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Abraham FROST

Male Bef 1622 - 1694  (> 62 years)

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  • Name Abraham FROST 
    Born Bef 8 Dec 1622  Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Christened 8 Dec 1622  St. Peter's, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died Between 9 Apr 1685 and 9 Mar 1694  Hempstead, Queens [now Nassau] County, NY Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • (1) England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975:

      Name: Abraham Froste
      Gender: Male
      Christening Date: 08 Dec 1622
      Christening Date (Original): 08 Dec 1622
      Christening Place: Saint Peter, Nottingham, Nottingham, England
      Father's Name: Wm Froste

      (2) Schenck, Elizabeth Hubbell, The History of Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut, Vol. I, New York, NY: 1889, pp. 17-18:

      Among those who joined [Roger] Ludlow in [Uncoway (Fairfield, CT)] in September of this year [1639], were William Frost, his son Daniel Frost, and his son-in-law John Gray, all of whom settled upon the Frost square. William Frost took up his home-lot of two and one-half acres on the south-west side of the church and school land. About this time, or soon after, John Foster took up three acres in the rear of this lot. Next adjoining William Frost's lot on the west, Francis Purdie took up three and three-quarter acres, running through the square from the south-east to the north-west. Daniel Frost took up three and three-quarter acres west of this, which also extended through the whole width of the square. John Nichols, a brother of Isaac and Caleb Nichols, of Stratford, took up two and a half acres west of Daniel Frost. John Gray, who, before the month of May, 1639, had married Elizabeth a daughter of William Frost and widow of John Watson, sold his house and home-lot in Lynn, Massachusetts, about the 1st of August following, and before the 28th of September (perhaps accompanied his father-in-law to Uncoway), took up two and a half acres on the south-east corner of Frost square. Henry Whelpley soon after took up three acres next adjoining John Gray's lot, extending to the southwest corner of the square. At a later date, John Green took up three acres on the north-west side of this square, between Henry Whelpley's lot and Daniel Frost's. Richard Westcot took up two and a half acres on the south-east side of the square between John Gray and John Nichols.

      There appears to be every reason to believe that John and Thomas Barlow settled at Uncoway about this time, or very soon after, which seems to be fully substantiated by a record of 1653, that the land of Thomas Morehouse, "some times," or for some time previous, had been owned by John Barlow; which must have been purchased by him at an early date, else some reference would have been made to its first owner. Daniel Frost had married Elizabeth, the daughter of John Barlow; it is therefore a natural conclusion that these families, so closely allied by intermarriage, should have journeyed to Uncoway together. Thomas Barlow, who was probably nearly related to John Barlow, took up five acres on the north-west corner of the Frost square, in the rear of the school and church land, next adjoining William Frost's and John Foster's land on the east. Abraham Frost also accompanied his father William Frost to Uncoway. The latter in his will mentions having purchased for this son the house and home lot of John Strickland of Wethersfield, who tarried but a short time at Fairfield, as soon after he is found at Long Island.

      (3) Abraham FROST was the younger of two sons mentioned in the will of his father, William FROST, dated January 6, 1644/1645.

      (4) Like all of his siblings except Mary (FROST) RYLEY, Abraham FROST emigrated from England to America before 29 May 1651. See Frost, Josephine C., The Frost Genealogy, New York, NY: F. H. Hitchcock, 1912, p. 389. In fact, according to Note (2) above, Abraham FROST was in America no later than 1639, when he accompanied his father, William FROST, to Uncoway (Fairfield, CT).

      (5) An Abraham FROST married Anne PECK on 29 May 1651 at St. Peter's, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England.

      If the Abraham FROST who married Anne PECK in England in 1651 was the same person as the Abraham FROST who was in America no later than 1639, he would have to have gone from America to England for the marriage, and thereafter returned from England to America no later than 1654. (See Note (6) below.) The compiler has seen no evidence of any such voyage from America to England, or any such return voyage from England to America.

