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Male Abt 1591 - 1661  (~ 70 years)

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  • Name Thomas JOSLIN 
    Born Abt 1591  Probably Roxwell, Essex, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Name Thomas JOSSELYN 
    Died 3 Jan 1661  Lancaster, Worcester County, MA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • (1) Anderson, Robert Charles, The Great Migration - Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, Vol. 4, I-L, Boston, MA: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995, pp. 117-121:


      ORIGIN: Barham, Suffolk.

      MIGRATION: 1635 on the Increase (on 17 April 1635, "Tho[mas] Jostlin," husbandman, aged 43, "Rebecca his wife," aged 43, "Eliza[beth] Ward, a maidservant," aged 38, and "Rebecca," aged 18, "Dorothy," aged 11, "Nathaniel," aged 8, "Eliza[beth]," aged 6 and "Mary," aged 1, "children of the said Tho[mas] Jostlin," were enrolled at London as passengers for New England on the Increase [Hotten 55]).

      FIRST RESIDENCE: Hingham.

      REMOVES: Lancaster 1654 [Lancaster Records 31].

      ESTATE: In 1647 there was "given unto Thomas Joshlin by the town [of Hingham] one acre and half of fresh meadow lying at Conyehassett it is the 41 lot in the third division" and "three acres of land in Hockly Field" [HiBOP 47v].

      On 11 March 1652/3, "Thomas & Nathaniell Joslin, inhabitants of Hingham," deeded to "Thomas Nicolls of the town aforesaid . . . our houses, barns, homestalls, outhouses amd dwelling house and barns, orchards and gardens with the homelot thereunto adjoining and belonging, containing three acres more or less, which was purchased of Stephen Lincolne" [SLR 2:103]. On the same day, "Thomas & Nathaniell Jocelyn, inhabitants of Hingham," sold to "George Lane and Moses Collier of the aforesaid town . . . one lot which lays . . . for three acres more or less as we bought it of John Prince of Hull, also three acres of land be it more or less laying in Hockley Neck . . . , also eight acres of land which lies in Hockley Neck . . . excepting three acres and an half which George Lane hath already in his possession, also one acre of meadow more or less as it lays in Weymouth Marsh . . . , also a parcel of fresh meadow containing one acre . . . , also one great lot laying upon the Great Plain containing fourteen acres more or less, as it was granted to Stephen Lincolne whom we bought it of [SLR 3:372-73].

      On 12 November 1654, "Thomas Joslin" and "Nathaniell Joslin" subscribed to the Lancaster town covenant and were "granted to them both 50 acres of upland & swamp together for their homelots and also forty acres of intervale" [Lancaster Records 31]. In 1654 "Thomas Josslin" had an estate of £210 (for the purposes of allocating land in later divisions), an amount well above average for the town at that date [Lancaster Records 39, 248].

      In an accounting of landholding in Lancaster, "The Lands of Thomas Joslin" were "house lot 20 acres," "a swamp" shared with his son Nathaniel, and "his intervale lot," in two parts totalling seventeen acres twenty rods [Lancaster Records 268].

      In his will, dated 9 May 1660 and proved 29 March 1661, "Thomas Josline of the town of Lanchaster" bequeathed to "my wife Rebecca Joslin all my goods, moveable and all my estate in lands and housing with barns and cowhouses which I have in Lanchaster, for and during the time of her natural life, and also I do give unto my said wife all debts that be owing to me"; after her death, to "my son Abraham Joslin" twenty shillings; to "my daughter Rebecca Nicholls" twenty shillings; to "my son Nathaniel Joslin twenty acres of intervale land, viz: nine acres and seven score rod lying on the west side of the North River, and seven acres of it lying on the east side of the same river, and three acres and twenty rod, which yet is to lay out where it shall lie"; to "my daughter Mary Soomner my houselot, be it upland or intervale, with all the buildings that then shall be upon it"; to "my daughter Elizabeth Emmons ten pounds"; to "my son Abraham Joslin's son, my grandchild called also Abraham Joslin the younger twenty acres of land to be measured out of my second division of lands"; to "my son Nathaniel Joslin and my son-in-law Roger Sumner all my meadows and all my rights I have to all my divisions of land"; "my wife Rebeccah Joslin" to be sole executor during her life, and "my son Nathaniel Joslin and my son-in-law Roger Sumner" to be joint executors after her decease [Rodgers 2:17-18, citing MPR 2:82-84].

