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Edward CATE, Sr.

Male Abt 1647 - Abt 1732  (~ 85 years)

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  • Name Edward CATE 
    Suffix Sr. 
    Born Abt 1647 
    Gender Male 
    Died Abt 1732  Portsmouth, Rockingham County, NH Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • (1) Cates, E. E., and Sanborn, M. Ray, The Cate-Cates Family of New England, Frederick, MD: Marken & Bielfeld, 1904, p. 4:

      Edward and Elizabeth (Tucker) Cate, (2-1.) He was a carpenter at Portsmouth, N. H., d. about 1732.


      [i] James, ba. Nov. 5. 1693, m. 1715, Margaret, (b. Nov. 30, 1693.) da. of Enoch and Abigail (Drew) Briard.

      [ii] Elizabeth, ba. Nov. 5, 1693, m. Jonathan Weeks.

      [iii] Margaret, ba. Nov. 5, 1693, m. John Wyatt.

      [iv] Bridget, ba. Nov. 5, 1693, m. (1st.,) Oct. 20, 1709, Enoch Barker; (2nd.,) _____ Dunniford (or Dunnavan.)

      [v] Edward Jr., m. (1st.,) Jan. 9, 1718, Jane, da. of Richard Jose; (2nd.,) Martha, da. of William and Elizabeth (Clark) Cotton, and widow of Obediah Marshall.

      [vi] Tucker, m. Jan. 19, 1718, Mary, (b. Feb. 24, 1695,) da. of Mephibosheth and Lydia (Leavitt) Sanborn, of Hampton, N. H.

      [vii] William, m. Dec. 27 (or 13,) 1722, Elizabeth, da. of Solomon and Margaret (Fernald) Cotton, of Portsmouth, N. H.

      [viii] Joshua, b. May 12, 1702, m. Aug. 13, 1724, Anna Frost.

      [ix] Mary, m. Jan. 5, 1724, John Frost.

      (2) Libby, Charles Thornton, Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, Portland, ME: The Southward Press, 1928, p. 132:

      EDWARD [CATE] (2), carpenter, b. ab. 1655, his mother's first child. Constab. 1693, 94, jury 1695, 96, gr.j. 1698. Lists 327d, 329, 52, 57, 335a (174), 330d, 331c, 339. Wife Elizabeth, only ch. of Philip Tucker. Lists 335a (176), 331c, She and s. James gr. adm. 24 Aug. 1732. Ch: James, oldest s. bp. with three foll. 5 Nov. 1693, m. Sep. 1715 Margaret Briard (1). Carpenter and farmer at Greenland and Stratham. 9 ch. Elizabeth, m. Jonathan Weeks. Margaret, m. John Wyatt. Bridget, bp. 5 Nov. 1693, m. 1st 20 Oct. 1709 Enoch Barker from Rowley, 2d 19 Mar. 1727 Daniel Donovan. Edward, m. 1st 9 Jan. 1717-8 Jane Jose (Richard); 2d Martha (Cotton, d. of Wm. (7 jr.), wid. of Obediah Marshall. List 339. Tucker, Greenland, m. 19 Jan. 1716, Mary Sanborn, d. of Mephibosheth. Will 1757 names wife and 9 of 10 ch. William, m. Dec. 1722 Elizabeth Cotton, dau. of Solomon (2); moved to Barrington ab. 1730. 7 or m. ch. 1723-1741. Joshua, b. 12 May 1702, m. 13 Aug. 1724 Anna Frost. Mary, m. 5 Jan. 1726-7 John Frost (see 8).

      (3), New Hampshire Probate Records, 1635-1753 [database online], Provo, UT:, Inc., 2003:


      [Bond of James Cate and Elizabeth Cate, son and widow of Edward Cate, with Michael Whidden and Joshua Peirce as sureties, Aug. 24, 1732, for the administration of the estate of Edward Cate of Portsmouth ; witnesses, John Penballow and Edward Cate.]

      [Blank sheet of paper for bond, Dec. 22, 1732, signed by John Frost, Ephraim Jackson, and Thomas Peirce ; witnesses, Joshua Penhallow and John Penhallow.

      "The above is a Bond of Guardianship that Jno Frost shall perform the Office of Guardian to His Children, the Grand-children of mr Edwd Cate Decd

      Childrens Names
      Saml Frost 5 year
      Eliza Frost 3 year
      Jane Frost 1 year"]