      (6) Hoadly, Charles J., Records of the Colony or Jurisdiction of New Haven, from May 1653, to the Union, Hartford, CT: Case, Lockwood, 1858:

      pp. 52-54 (1653[/4]):

      Thomas Baxster being seized at Fairfeild and brought to Newhave the 10th of March, was called before the court and told that hee stands charged wth sundrie offensiue carriages, for wch ye court conceives he can haue no comission to beare him out, and first his cariag aboute seizeing M. Mayoes vessell, wch all the comissionrs haue witnessed against and written to Road Island aboute it, for wch cariag Road Island, as they are informed, hath declared themselues offended wth him, calling in his comission and haue made it voyde and null, and would haue proceeded against him but that he made an escape from them, beside many miscariages of a high nature at Fairfeild, but they belonge to another jurisdiction, whether the court referred them; but for this jurisdiction he was told his miscariages at Stamford haue bine verey offensive, as that he will beate vp a drume there for volunters and flourish his cullers to gather company, and if any oppose him he threatens them, and pticularly the constable; thus he tramples upon the authority sett vp there; also his miscariage lately at Millford in carrying away M. Fowlers cannow, and when one of Millford told him it was the magistrats cannow, he slighted such words, and when they laid hands vpon it to stay it, he wth a halfe pike strucke the man betwixt the head and shoulders, and one of his men drew his cutlash and struck at his hand but missed it, and the rest stood wth their peeces cocked & vowed they would shoote; beside his cariage in entertaining and keepeing Mr. Fowlers servant, and when he sent for him he would not deliuer him but said he had buisnes for him and when he had done wth him he would send him home.

      Hee was asked what he said to these things, and whether he had comission to act thus; he said he thought hee had, but his comission being pvsed there was no such thing in it, but he is lymitted to ye Duch and enemies of the Comonwealth of England, and to behaue himselfe civilly to all the plantations in the English colonies.

      Hee said if he spake so at Stamford it is out of his knowledg, and for Mr. Fowlers man he did send him home afterward; for the miscariage at Millford, they were so lately and testifyed by so many witnesses, as Ensigne Bryan, James Buggers his man, and others prsent, and might he confirmed by others at Millford, that he could not deny them. The court hauing pceeded thus farr, for the prsent dismissed him to be sent to Connecticote, to answer for what he hath done in their jurisdiction.

      Two of Thom Baxsters men, namely William Ellitt and Abraham Frost, were also brought prisoners, the tryall of whom this court refferrs to Connecticote as most propr to them, onely the marshall of Connecticote desired that the testimony of one of Fairfeild here prsent may be taken and sent to Connecticote, because it may be of some vse to them there, wch the court granted, & is as followeth,

      John Odell testifyeth vpon oath, that as Baxsters men went vp and downe the streets of Fairefeild wth their swords drawne in their hands, he heard William Ellitt sweare wth a great oath, (but knowes not the words,) that wth them hands of his he would be avenged vpon the blood of some of them wch had taken his captaine, and he supposeth there were aboute a dozen of them wch so runn wth their swords drawne.

      pp. 204-206 (1657)

      Edward Jessup, plant' [v.] Richard Crabb, defendt'.

      Edward Jessup declared that Richard Crabb hath taken vp a mare of his wch had bine marked wth his marke two or three yeare, and hath added another marke, and hath giuen away pt of the said mare to Abraham Frost to recouer the other part.

      Abraham Frost, atturney for Richard Crab, owned the takeing vp the mare, and being in question was advised to giue her some other marke, wch they did by cutting her tayle, and at first he denyed that he had one pt to recouer the other, but that it was freely giuen him; he was told it is true he was advised by the constables at Stamford to giue her some by-marke, as cutting a few haires or the like, but he had cut the tayle quite off, wch they neuer intended, and that is the worss because it is the marke that Rich: Crab giues his other horses.

      Both pties were told that the court can doe nothing in this case but vpon proofe, and therefore if they haue any evidenc they may produce it. That the mare was taken vp by Richard Crab or his agent and thus marked is confessed, and seuerall testimonies were presented by Edwa: Jessup in writing, wch makes it probable that the mare might be his, and that Abraham Frost was to haue a pt of ye mare and increase, to recouer ye other pt for Richard Crab.

      Abraham Frost also prsented one testimoney wch saith this mare was like goodman Crabs, and another that saith it was like ye mare that goodman Crab discribed to him to be his.

      But more fully to cleere the buisnes Edward Jessup brought Joseph Mead of Stamford, (who was his agent and imployed by him and did marke this mare for him,) as his witnes, who did now in court affirme vpon oath, that when Edward Jessup and his mother widdow Whitmore went from Stamford to live elswhere, they left two mares at Stamford and desired him to take care of them, and he did vse what care he could in it, and these two mares and their increase he obserued from time to time, yeare after yeare, haueing many occasions to goe into the woods, and this pticuler mare now in diiferrenc she did keepe wth the other colt that was a companion wth her seuerall yeares, they two being together e obserued them when they were sucking colts and also before they were a yeare old, and seuerall times in the yeare, and obserued how the cullour went on, and can safely say that this mare, wthout any question or scruple in his conscienc, is Edward Jessups.

