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Male Bef 1612 - 1660  (> 47 years)

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  • Name Hugh GUNNISON 
    Born Bef 1612  Possibly Sweden Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Immigration Abt 1635 
    Reference Number LVZ7-5LH 
    Died Between 15 Sep 1659 and 31 Mar 1660 
    • (1) Anderson, Robert Charles, The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633, Vol. III, Boston, MA: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995, pp. 173-180:


      ORIGIN: Unknown.

      MIGRATION: 1635 (based on date of admission to Boston church).

      FIRST RESIDENCE: Boston.

      REMOVES: Kittery 1651.

      OCCUPATION: Innkeeper and vintner (on 28 February 1641/2, it is "ordered that Hugh Gunnyson shall be propounded to the Court, to have liberty to keep an ordinary with a cook's shop" [BTR 1:67]; on 14 June 1642, "Hugh Gunnison, having set up a cook's shop, is allowed to sell beer to his guests, some at 2d. a quart, some at 1d. a quart, being always to have small beer for such as desire it" [MBCR 2:14]).

      CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: On 22 March 1635/6, "Hugh Gunnyson, servant to our brother Richard Bellingham," was admitted to Boston church [BChR 20]. On 15 May 1647, "Sarah Gunnyson, the wife of our brother Hugh Gunnyson," was admitted to Boston church" [BChR 47].

      FREEMAN: 25 May 1636 (second in a sequence of four Boston men) [MBCR 1:372]. On 16 November 1652, agreed to and signed the submission of Kittery to Massachusetts Bay government [MBCR 4:1:124].

      OFFICES: Suffolk coroner's jury, 15 September 1640 [WP 4:285-86]. Yorkshire commissioner for Kittery, 2 July 1656 [MPCR 2:50]. Magistrate for Kittery court, 28 October 1652 [MBCR 4:1:127; MPCR 2:9].

      Deputy for Wells to Massachusetts Bay General Court, 3 May 1654 [MBCR 3:340, 4:1:182]. On 6 May 1657, "Hugh Gunison, being returned by the constable of Kittery to serve as a deputy for that town, upon information against him, was judged unmeet for that service, & so dismissed the Court, & discharged from what employments he hath had, both in military & judicial affairs" [MBCR 3:431, 4:1:303].

      Admitted to the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 1646 [HAHAC 1:158].

      ESTATE: On 9 January 1636/7, Boston selectmen granted to "our brother, Hugh Gunnyson, at Mount Woollystone for 3 heads" [BTR 1:15].

      In the Boston Book of Possessions in 1645, "Hugh Gunnison" held one parcel: "one house and garden" [BBOP 17, 96]. On 25 July 1647, "Robert Saltonstall" sold to "Hugh Gunnison of Boston fifty acres of land . . . lying in the bounds of Salem near Mr. Downing's Farm which was late the land of Rich[ard] Walker of Salem" [BBOP 17].

      On 29 January 1648/9, there is "sold unto Hugh Gunison six foot of ground in breadth and twelve foot in length, down to his signpost, to pale in, for forty shillings" [BTR 1:93].

      On 28 October 1650, "Hugh Gullison of Boston" mortgaged to "Mr. Anthony Stoddard & Henry Shrimpton all that his dwelling house called by the name of the King's Armes with all his lands, brewhouses, bams, stables, yards thereto belonging, with all his furniture therein"; the mortgage was cleared on 7 April 1651 [SLR 1:128].

      On 7 April 1651, "Hugh Gunnison of Boston . . . , vintner, & Sarah his wife" sold to "John Sampson, Henry Shrimpton & W[illia]m Brenton all of Boston aforesaid, merchants, . . . one dwelling house situate & being in Boston aforesaid commonly known by the name & sign of the King's Armes with the appurtenances late in the tenure & possession of the said Hugh Gunison & all the lands, cellars, chambers, garrets, closets, rooms, brewhouses, stables, yards, outhouses & buildings thereunto belonging & appertaining or therewith used & occupied by the said Hugh Gunnison or his assigns together with all deeds, writings & evidences of, for & concerning the same & also all the particular goods & household stuff specified in an inventory hereunto affixed . . . , one-third part of the said dwelling house & premises to & for the use & behoof of John Turner of the island of Tenerif in the Canaries, merchant, . . . , one other third part of the said dwelling house & premises to & for the use & behoof of Thomas Cowling of the said island, merchant, . . . & one other third part of the said house & premises to & for the use & behoof of the said W[illia]m Brenton" [SLR 1:135-36]. The "inventory hereunto affixed" proceeded room by room, listing mostly furniture necessary for the running of an inn, and concluding with "the signs of the King's Armes & sign posts" [SLR 1:136-37]. "

      On 7 June 1651, "Mr. Nicholas Shapleigh of Kittery in the River of Piscataquacke, merchant," leased to "Mr. Hugh Gunnison now here resident" for twenty-one years "all his edifices, lands, accommodations & privileges at the Point where Mr. William Hilton now dwelleth containing five hundred acres" [YLR 1:1:15].

