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Male Abt 1600 - Abt 1674  (~ 74 years)

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  • Name John BARLOW 
    Born Abt 1600  England? Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Will 8 Mar 1674 
    Died Abt 1 Jun 1674  Fairfield, Fairfield County, CT Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • (1) Barlow, Edson < nconn1.html>:


      Fairfield, Connecticut

      1. John Barlow was probably born around 1600 and probably in England. This estimate of his birthyear is based primarily on the assumption that he was about twenty years old when his first child was born in 1620-25.

      John Barlow's parents and birthplace are not known from the records. It has long been a family tradition that he was a descendant of Roger Barlow (ca. 1500-1553) who was the first of the name to settle in Pembrokeshire, Wales, where he purchased an estate, Slebetch Manor, from the crown in 1546. The family tradition goes on to say that Joel Barlow, a descendant of John Barlow, applied for and was given the privilege of the Barlow of Slebetch arms by the English College of Arms when he was in England in the late 18th century. Matthews' American Armoury and Blue Book gives Joel as the holder of the arms. Based seemingly upon this, a number of references have stated that John Barlow was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

      However, no record of Joel Barlow's inquiry to the College of Arms has been found and their records do not show any connection between John Barlow and Roger Barlow, according to correspondence with the College of Arms. Mr. P.Ll. Gwynn-Jones, the Lancaster Herald of The College of Arms at London states in a 1993 letter that "There is nothing in the Records of the College of Arms to support the proposition that Joel Barlow sought and obtained the right to use Arms which were identical with or similar to the Arms of the Slebech or Slebetch Barlows, or any other Arms."

      It has also been suggested that John Barlow's parents were Sir Alexander Barlow and his second wife Mary Brereton, but no proof of it has been given. Sir Alexander was a descendent of the Barlows of Barlow Hall of Lancashire, England, and Sir Montague Barlow says in his book Barlow Family Records that Alexander's children were Margaret Barlow, who married Sir John Talbot; Sir Alexander Barlow; Rudesind Barlow (1585-1656), a Benedictine monk; and Edward Barlow (1587-1641), whose was also a Benedictine monk and was known as Father Ambrose.

      John Barlow was an early settler at Fairfield, Connecticut, but he was not among the first. The migration patterns of other settlers seems to suggest that John and his family came to New England in the late 1630's, stayed briefly at Watertown, Massachusetts, then probably following the trail to Windsor, then down the Connecticut River to Wethersfield and then overland for the final leg of the journey to Fairfield.

      The first group of Fairfield settlers that came in with Roger Ludlow, after he had received permission to settle the area in September 1639 from the General Court at Hartford, included John Green, Thomas Staples, Thomas Newton, Edward Jessop and Edmund Strickland. Others, mostly from Watertown according to Farnham followed shortly, and apparently included John Barlow and his family. Edward Jessop and Edmund Strickland did not stay at Fairfield very long; they moved on to Long Island and sold their Fairfield lands to Robert Hawkins and John Barlow, respectively, probably around 1640. Fairfield originally consisted of but eight or ten families, living along five roads that Ludlow established. These roads created four squares, each comprising twenty-five or thirty acres. John Barlow's home-lot, which was originally Edmund Strickland's, was situated with those of Roger Ludlow, Thomas Staples, Thomas Newton and Robert Hawkins (originally Edward Jessop's) in the so-called Ludlow Square.

      Roger Ludlow was born at Dinton, Wiltshire, England, in 1590 and was a son of a West Country gentry family that had become prominent during the reign of Henry VIII. He attended Balliol College, Oxford, and later studied law at the Inner Temple. A Puritan and an officer of the Massachusetts Bay Company, he sailed to New England in March 1630 on the Mary and John out of Plymouth, England. He was one of the founders of Dorchester, Massachusetts, was Deputy Governor of the Massachusetts colony in 1634, was the principal draftsman of the Fundamental Orders, the basis of government in Connecticut until the Charter of 1662, and in 1651-53 was commissioner of the United Colonies of New England.

      John Barlow sold his original home-lot to Thomas Morehouse before 1653 and moved to unsettled land north of the village center. This was afterwards called "Barlow's Plain." John Barlow and his son John were accepted as freemen in 1664 and they participated in the various land divisions that were granted to the owners of estates in January 1668/9, February 1668/9, January 1670/1, February 1671/2, March 1681/2, February 1682/3, and April 1688.