      Further to strengthen this testimoney it was affirmed now in court by some of Stamford, and some testimonies in writing were showed to that purpose, that Joseph Mead is a man well experienced in the knowledg of most mens horses aboute Stamford, and is much imployed by others to looke vp horses for them, and is judged to be one of the ablest in towne for that purpose.

      Abraham Frost said that when Joseph Mead marked this mare for Edward Jessup, he was wished by the constables at Stamford not to doe it, and the constables now said that they wished him to forbeare at present.

      Both pties hauing spoken what they would in the case, the court declared, that they haue considered the case as it is presented, and according to their best light this mare in question seems to be Edward Jessups, but because it is but one witnes that speakes punctially to it, and that there is possibillitie of mistake & the mare was marked by Joseph Mead against advice, therefore, if wthin a yeares time Richard Crab or any other bring in better evidenc, they shall be heard and the case againe considered, notwthstanding what is now done, and that Richard Crab paye Edwa: Jessup for charges forty shillings, but if Edwa: Jessup shall wthin the yeare before mentioned remove the mare out of this jurisdiction, he shall put in standing securitie to the full valew of the said mare, to be answerable for the same if better proofe be made and to paye back the forty shillings againe wch he received for charges also.

      p. 216 (1657):

      Abraham Frost, who at present liues aboute Stamford or Greenwich, presented a petition to the court desiring some releife from them because he is very poore, haueing lost all by the Indians aboute a yeare and a halfe agoe, his wife and chilldren taken captives but after brought to this jurisdiction, where they haue lived sinc in a poore and meane way. The court considered the case and ordered that ten bushell of Indian corne, or the valew thereof in other corne, be pd to him from Stamford, wch to be alowed them in their rates.

      [Note by compiler: The names of Abraham FROST's wife and children are not stated in this source.]

      p. 324 (1659):

      The testimony of Abraham Frost, this 10th of Octobr 1659, vpo oath.

      This is it, that I & Wm Hubberd fetcht vp the mare yt was in difference betwixt Richard Crabb & Edward Jessupp, the winter before it was tryed at Newhaven, & then the said mare had no coult with her & yt time was the first time that I had seene her or yt any body else had seene her yt yeare as I knew off.

      Taken before mee, Franc Bell

      pp. 379-380 (1660):

      Joseph Meade, attorney for Abraham Frost, appeared to prosecute in an action of slander against Rich. Crabb, who being called, answered not.

      (7) Connecticut, 1600s-1800s Local and Family Histories [database online],

      [William Frost's] son Abraham perhaps rem. to Hempstead, L. I. [Seeley-Vail Genealogy, p. 104.]

      [Note by compiler: The citation to "Seeley-Vail Genealogy" should read as follows: Bacon, William Plumb, Ancestry of Daniel James Seely, St. George, N. B., 1826, and of Charlotte Louisa Vail, Sussex, N. B., 1837- St. John, N. B., 1912; With a List of Their Descendants, New York, NY: Press of Tobias A. Wright, 1914, p. 104.]

      (8) Frost, Josephine C., The Frost Genealogy, New York, NY: Frederick H. Hitchcock, 1912, p. 391:

      . . . Abraham [Frost] . . . may have settled in Hempstead, L. I. . . .

      (9) Schenck, Elizabeth Hubbell, The History of Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut, Vol. I, New York, NY: 1889, pp. 17-18:

      . . . William Frost . . . in his will mentions having purchased for this son [Abraham Frost] the house and home lot of John Strickland of Wethersfield, who tarried but a short time at Fairfield, as soon after he [Abraham Frost] is found at Long Island.

      (10) Paltsis, Victor Hugo, ed., Minutes of the Executive Council of the Province of New York, Vol. I, Albany, NY: 1910, pp. 42, 326:

      Friday Apr: 1st 1670.
      Before ye Governor

      The Governr.
      Mr Delavall
      The Secretary.

      A Peticon from Abraham ffrost to have a Review of ye Action upon wch Execucon hath been granted against him at ye Suite of William Osborne, & another of John ffirman.