      The inventory of the estate of "Thomas Joslin deceased, late of Lanchaster," taken 25 January 1660/1, was untotalled. "Housing and lands" were valued at £30 [Rodgers 2:18, citing MPR 2:84-85].

      On 24 February 1663[/4], "Rebeccah Joslin of Lanchaster . . . , executrix of the last will and testament of the late deceased Thomas Joslin my husband," deeded to "my son Nathaniel Joslin . . . twenty acres of intervale land which was given to my foresaid husband together with his house lot, at his first coming into town" [Rodgers 2:19, citing MLR 3:142].

      On 7 June 1664, "Rebeccah Karly of Lanchaster . . . , executrix to the last will and testament of Thomas Joslin my late deceased husband," in part for maintenance, deeded to "Roger Sumner my beloved son-in-law all my home lot that was my foresaid husband's according as it was given and granted by the town, together with half of a swamp that lies between the upland and the intervale, which was given as a free gift from the town unto my foresaid husband and my son Nathaniel Joslin between them equally, and twenty acres of upland or thereabouts be it more or less, being half of a piece of upland that was given as a free gift from the town, unto my foresaid husband and my son Nathaniel Joslin between them" [Rodgers 2:21-22, citing MLR 3:341]. On 8 June 1664, "Rebeccah Kerly of Lanchaster . . . , executrix of the last will and testament of the late deceased Thomas Joscelin my husband," in part for maintenance, deeded to "my beloved son Nathaniel Joscelin and my beloved son Roger Sumner the several lands, meadows and common rights in Lanchaster after mentioned and expressed being part of the lands of the aforementioned Thomas Joscelinn, namely eight acres and two-fifths of an acre being the twenty-eight lot in the first division of meadow excepting two acres that is already sold to James Butler . . . , and also four acres and half being and bearing the name allowance of meadow upon record . . . , and also half the common rights belonging to half the estate of the aforementioned Thomas Jocelin . . . , and all my right in lands, meadows, and common rights within the bounds of Lanchaster, excepting such lands as were given by the aforementioned Thomas Jocelin, by will, or by deed by me the aforesaid Rebecca Kerly by power of sole executorship" [Rodgers 2:20-21, citing MLR 3:140].

      BIRTH: About 1592 (aged 43 on 17 April 1635 [Hotten 55]), son of Ralph Josselyn of Roxwell, Essex [NEHGR 71:250-51].

      DEATH: Lancaster 3 January 1660/1 [LanVR 14].

      MARRIAGE: By about 1615 Rebecca Jude [NEHGR 158:330-40], born about 1592 (aged 43 on 17 April 1635 [Hotten 55]). She married (2) at Lancaster on 16 May 1664 William Kerley [LanVR 11].


      i ABRAHAM JOSLIN, b. say 1615; m. London 19 November 1642 (lic.) Beatrice Hampson [TAG 53:100]. She m. (2) Lancaster 16 November 1671 Benjamin Bosworth [LanVR 14], son of EDWARD BOSWORTH {1634, Boston} [GM 2:1:356].

      ii REBECCA JOSLIN, bp. Ardleigh, Essex, 27 March 1617 (aged 18 on 17 April 1635 [Hotten 55]); m. by about 1639 Thomas Nichols (three eldest children bp. together at Hingham in January 1643/4 [NEHGR 121:16]).

      iii MARY JOSLIN, bp. Ardleigh, Essex, 25 August 1619; d. soon.

      iv DOROTHY JOSLIN, b. about 1624 (aged 11 on 17 April 1635 [Hotten 55]); d. Roxbury 2 December 1645 ("Dorothy Jocelin, a maidservant of Mr. Dudly, she was exceeding lively spirited in bitter pains & left a good savor thereby, she was first taken with an apoplectical sleeping & at the resolution of it it fell upon her lungs which were weak afore, with a pain like a pleurisy" [RChR 172]).

      v NATHANIEL JOSLIN, b. about 1627 (aged 8 on 17 April 1635 [Hotten 55]); m. by 1657 Sarah King (eldest known child b. Lancaster 15 July 1657 [LanVR 12]; in his will of 12 March 1675/6, Thomas King of Marlborough included a bequest to "Anna Carly, Mary Rice & Sarah Joselin, my 3 daughters" [Stevens-Miller Anc 82-85, citing MPR 5:23]).