      John Barlow died around the first of June 1674, probably at his home at Fairfield. His will reads as follows:

      "Imprimus: I Comit my soul into ye hands of my faythfull Creator upon his pleasing shall be to require it and my body to a Comely buriall. And for my wordly goods my funeral expenses first defrayed and my debts discharged I dispose as follows:

      "I give and bequeath to my loving wife Anne Barlowe all my Lands housing Cattles of all sorts and all my moveable estate.

      "I give and bequeathe the premises and every part of them to my Loving sonn John Barlow and to my daughters Elizabeth frost Martha Beers Deborah Sturgis Issable Clapham and Ruth Bradlee to be equally divided among them. And whereas Inconveniences may follow by dividing some parcell of land or particulars Chattles or moveables my will is that whichsoever of the six above named Legatees will give the greatest price for the same shall have it. In witness thereof I have hear unto set my hand this eight day of March one thousand six hundred seventy foure.

      "John Barlowe

      James Beers Junior
      Robert Romsie."

      The inventory of his estate was taken on June 09, 1674, by George Squire Sr., Richard Ogden and John Burr, and the will was proved on November 03, 1674, at Fairfield. An agreement between his son and two of his sons-in-law was entered into on November 20, 1674.

      No gravestone has been found for either John or Ann Barlow.

      John Barlow was a contemporary of Thomas Barlow of Fairfield. . . . He may have been a brother, a nephew or a cousin, a speculation based solely on the surname - no relationship can be gleaned from the records.

      It is also an old family tradition or legend that James Barlow of Suffield, Connecticut, was John Barlow's brother. It is not known where this story originated but it has been repeated in Reynold's Biographical Review of Southern New York and in an article by Cholly Knickerbocker in the old New York Journal American. In his book " The Israel Barlow Story and Mormon Mores, Ora H. Barlow offers significant proof that James Barlow, who was born in 1659, or some 59 years after John, was a son of the immigrant Edmund Barlow of Malden, Massachusetts, and a grandson of James Barlow of Turton, Lancashire, England. . . . .

      John Barlow met and married his wife Ann before coming to New England, probably around 1620 and probably in England. It has been suggested that her maiden surname was Ward but there is yet no proof of it. She died probably early in 1685 and probably at Fairfield. The inventory of her estate was taken on February 25, 1684/5, and was filed on March 10, 1685.

      With one possible exception, John and Ann Barlow's children are given in his will. Their birth order as given here is primarily based on the custom in colonial wills to list children first by sex and then by birth order. That is, sons were listed first in their birth order and then the daughters in their birth order.

      The "possible exception" to John Barlow's family is Ann Barlow. According to Jacobus she was "called" John Barlow's daughter in the Colonial Records. She was not, however, listed in either his or his wife's will. She was still living at the time of John and Ann Barlow's deaths, and while she had moved to New York, she was not that far away. If she had been "disinherited" or "disowned" for some reason, she probably would have been mentioned in the will, if only to exclude her. The suspicion occurs that she was either a younger sister or a niece of John Barlow. In any event, until better information is obtained, she continues to be listed as the oldest daughter.

      Thus John and Ann Barlow's children were:

      i. Ann Barlow was born probably around 1625-30 and probably in England. She married Samuel Drake on September 13, 1650, at Fairfield. This marriage was also recorded as September 30, 1650, by the Rev. Silas Constant of the Yorktown, New York, Presbyterian Church. They moved to Eastchester, New York, in 1663 and Samuel Drake died there in 1686. He was a son of John and Elizabeth (Rogers) Drake who came from England in 1630. Ann died after December 12, 1691, probably at Eastchester.

      Their children were: John Drake, born in 1654; Joseph Drake, born in 1663 and died on May 12, 1732; Rebecca Drake; Ruth Drake; Samuel Drake, died in 1690; Hannah Drake and Mary Drake.

      ii. Elizabeth Barlow was born probably around 1620-25 and probably in England.

      She married Daniel Frost around 1640-42 at Fairfield and was his second wife. He was born around 1613 in England, was baptized on January 17, 1612/3, at St. Mary's, Nottingham, and was a son of William Frost who came to New England from Nottingham in 1639. She died in 1686.

      Their children were: Rebecca Frost, born in 1640, married Simeon Booth; Sarah Frost, born around 1644, married Samuel Smith; Rachel Frost, born around 1647, married Robert Rumsey; Hannah Frost, born around 1648, married John Thorp; Daniel Frost, born around 1650, married Mary Rowland; Joseph Frost, born around 1652, married Elizabeth Hubbell; Isaac Frost, born around 1654, died in 1684; and Esther Frost, born around 1656.

      iii. Martha Barlow was born probably around 1625 and probably in England.