      An Ordr. issued forth hereupon, to wch Reference is to bee had. . . .

      * * *


      An Ordr. for suspending ye Execution agt ye Estate of Abraham ffrost.

      1670 Apr. 1

      Whereas Complaint hath beene made unto me by Abraham ffrost of New Towne who hath had Execution served upon his Estate for Two sumes of money ye one obteyned agt. him by Judgment at ye suite of William Osburne & ye othr. of John ffirman, ye wch. he alleadges was done by misinformation of ye Corts. & want of Evidence, wch. he now hath & ye said ffrost declaring his poore Condition & ruin if he shall be forced to pay ye said sumes & offering good security to stand to ye Judgment of anothr. Court I haue by & wth. ye advice of my Councell thought fitt to ordr. & declare & by theise prsents do ordr. & declare, that ye Executions served do stand good, but sale of ye Estate or disposall of ye goods, is to be suspended upon his giving good security to ye high Sheriffe or his Deputye that noe parte of ye said Estate or Goods shall be Imbezel'd untill ye Petr. hath had a Tryall at Law against ye said William Osborne & John ffirman wch. is to be at the next Court of Sessions when if it shall appeare that they obteyned their Judgmt. of Court & Execution thereupon by misinformation, Then ye said Abraham ffrost & his Estate shall be released from ye Executions, but if it shall happen to be otherwise all new as well as ye old charges are to be borne by ye said ffrost for ye wch. ye security is to engage Giuen undr. my hand this first day of Aprill 1670.

      (11) Abraham FROST was a witness to the will dated December 31, 1670 of Anne GRAVES of Newtown, Long Island, NY. (The will was "not allowed.") See New York City Wills, 1665-1707 [database online], Provo, UT: Operations Inc, 1998.

      [Note by compiler: Anne Graves was the third wife of William Graves, an ancestor of President Rutherford Birchard Hayes. See McCracken, George E., "William Graves of Newtown, Long Island," The American Genealogist, vol. 33 (1956), p. 36.]

      (12) Frost, Josephine C., The Frost Genealogy, New York, NY: F. H. Hitchcock, 1912, pp. 335-336:

      ABRAHAM FROST, figures in lawsuit in Hempstead, L. I., May 3, 1674. May 24, 1682, gives 10 shillings toward support of minister in same place. Oct. 17, 1681, buys woodland of Harmon Jonson, in Hempstead. April 9, 1685, sells the same, and wife Susan signs. March 9, 1693-4, Susan Frost, Isaac Frost, and John Hendricke sell to John Foster part of fifty acres purchased by "her husband Abraham Frost" of William Thickston, located in Foster's meadows. June 30, 1684, Abraham and Susan witness to sale of land.

      [Note by compiler: As of June 30, 1684, this Abraham FROST was married to a woman named Susan, not a woman named Anne. See Note (5), above. Also, John "HENDRICKE" was John HENDRICKSON, the husband of Abraham FROST's daughter, Mercy FROST. ]

      (13) Hooper, Samuel, ed., Records of the Towns of North and South Hempstead, Long Island, NY, Vol. I, Jamaica, NY: Long Island Farmer Print, 1896:

      p. 294:

      Hempsted May the 3: 1674. An agrement betwene Lowras Mott an Abraham Frost About the land Oliver Trimous bought of Lowras Mott Memorandum that Louras Mott is to deliver to Abraham frost A sorrelled hors at Newtownd that hath two hapenies vider one ear worth in Valew five pounds within three weekes after the deute hereof also the said lowras is to pay the Cort Charges an Abraham frost is to bear his one Charges further the said Abraham is to assist Lowras Mott to Recover the land by Counsell derektion: and Pledind an if it be Recoverable an if it be Recovered the said Abraham frost is to have the half of the Land.

      LOURAS X MOT [his marck].


      * * *

      p. 334:

      At the seame Cort [5 April 1674] Abraham frost Plaintive Enters an action of the cease against Lowras mot defendant: in the Cease depending betwen Abraham frost an Lowras Mott it is Refered till the next Cort which will be the first thirsday in May Next insuing an then both Plaintive an defendant must apere at the said Cort.

      * * *

      pp. 380-381:

      May the 24 1682 Wee urder Righter dwo Ingeage Ech and Every of us to give these under Righten sumes to Jeremy Hubard yearly during the time we live under his Ministry and to Pay it in Corn or Cattell at Prise as it Pasis Currant amongst us . . .