      On 15 July 1654, "Robert Mendum of Kittery" sold to "Mr. Hugh Gunnison my two houses & land upon the point where now Mr. Gunnison dwelleth with all my right & interest there & also my land on the west side of the mouth of Spruce Creek where Robert Mendum & John Whitte did plant, with all the land that was given by the townsmen unto Robert Mendum" [MPCR 1:253]. On 4 August 1654, "Hugh Gunison of Kittery in Pischataqua River, innholder," mortgaged to "Mr. Richard Russell of Charles Town . . . , merchant, . . . all that my now dwelling house standing & being at Kitteryng alias Kittery on the northeast side of Pischataqua River in the County of Yorke in New England, & all the lands & buildings thereunto belonging" [YLR 2:135].

      On 14 March 1658/9, "Mr. Hugh Gunnisson" leased to "William Seely, & William Rogers, my two loving sons-in-law all my right, title & interest in a certain neck of land, lying & being on the northwest side of Spruce Creek, at the entering in of the mouth of Crooked Lane, as also a little island situate, & being in Spruce Creek, commonly called Grantus Island," for twenty-one years [YLR 1:1:89-90]. On 20 July 1660, "Sarah Gunnisson, widow, late wife & executrix unto Hugh Gunnison deceased, late of Pischataq[ua] River," quitclaimed to "William Seely, & William Rogers, my loving sons-in-law," the land of the above deed, "except two acres of upland on the said neck of land"; acknowledged on 8 September 1670 by "Saraih Morgan" [YLR 2:83]. On 6 May 1675, "William Rogers of Kittery" deeded to "Elihew Gullisson of the same place . . . all that dwelling house that I said Rogers built at the mouth of Spruce Creek, on the western side of the said creek, together with half of the whole neck of land, adjoining to the said house, which land is the land which William Seely, & I the said Rogers formerly possessed, of Mr. Hugh Gunnissons deceased, & now is in the possession of myself & Mistress Cowell, formerly the wife of William Seely" [YLR 3:106-7]. On 16 June 1675, "Thomas Cowell, & Elizabeth his wife, of Kittery" (which "Elizabeth [was] formerly widow & relict of William Seely, mariner, of the Isles of Shoals, but now the wife of the said Thomas Cowell'') sold to "William Hubbard Esq. of Ipswich . . . the dwelling house, wherein the said Thomas & Elizabeth now dwells, with a parcel of land thereunto belonging, where on the said house standeth . . . being one moiety of a neck of land (all but two acres granted to Thomas Trickie) . . . formerly belonging to Hugh Gunnisson of the said Kittery & by him granted to William Rogers, & William Seely for term of years, but since sold, enfeoffed & confirmed to them by Saraih late widow & administratrix, or executrix of the said Gunnisson, as appears by a deed made under the hand & seal of the said Saraih relict of Gunisson aforesaid, being done July the twentieth in the year sixteen hundred & sixty" [YLR 3:3]. On 27 January 1679[/80?], "Ann Crocket sayeth that she being several times at the house of Mr. Hugh Gunnisson in his lifetime & near his death, the said Gunnisson always charged me the deponent & my husband, that we should not see the two Gunnisson's wronged, of the neck of land & island belonging to it, which he the said Gunnisson had set out to his two sons- in-law, Seely & Rogers, for one & twenty years . . . , & if it pleased God to take him away before the expiration of the said lease, it was his will & determination it should return to the two Gunnissons, for the Lynns should never enjoy it"; "the two Gunnissons above mentioned he meant his two sons Joseph & Elihew" [YLR 3:107].

      On 31 March 1660, "William Hudson of Boston . . . , vintner," issued a quitclaim on a small piece of land, "whereas Hugh Gunnison lately deceased in his lifetime, some years since when he built his brewhouse at the northeasterly comer thereof, for the better accommodating of himself, crowded in & took a little piece of the land of W[illia]m Hudson's about two foot one way & three foot another more or less before the said Hudson sold that piece of land, which bounds the said brewhouse on the south" [SLR 3:481].