      She married James Beers around 1659 at Fairfield, when he bought land there. He came to Watertown, Massachusetts, as a youth with his uncle in 1635, and was a son of James Beers of Gravesend, Kent, England. He was an early settler at Southport, Connecticut, and he subsequently became one of the largest landholders at Fairfield. He died in 1694 and she died in 1698, both at Fairfield.

      Their children were: James Beers, born in 1662 and died in 1691; Martha Beers, who married Joseph Bulkley; Deborah Beers, who married Samuel Hull; Joseph Beers, died in 1696; and Elizabeth Beers, who married John Darling.

      iv. Deborah Barlow was born probably around 1630 and probably in England.

      She married John Sturges (or Sturgis) in 1650 at Fairfield. He was born around 1624, probably in England, and he settled at Fairfield in 1660. He died in 1700, probably at Fairfield.

      Their children were: Jonathan Sturges, born around 1651, married Susannah Banks; Joseph Sturges, born around 1654, married Sarah Beers; Sarah Sturges, born around 1661-63, married Richard Straten; Deborah Sturges, born around 1659-62, married James Redfield; John Sturges, born around 1655-60, married Mary Goodwin; Abigail Sturges, born around 1663-73, married Simon Couch; and Thomas Sturges, born around 1657-68.

      v. Isabella Barlow was born probably around 1632 and probably in England.

      She married Peter Clapham around 1660 at Fairfield. He was born around 1628 and he died on February 18, 1698. Their only child was Abigail Clapham who married Thomas Merwin in March 1678/9 at Fairfield.

      vi. John Barlow was born probably around 1635 and possibly in either England or Massachusetts.

      vii. Ruth Barlow was born probably around 1640 and probably in Massachusetts.

      She married Francis Bradley around 1660-61 at Fairfield. He was born in 1625 in England and was an apprentice to Governor Theophilus Eaton at New Haven before coming to Fairfield in 1660. He died in October 1689 at Fairfield.

      Their children were: Ruth Bradley, born in 1662, married Thomas Williams; John Bradley, born in 1664, married Hannah Sherwood; Abigail Bradley, born in 1667, did not marry; Francis Bradley, born in 1670, married Sarah Jackson; Daniel Bradley, born in 1673, married Abigail Jackson; Joseph Bradley, born in 1676, married Eleanor _____; and Mary Bradley, born on December 05, 1677.

      (2) Schenck, Elizabeth Hubbell, The History of Fairfield: Fairfield County, Connecticut, Vol. I, New York, NY: 1889, p. 352:

      JOHN BARLOW I. was one of the earliest settlers of F [Fairfield]. He owned the lot next S. W. of Roger Ludlow, on the Ludlow Square. He sold this place to Thomas Morehouse before 1653. & settled on the beautiful plain, running northwest of the Ludlow Square & Concord Field, which in honor of his name was called Barlow's Plain. He was possessed of a large estate. His will is dated 28. March 1674. in which he mentions w. Ann, & children John; Isabella w. of Peter Clapham; Ruth, w. of Francis Bradley; Elizabeth w. of Daniel Frost; Martha w. of James Beers I.; & Deborah w. of John Sturgis.

      (3) Jacobus, Donald Lines, History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield, Vol. I [reprint], Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1991, pp. 27-28:

      Barlow, John.

      Settled in Fairfield, where he owned land at least as early as 1650.

      Will 28 Mar. 1674; wife Ann; son John; daus. Elizabeth Frost, Martha Beers, Deborah Sturgis, Isabella Clapham., Ruth Bradley. Inv. 9 June 1674. The sons-in-law James Beers, John Sturgis, and Francis Bradley, made agreement with John Barlow, 20 Nov. 1674.

      Inv. of his widow Ann's Est. 25 Feb. 1684 [1684/5].


      [i] Ann, m. 13 Sept 1650 (Colo Rec.) Samuel Drake; she called dau. of John.

      [ii] Elizabeth, d. 1686; m. Daniel Frost.

      [iii] John.

      [iv] Martha, m. James Beers.

      [v] Deborah, m. John Sturgis.

      [vi] Isabella, m. Peter Clapham.

      [vii] Ruth, m. Francis Bradley.
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