      Abraham frost 0.10.0. . . .

      * * *

      p. 396:

      The testimony of william wetherb this deponant testifieth that goodman frost tendred acou to be prised to Thomas Iarland and he had the choyse of five this tender was made at fosters medow by Abraham frost of fosters medow and Thomas Iarland bid Abraham frost bring her to the place apoynted and further saith not.

      The testimony of hendrick dossenborow this deponant testifieth that he being fostars medow at Abraham frosts he heard abraham frost tender Thomas Iarland a cou and a calfe and Thomas Iarland bide abraham frost bring the cou to the place apoynted and farther saith not.

      * * *

      p. 403:

      Thes presant witnes that I Harman Jonson of new town on Long Iland in the west Riding of yorksher doe hereby bargain sell and make over from me my eyers Exsecutors or asigns unto Abraham frost his eyers Exsecutors or asigns a quarter of a hundred acors of wood land as it is layd the s'd land lying at a place known by the name of fosters medow or the great swamp. the s'd land being Thomas Iarlands of Hemsted I say I the abov s'd Harmon Jonson doe her by alyenat estrendg and mack over from me or mine free from any purson or pursons clam or entrust of any hom so ever unto Abraham frost his eyers exsecutors adminestrators or asigns for ever peasably to inioy for ever as his own free land for and in consedaration of a consedoration of a consedrate satisfaction resaived in hand for the confermation her of I harmon Jonson herunto seat my hand and seale this . 17 . day of october 1681 the s'd Abraham frost is to chose which side he please.

      HARMON X JONSON [his mark]



      This is a tru copi tacen out by me.


      * * *

      p. 434:

      These presants Witneseth that I Jonathan Smith Rock off hempsted in Quenes County on Long island in america husbandman doe heere by ffully and abselutely Sell and Macke over ffrom me my Ayers Exsectators addmynistreators or asines a sartaine ffifty Ackor Lott of upLand as it was Laide oute to Thomas Wallis Liig and beeing beetwene ffosters meddow and the Little plaines bounded by the path that goeth to the fferey on the south and rilies Land on the est the Commans on the north and west Unto abraham ffrost off fosters medow his Ayers Exceckators administreators and asines ffor him or them to have and to hold ffor ever as his one fre Land and doe heere by ingeydge to mainetaine the saide abrahams title to bee good and Just ffrom any parson or parsons that shall Lay any Just Clamee there unto witnes my hand this ffirst off May one Thousand Six hundred aighty ffore and in his Majestys raine the Thirty Sixth yeare the word ffree Land is to bee understood quit rent in cause it bee imposed on the townd, given under hand and Sele.

      GRACE X SMITH (S) [her mark].



      A Coppy Compayred with the originall by mee.

      JOSIAS STARR Clark.

      This Above written bill of Seale is Anuld and stands of none effect as witnes my hand this 18 of March 1684-5.


      J0SIAS STARR Clark.

      * * *

      pp. 493-494:

      Be it know unto all whome it may Conserne that I Abraham frost of fosters medow in ye bounds of Hempsted In quens County on Long Iland in Amerika have and doe hereby sell Alianate and Astrang from me my Eairs Exeutors Administrators and assigns unto henery Mayle of fosters Medow in ye bounds of Hempsted in ye county aforesd A quarter part of A hundred Akore Lot of Land as it was Laid out unto me ye said Abraham frost from harman Johnson Lying and being in fosters Medow so Comonly Caled being bounded on the North by the Land of Harman Johnsons on the south by the Land that is betwen

      Thomas fosters Land and the Lauds of Cornelus ye timberman and at ye frount by the by way and at the Rear by the Comons I say I the said Abraham frost due hereby sell and make Over ye a bovesaid Land with all Buildings fencis Tymber trees and all other Convaansys Priviligis and apurtinancis there unto belonging from me ye said Abraham frost my Eairs Excutors administrators and assigns unto the above said Henry Mayle to him his heirs Excutors Administrators or assigns for him or them pesably or quiatly to Enjoy for Ever free from any Just Cleame or Clames what soEver A forran Invation Excepted Except quitrent in treu mening and Parformanc hereof I have set to my hand an fixed my sele this Ninth day of Aprell in the yeare one thousand six hundred Eaighty five and in thirty seventh yeare of his MaJestys Reaigne.