      On 12 April 1660, "Sarah Gunnison" is described as "administratrix to the estate of Hugh Gunnison" [MPCR 1:252].

      On 4 November 1718, "whereas your grandfather Hugh Gunison late of Kittery, yeoman, deceased, having while he lived & at the time of his decease" estate in the county of York, "Richard Tucker of Boston . . . , shipwright," was appointed administrator of the estate [YPR 3:2v]. The inventory of the estate of "Hugh Gunnison deceased," taken 4 November 1718, totalled £301 10s., of which all was real estate: "three hundred acres of land," £300; and "a small island," £1 10s. [YPR 3:3r].

      BIRTH: By about 1612 (based on estimated date of marriage).

      DEATH: Between 15 September 1659 and 31 March 1660 ([MPCR 2:363; SLR 3:481]).

      MARRIAGE: (1) By 1637 Elizabeth _____. She died at Boston on 25 January 1645[/6] [BVR 21].

      (2) By 15 May 1647 Sarah (Tilley) Lynn, daughter of WILLIAM TILLEY {1635, Boston} and widow of HENRY LYNN {1630, Boston} [GMB 2:1220-22]. She continued to handle the business affairs of her deceased husband [MPCR 2:91, 93, 100, 366-69] and then married (3) by 1 July 1661 John Mitchell [MPCR 2:106] and (4) Francis Morgan [GMB 2:1221; MPCR 1:251-55].


      With first wife

      i SARAH GUNNISON, b. Boston 14 February 1637/8 [NEHGR 4:189; BVR 5], bp. Boston 4 March 1637/8 [BChR 282]; no further record.

      ii ELIZABETH GUNNISON, b. Boston 25 April 1640 [?] [NEHGR 4:189; BVR 9], bp. Boston 19 April 1640 [?] [BChR 285]; no further record.

      iii DEBORAH GUNNISON, b. Boston [blank] October 1642 [sic] [NEHGR 4:189; BVR 13], bp. Boston 25 September 1642 "being about 7 days old" [BChR 291]; no further record.

      With second wife

      iv HESTER GUNNISON, bp. Boston 20 February 1647/8 [BchR 311]; no further record.

      v JOSEPH GUNNISON, b. Boston 31 March 1649 [BVR 29], bp. Boston 1 April 1649 "being about 3 days old" [BChR 313]; named in a deposition of 27 January 1679[/80?] [YLR 3:107], but not necessarily alive on that date; no further record.

      vi ELIHU GUNNISON, b. Boston 12 February 1649/50 [BVR 29], bp. Boston 17 February 1649/50 "being about three days old" [BChR 317]; m. (1) Dover 10 November 1674 Martha Trickey [DoVR 112], daughter of THOMAS TRICKEY {1640, Dover} [GDMNH 694]; m. (2) by 1690 Elizabeth (Ingersoll) Skillings [GDMNH 292, 368, 636], daughter of George Ingersoll and widow of John Skillings (on 20 November 1697, "Elihue Gunnison of Kittery" sold land to "my brother John Ingarsoll Senior" [YLR 7:36]; on 29 May 1709, "Elihue Gunnison Junior of Kittery" sold land to "my brother Josiah Skillin" [YLR 9:114-15]).

      vii SARAH GUNNISON, b. about 1653 (deposed in 1673 aged about 20 [GDMNH 697, citing an unidentified source]); m. by 1673 Lewis Tucker [GDMNH 697; YPR 3:2v].

      COMMENTS: On 20 November 1637, "Hugh Gunnison" was one of fifty-eight Boston men who were disarmed for supporting Anne Hutchinson and Rev. John Wheelwright [MBCR 1:211]. On about 22 November 1637, "Hung Gundison" signed the petition to have his name removed from the remonstrance in favor of Hutchinson and Wheelwright [WP 3:513].

      The inn presided over by Hugh Gunnison, the King's Arms, entertained the deputies at the times of sitting of the court [NEHGR 34:41-43]. On 22 May 1646, "The Deputies having been comfortably provided for, and with due attendance, the Court hath voted, that Hugh Gunnison shall be paid with the first, either out of the custom of wines or the wampum from the Narragansetts, when those bills which are charged thereupon are satisfied, & that his servants be allowed out of the treasury 20s. for their service" [MBCR 2:161]. Hugh Gunnison and his servants continued to receive these allowances regularly until 21 June 1650 [MBCR 2:175, 197, 218, 242, 243, 263, 276, 3:70, 127, 146, 167, 203, 4:1:21].

