. Col. John Smith Ball; she moved to Missouri with her husband; d. after 1849. The will of the Rev. John S. Ball has been furnished me by one of his descendants, Mrs. Berry Brooks, of Memphis, Tenn., who is in possession of much which is interesting about her ancestors. The will of the Rev. John S. Ball was dated 29 Aug., 1848 and proved, with codicil, in the County of Lincoln, Missouri, 30 Dec., 1858: wife Anne Ball; to the Board of Missions of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (old school); Daughter Emily Caykuba Walton; daughter Nancy; grandsons Lucius Lee Bates and Frederick Bates; grandson John Ruby; servants to be free; daughter Nancy Opie Ruby. The will names wife Anne and Achilles Broadhead Ex., but the codicil names the latter sole Ex. The will of Jesse Ball, son of Col. Jesse and Agatha (Conway) Ball, of Lancaster County, was dated 19 April, 1778 and proved Lan. Co. 20 Aug., 1778: brothers James and Jesse; five children to wit: James Ball, Jesse C. Ball, John S. Ball, Betty Lee Ball and Agatha Conway Ball; wife Agatha; son Jesse Conway Ball; son John Smith Ball. Anne Opie Ball was living when the will was written, 1848.

      x. Janetta McAdam Opie, the third child, born after 1773; m. Septimus Clark in Frederick Co. in July, 1806 (Fred. Co. Mar. Reg. No.I). The Lindsays of America says that she had a son Hierome Lindsay Opie Clark, but the information has not been found by the writer; however, the Dr. Harvie Opie Clark of Cincinnati, is to be considered, and possibly of these Clarks.

      The above account of the Opie family does not account with evidence for all of the Opies of Northumberland Co. A deed made 27 Nov., 1879 between S. B. Burgess and Elizabeth Jane Opie, Harriet Conway Opie and Hiram Opie; $244 by John Opie, Dec'd, and remainder by Hannah Opie his wife . . . land located in Bridge Neck, Fairfield District (Northumberland Co., Deed Book F, p. 553). Possibly Leroy Opie or his uncle George Heale Opie are to be studied for the continuation of the Opie line.
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    Father Lindsay OPIE, Sr.,   b. 5 Mar 1715,   d. Bef 4 Mar 1747  (Age < 31 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Mother Sarah HEALE 
    Relationship natural 
    Married 10 Feb 1734 
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    Family 1 Elizabeth NELMS,   d. Aft 12 Nov 1773 
    Married 24 Oct 1761  Northumberland County, VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Elizabeth OPIE  [natural]
     2. Susanna OPIE  [natural]
     3. Hierome Lindsay OPIE  [natural]
     4. Thomas OPIE  [natural]
     5. Sarah OPIE  [natural]
     6. Lindsay OPIE, III  [natural]
     7. William OPIE  [natural]
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    Family 2 Elizabeth McADAM 
    Married Aft 12 Nov 1773 
     1. Janetta McAdam OPIE  [natural]
     2. Anne OPIE  [natural]
     3. Leroy OPIE  [natural]
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