      Witnis in ye Presents of

      WILLIAM X SMITH [his mark].
      SIMON X FOSTER [his mark].

      Not with standing the Above deate it is agreed on by both above spesifed that this bill of seale shall beare deate this fift of November 168_ .

      Witnes our hands



      SUSAND X FROST [the mark]
      HARMAN X JOHNSON [his mark].


      This is a treu Copy Recorded by me.


      (14) Hicks, Benjamin D., ed., Records of the Towns of North and South Hempstead, Long Island, NY, Vol. II, Jamaica, NY: Long Island Farmer Print, 1897:

      p. 74:

      Thes presant Witneseth that I Henry Mayle of Mashpeth kills doe hereby Sell and Make over All my Right title & intreust of This inwritting bill of Seale unto William Grittin of ffosters Meddow I say I the sd Henery Mayle doe hereby Sell Alinete & estrang from mee my Ayers Executors administreators or asings This said bill of Sealle to the A bove sd William Gritten his Ayres Executers or Asings in wittnes heerof I have Sett to My hand This 30th June 1681.



      SUSANAH X FFROST [her mark]

      By Mee

      JOSIAS STARR Clark

      * * *

      pp. 126-128:

      fosters medo in ye bounds of hempsted in quens on ye Island of nassaw alias Long Island ye 9 of march anno 1693-4

      Know all men by these presence yt I susan frost and Isack frost and John hendricke of ye Place above sd have given granted and sould and doe by these presence fully freely and abolutely for divers good considerations mee there unto moveing and more Espetially a sertaine sum of mony allredy in hand paed alinate give grant and sell unto John foster of ye same Place towne and county above sd Carpender a sartaine Parcell of Land Lying and being in ye bounds of fosters meddo being in queentity fifeen acors being apart of ye ffifty acors of land yt my husband bought of william thickston it begining on ye north side of ye aforesd fify acors of Land being a part of ye same Runing one hundred and seven Rods Long and twenty tow Rods and a halfe wide bounded north by Edward titeses land yt now is and belongeth to thomes martin East by ye hiway which sd fiftene acors of Land with all previledges ad apertinanses there unto belonging and with all improvements thereon made and Profets and Profets to be made from hence forth to be and remaine to ye proper use benefit behofe and dispose of ye sd John foster for him and his heirs exseceters administretors and asignes for Ever and for ye warrenting of ye sale here of free from any former alinateon sale or incomberance and yt ye sd John foster his heirs exsecetors administrators and asignes shall pecebly occepi improve Poses and iioy ye same without Lett challenge or molestation from us ye sd Susanah or Isack or John as above sd or any of oure heirs exsecetors administrators or asigns or any other Person or Persons whatsoEver Laying Cleme to ye sd Land or any Part of it and to the warrenting of ye sale hereof free from any Person whatsoever wee ye above sd Susanah and Isack and John as Above sd to binde oure selves oure heirs exsecetors administrators Jointly and severally to meanteain and uphould ye oure sale good in Law against any Person what soever unto ye true conferation of ye Premises above wrighen we have set oure hands and fixed oure sels this day and date above wrighten it is to be understod before signing yt whoever my husband abraham frost sould ye Land and receved full satisfaction for ye same and not given deeds acording to Law wee to give deeds in his behalf march ye 9 ann 1693-4.

      SUSANAH X FROST (S) [her marke]
      ISACK X FROST (S) [his marcke]
      JOHN X HENDRICKE (S) [his marcke] [Note by compiler: John "HENDRICKE" was John HENDRICKSON, the husband of Abraham FROST's daughter, Mercy FROST.]

      signed seled and delivered in presence of us

      WILLIAM X JOHNSON [his marck]

      Entered by mee


      (15) Hendrickson, John B., Hendrickson and Allied Families: Genealogical and Biographical, New York, NY: The American Historical Company, Inc., 1969, p. 34:

      Abraham Frost, the son of William Frost of Fairfield, Connecticut, was born in England, and came to America, about 1638. He moved from Newtown, Long Island, to Hempstead, Long Island, prior to 1682. Abraham Frost married Susan, whose surname is not known, and they were the parents of a daughter: . . .

      Mercy, of whom further.

      (Manuscript in New York Genealogical Biographical Society Library, compiled by Andrew J. Provost, Jr.: "The Hendrickson Family of Long Island, New York. Historical and Genealogical Notes," Part I, pp. 8-9; Part II, pp. 1-2. Ibid.)