      On 14 May 1645, "Hugh Gunnison & Sarah Hudson were denied to draw wine" [MBCR 2:97]. On 4 November 1646, "Rich[a]rd Fairbanks & Hugh Gunnison are licensed for Boston" (as part of a broad proclamation regarding the keeping of ordinaries) [MBCR 2:173].

      On 11 December 1648, "Hugh Gunnison" was one of five men granted a monopoly of the wine trade [MBCR 2:277-78, 3:148-50, 309, 4:1:133],

      On 18 October 1651, court was held at Pischatqua at Mr. Gillison's [MPCR 1:170]. Inasmuch as Gunnison was the innkeeper at Kittery, the court was probably held there on several occasions.

      On 20 November 1652, "Mr. Hugh Gunnyson was licensed to keep an ordinary & to sell wine & strong water" at Kittery [MPCR 2:6; MBCR 4:1:127], On 30 June 1653, "Mr. Hugh Gullisone" was presented "for not providing beer and victuals for strangers & for his neglect in not attending the ferry whereby both strangers & others are obstructed of their convenient passages answerable to their occasions; Hugh Gunnison discharged by an admonition, paying the officer's fees" [MPCR 2:13]. On 25 October 1653, "Hugh Gunnisson" was presented "for selling out his wine per unlawful measures . . . ; Hugh Gunnisson discharged per an admonition paying 2s. 6d. to the recorder" [MPCR 2:23].

      On 5 July 1658, "Hugh Gunnisson" was presented "for keeping of an ordinary & for not renewing of his license according to law; fined for his neglect if not contempt 10s.; a license granted him" [MPCR 2:63]. On 4 July 1659, "Mr. Hugh Gunnison being presented for keeping of an house of common entertainment without license, Hugh Gunnison is fined 10s., the Court abating the rest of the fine imposed by law by reason of his present ignorance thereof" [MPCR 2:76, 84]. On the same day, "Hugh Gunnison [is] allowed by license from this Court for keeping an house of common entertainment for the year ensuing with liberty to sell wine, but not on the sabbath day nor on the evening of the sabbath, excepting only at meal times some small quantity to such strangers or sick persons as lodge in their house, and not to sell any strong liquors unless to known & orderly housekeepers & strangers, & that only in case of necessity, nor to suffer any to drink & tipple the same in or about their house. The fine for selling wine on the sabbath day (except as before excepted) is five shillings for every pint" [MPCR 2:76-77, 87].

      On 23 December 1644, "Hugh Gunison" gave a letter of attorney to "[blank] [blank] to receive twenty pounds of Mr. John Bewford" [Aspinwall 5]. On 7 January 1644/5, Aspinwall made a copy of "a bill of twenty pounds from John Bewford of Middlesex, gent., unto Arthur Clarke of Boston for the use of Hugh Gunnison" [Aspinwall 18]. On 21 December 1650, Robert Sedgwick acknowledged receipt of payment of all debts by "Hugh Gullison" [Aspinwall 367].

      On 17 November 1648, "W[illia]m Tilly of Boston do hereby make & ordain my well beloved friend Hugh Gullison of Boston my true & lawful attorney for me & in my name to implead & arrest & prosecute & recover of W[illia]m Phillips of Boston & his wife or either or both of them or any person or persons that hath or shall hereafter defame or slander my well beloved wife Alice Tilly in respect of her calling or otherwise" [Aspinwall 202-3]. William Tilley was father of the second wife of Hugh Gunnison, and is here in the process of attempting to protect his wife Alice (Frost) (Blower) Tilley from charges arising from her practice of midwifery [TAG 71:113; GM 2:1:338-40; WMQ 3:55:105-34].

      On 4 November 1650, "whereas I Georg[e] Yong of Ratcliffe in the County of Middlesex in England, mariner, did about two years since deliver to Hugh Gunnison of Boston in New England, vintner, one box of writings to keep for me, which writings the said Hugh Gunnison because of a rumor spread up & down that there should be a thousand pound in gold in it delivered it sealed up to the Court at Boston in the year 1649, who opened it & delivered the same to Mr. Nathaniel Duncan, Auditor General, witness now these presents that I the said Georg[e] Yongs do hereby acknowledge to have received all my said writings & box which I delivered to the said Hugh Gunnison of the said Nathaniel Duncan, & therefore do acquit the said Hugh Gunnison therefrom, his heirs & assigns, acknowledging also that the said above mentioned rumor was false that I never delivered him the said Hugh Gunnison any gold" [Aspinwall 335-36].