      vi ELIZABETH JOSLIN, b. about 1629 (aged 6 on 17 April 1635 [Hotten 55]); m. (1) Boston 21 June 1652 Edward Yeomans [BVR 38]; m. (2) Boston 9 May 1662 Edward Kilby [BVR 86].

      vii MARY JOSLIN, bp. Barham, Suffolk, 16 March 1633/4 (aged 1 on 17 April 1635 [Hotten 55]); m. by 1657 Roger Sumner (eldest known child b. Dorchester 16 November 1657 [DVR 5]).

      ASSOCIATIONS: According to the research of Elizabeth French, Thomas Joslin was fifth-cousin once-removed of THOMAS JOSSELYN {1638, York) (briefly governor of Maine), and therefore sixth-cousin of the two sons of the latter, HENRY JOSSELYN {1630, Piscataqua} [GMB 2:1113-16] and JOHN JOSSELYN {1638, Black Point} [NEHGR 71:248-50].

      Thomas Joslin was uncle of Rev. Ralph Josselyn of Earl's Coln; Essex [NEHGR 71:251-52]. (See E. Hockliffe, ed., The Diary of the Rev. Ralph Josselin, 1616-1683 [London 1908] and Alan MacFarlane, The Family Life of Ralph Josselin: A Seventeenth-Century Clergyman [New York 1970].)

      COMMENTS: Savage claimed that Thomas Joslin was "among grantees of Sudbury 1640" [Savage 2:572]. The Sudbury grantee was Thomas Islin, a distinct man altogether.

      Savage also claimed that Thomas Joslin "perhaps for short time lived at Boston" [Savage 2:572]. There is no evidence supporting this claim, which may be based on the residence there of two of the children of Thomas, son Abraham and daughter Elizabeth.

      Philip Howard Gray has attempted to rearrange the Joslin family to make this immigrant the son of Sir Thomas Josselyn who was briefly in New England in 1638 [Penobscot Pioneers 6:74-80]. His poorly grounded arguments are outweighed by the will of Simon Joslin, son of Ralph Joslin and therefore brother of the Thomas who has long been identified as the immigrant to Hingham. In his will of 28 September 1649, Simon Joslin recites a much earlier conveyance of land in which he was grantor of the land along with "Ralph Joceline of Roxwell, co. Essex, and Thomas Joceline of Barham, co. Suffolk, yeoman, and Rebecca his wife" [NEHGR 71:30, citing PCC 54 Berkley]. This conforms with and confirms the conclusions reached by Elizabeth French.

      BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: In 1848 T.W. Harris published a brief account of this family, excellent for the time but now superseded [NEHGR 2:306-10]. In 1917 Elizabeth French published a lengthy article containing many English records and compiling these records into a pedigree of the many ramifications of the Josselyn family in England [NEHGR 71:19-33, 227-57]. In 1948 Mary Lovering Holman prepared an account of a line of descent from Thomas Joslin, relying heavily on the work of French for the English portion of the lineage [Stevens-Miller Anc 62-81].

      In 1961 Edith S. Wessler published a comprehensive genealogy of the agnate descendants of this immigrant (The Jocelyn-Joslin-Joslyn-Josselyn Family [Rutland, Vermont, 1961]).

      Roger D. Joslyn has published three articles clarifying important points in the immigrant generations. In 1977 he presented the marriage license of Abraham Joslin and Beatrice Hampson [TAG 53:100]. In 1980 he demonstrated that there was no Joseph Joslin in the second generation [TAG 56:153-54]. In 2004 he identified the family of the wife of the immigrant [NEHGR 158:330-40].
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    Family Rebecca JUDE,   b. Abt 1592, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef 26 Jul 1669, Lancaster, Worcester County, MA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 77 years) 
    Married Abt 1615  England Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Rebecca JOSSELYN,   b. Bef 27 Mar 1617, Ardleigh, Essex, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 22 Sep 1675, Hingham, Plymouth County, MA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 58 years)  [natural]
     2. Mary JOSSELYN,   b. Bef 16 Mar 1634, Barham, Suffolk, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 21 Aug 1711, Milton, Norfolk County, MA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 77 years)  [natural]
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