      (16) Frost DNA Project <>:

      [Frost Family] Group 12 . . .

      • Abraham Frost was living in Hempstead, Long Island, NY, USA, by 1654; d. between 1684 and 1693 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY, USA; m. (1st) 1651? in CT?, USA? to Ann Peck? (b. circa 1625? in Nottingham?, England?); m. (2nd) in Hempstead, Long Island, NY, USA, to Susan (-?-).

      • Isaac Frost b. circa 1660? in Hempstead, Long Island, NY; he and Abraham's widow Susan sold part of Abraham's land in 1693.

      • Thomas Frost b. circa 1700 in Hempstead, Nassau Co., Long Island, NY; will proven 1783 in Hempstead, Nassau Co., Long Island, NY; m. 1725 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY, to Elizabeth Oakley (b. 1703 in Hempstead, Nassau Co., Long Island, NY; d. in Hempstead, Nassau Co., Long Island, NY).

      • Isaac Frost b. between 1726 and 1737 in Hempstead, Nassau Co., Long Island, NY; d. 1784 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY; m. 1754 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY, to Hepzibah Oakley (b. 1737).

      • Townsend Frost b. between 1754 and 1770 in Hempstead, Nassau Co., Long Island, NY; d. 1795 in Hempstead, Nassau Co., Long Island, NY; m. 1785 to Jane Jackson.

      • Isaac Frost b. 1793 in Hempstead, Nassau Co., Long Island, NY; d. 1854; m. 1820 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY, to Sarah Ann Bedell (b. 1793; d. 1834).

      • Platt Frost b. 1834 in Baldwin, Long Island, NY; d. 1921 in Cedarhurst, Long Island, NY; m. 1860 in Far Rockaway, Long Island, NY, to Frances Lucinda Pearsall (b. 1844 in Far Rockaway, Long Island, NY; d. 1913 in Isle of Pines, Cuba).

      • Peter Isaac Frost b. 1864 in Cedarhurst, Long Island, NY; d. 1933 in Cedarhurst, Long Island, NY; m. 1883 in Westville, Long Island, NY, to Sarah Houson (b. 1865 in Brooklyn, NY; d. 1942 in Long Island, NY).

      • Elwood Percy Frost b. 1885; d. 1950 in Miami, FL; m. 1911 to Ruth Gaskell (b. 1890 in Warren, NJ; d. 1982 in Miami, FL).

      • Private.

      • Private.

      The first three generations in the above tree are linked based on the following information: Abraham Frost had a son named Isaac, and Thomas Frost had a father named Isaac; in the absence of other known candidates in that place at that time, it is assumed that these Isaac's were one and the same. This Abraham might be the Abraham who was son of William Frost, an early settler of Fairfield, CT. If so, then Abraham was born in 1622 in Nottingham, England, and this line is thought by some to trace back to William Frost who died in 1498 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England. ANALYSIS: This Frost family is also thought by some to include William Frost of Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY, but note that DNA results for this participant do not match results for the descendant of William of Oyster Bay. . . . These results are, however, a high-resolution match to some people with the surname Bedell. Are there other Frost Y-DNA test candidates from these early New York and Connecticut families who might be interested in shedding further light on these theories and helping to confirm lineages by being tested? Contact E-mail:
    Person ID I5412  Frost, Gilchrist and Related Families
    Last Modified 26 Apr 2019 

    Father William FROST,   b. Abt 1580, of Nottinghamshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 6 Jan 1645, Fairfield, Fairfield County, CT Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 65 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Mother Joyse BARKER,   b. Abt 1588, Nayland, Suffolk, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef 23 May 1634, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 46 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Married 20 Apr 1612  St. Mary's, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Family ID F2884  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Susan (FROST),   d. Aft 31 Aug 1698 
    Married Bef 30 Jun 1684 
     1. Isaac FROST,   b. Bef 9 Mar 1673  [natural]
     2. Mercy FROST,   b. 1674  [natural]
    Last Modified 26 Apr 2019 19:38:14 
    Family ID F14858  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Sources 
    1. Details: Details: Details: Citation Text: (1) W.P.M. Phillimore's and James Ward's Nottingham Parish Registers: Marriages [London 1900-1]: P. 30. Marriages at St. Mary's Church: William Froste & Joyse Barker m. 20 April 1612.