      On 16 October 1651, "Goody Mendum" was presented for "abusing Mrs. Gullison in words" and for "cursing & saying the devil take Mr. Gullison & his wife"; she was fined twice 2s. 6d. and £5 [MPCR 1:16465].

      In the 1650s Hugh Gunnison was frequently a principal in minor civil suits, both as plaintiff and defendant [MPCR 1:154, 167, 169, 175, 17980, 2:19, 20, 26, 35,47, 61, 363; MBCR 3:346].

      William Seely and William Rogers, called by Hugh Gunnison his sons-in-law, were in fact the husbands of his stepdaughters, Sarah (Lynn) Rogers and Elizabeth (Lynn) Seely [GMB 2:1221].

      BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: In 1880 George W. Gunnison published a genealogy of the descendants of Hugh Gunnison, including many extracts from the records, arranged generally in chronological order [A Genealogy of the Descendants of Hugh Gunnison of Boston, Mass. . . . (Boston 1880)].

      (2) Gunnison, George W., A Genealogy of the Descendants of Hugh Gunnison of Boston, Mass., Boston, MA: George A. Foxcroft, 1880, pp. 13-14:

      HUGH GUNNISON, b. about A. D. 1610. Vintner, Boston. Kittery, d. after Sept. 21, 1658. m. 1, Elizabeth _____ about A.D. 1635. She d. Jan. 25, 1646. m. 2, Mrs. Sarah Lynn, May 23, 1647, in Boston.


      1. (Child), b. A.D. 1636.

      2. Sarah, b. Feb. 14, 1638, in Boston.

      3. Elizabeth, b. April 25, 1640, in Boston.

      4. Deborah, b. Oct. __ ,1642, in Boston.

      5. Joseph, b. Mar. 31, 1649, in Boston.

      6. Elihu, b. Feb. 12, 1650, in Boston.

      Tradition informs us that Hugh Gunnison was born in Sweden, but came to America a single man, with an English Colony composed of five families, named respectively Scammons, Frost, Bryar and Raynes, two of the families bearing the same name. They reached Piscataqua harbor before there was any house in Portsmouth; i. e., before 1631, and when there were but two small huts on Great Island, now New Castle. He first settled at Dover Neck, N. H. My father had this direct from his grandfather, who was born in 1713. I have derived the same intelligence, substantially, from other independent sources.

      Public Records show that Hugh Gunnison was in Boston in 1634, and how much earlier cannot now be ascertained. On the occasion of his admission to the church that year, he was entitled " Servant to our Bro. Richard Bellingham." Now Richard Bellingham came to Boston in New England from Boston in old Engladd [sic], where he was " Recorder," with his wife and son in 1634. He was subsequently Governor of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay.

      (3) Stackpole, Everett S., Old Kittery and Her Families, Lewiston, ME: Press of Lewiston Journal Company, 1903, p. 477:

      Hugh Gunnison, according to tradition, was born in Sweden about 1610. He was in Boston in 1634, a vintner, "servant to Richard Bellingham." In 1651 he sold his inn, called "King's Arms," and brew house and moved to Kittery, where he kept an ordinary in 1652. He was Deputy to General Court and Associate Judge of the Court of Common pleas. He is last mentioned 4 July 1659 and died before 20 July 1660. His first wife, Elizabeth, died 25 Nov. 1645. He married (2), 23 May 1647, Sarah, widow of Henry Lynn and dau. of William and Alice Tilly. A deposition made 29 June 1670 gives her age as about 51 years. She married (3) about 1660 Capt. John Mitchell of the Isles of Shoals and (4) Surgeon Francis Morgan. She was living in 1673.

      Children of Hugh Gunnison by first marriage:

      [i] SARAH b. 14 Dec. 1637; m. Lewis Tucker; d. 1666.

      [ii] ELIZABETH b. 25 Feb. 1640. Either she or Elizabeth Lynn m. (1) William Seely, (2) Thomas Cowell.

      [iii] DEBORAH bapt. 25 July 1642, "aged about 7 days;" m. John Ingersoll.

      Children by second marriage:

      [iv] HESTER bapt. 20 Dec. 1647; m. perhaps, William Rogers, though he may have m. one of the daughters of Henry Lynn.

      [v] JOSEPH b. 31 Jan. 1649.

      [vi] ELIHU b. 14 Dec. 1649. . . .
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    Family 1 Sarah TILLEY,   b. Abt 1619,   d. Aft 1673  (Age ~ 55 years) 
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