      This Indenture of ten Partes made Between Elizabeth Cate (Widdow & Relict of Edward Cate Late of Portsmo in Newhampshire in New England yeoman Deceasd Intestate) of the first: James Cate the Eldest son of said Edward Cate of the Second Part: Edward Cate of the third Part Tucker Cate of the fourth part William Cate of the fifth part Joshua Cate of the sixth part: Jonathan Weekes & Elizabeth his wife of ye 7th part John Wiat & Margaret his wife of the Eighth part in the Right of their wifes Bridget Dunnavan of the Ninth part & John ffrost in the Right of his Children By Mary his wife of the tenth part Wittnesseth: That Whereas the said Edward Died Intestate Leaving an Estate which according to the Law of this Province ought to be Divided Amongst the Children above Named--And Whereas the said Elizabeth Cate the Widdow of the said Edward Cate Deceasd hath Lands in her own Right: Whiche she is Willing on the Consideration here after Mentioned shall be Now Divided with the Division of her husbands Estate among their Children and alsoe her thirds in her said Husbands Real Estate: Now This Indenture Wittnesseth That It is Covenanted and Agreed By and Between the said Parties: and the said Elizabeth Cate the Widdow for her Selfe her Exrs & admrs Do Covenant Grant & agree to And With her said Children above Named That for the Yearly payments of Six pounds per Annum to be paid her During her Life by her Eldest son above Named vizt James Cate: And three pounds per Annum to be paid her During her life by Each of her other Children above Named for ye payment of Which said Severall sumes Each of the said Children Shall give her an obligation with Penalty: She Doth hereby Consent And Agree That that part of the Real Estate that Came by her Shall Now Imediately be Divided with the Rest of her affore said Husbands Estate amongst their Children and alsoe her third part of her said Husbands Real Estate: And the said James Cate the Eldest son Doth for himselfe his heirs Exrs and admrs Covenant Grant & agree to And With said Brethren and sisters before Named & their Exrs and admrs that he will accept for his Double Portion or Dividend of said fathers Estate Real & personall: That Tract of land at Greenland Where be Now liveth and to have twenty pounds paid him by his said Brethren & sisters: and that to be In full of all his Demands from all his said fathers Real And personall Estate and alsoe of the Lands that Came by his Mother affore said: and that the sd James Cate Shall be Accountable to the Rest of his Brethren & sisters for what stock and Moveables he has had from his said fathers Estate since his Death: they paying him what Charges besides his time and Labour in administring so far as he Did: he alsoe paying a Double part of the Charges in Making & Setling a full Divission according to the Intent hereof and payment of his Mothers yearely Sume affore said--

      And It is Covenanted granted & agreed Between the sd Edward Cate Tucker Cate William Cate Joshua Cate Jonathan Weekes & his wife Elizabeth--John Wiat and Margaret his wife Bridget Donavan & John ffrost in the Right of his wife Mary Deeeass & as Guardian for his Children by his said wife Each for themselves their heirs Exrs & admrs & Do Severally Covenant Grant & agree Every of them with the other by these presents in Manner And form following: Vizt That they Consent & agree to the Setlement of that part of the Estate to their Brother James Cate in Manner affore said: and alsoe to their Severall payments Respectively to be paid by Each of them to their Mother affore Said in Manner and form affore said: And that the Remainder of their said fathers Estate Real & personall Shall be Equally Divided amongst them with that part that Came by their said Mother as to Quaintity and Quality & Set off to them Severally by Meets and bounds By Eaphraim Dennet Esqr Capt Samll Hart & Mark Langdon all of Portsmouth affore said as soone as Conveniently the, said Gent Can Do it And that Each one Will pay his and their proportionable part of the Charges & Debts Due from their said fathers Estate and that Whatsoever Either of the said Parties hath already had towards their advancement out of their said fathers Estate Shall be now Brot in to Make an Squall Distribution according to the Law of the Province by the Gent above Named

      And for the True Performance of all Every Covenant and agreement on Each partie herein before Mentioned they & Each of them for themselves their heirs Exrs & admrs Bind & oblige themselvs unto the other his & their Exrs & admrs in the sume or penalty of one hundred pounds In Wittness whereof Each party bath hereunto Set their hands & seals March the fifteenth Anno Domi 1732/3

      and It is further agreed by the Children above said that their Mother Elizabeth Shall have her Choice of one halfe the Dwelling house & halfe the Garden Dureing her life free--and halfe the Celler--

      James Cate
      Edward Cate
      Tucker Cate
      Wm Cate
      Joshua Cate
      Jonathan Weekes
      the mark of Eliza X Week
      the mark of Bridget X Dunnavan
      Jno ffrost
      marg wyatt
      John Wyatt
      Meargrit Wyatt

      signed sealed and Delivered in presence of us--
      Cyprian Jeffry
      James Jeffry

      Pursuant to Articles of Agreement Made and agreed to on the fifteenth day of March last past By and Between Elizabeth Cate of Portsmouth in Newhampshire in New England Widdow & Relict of Edward Cate Late of Portsmouth affore Said yeoman Deceasd Intestate: of the one part And the Children and Coheirs of the Said Edward Cate of the Severall other Parts--as by an Instrument in Writing under their hands and Seals: (reference to the same being had will at Large appeare) Impowering us the subscribers to Make Divission of the Said Edward Cates Real Estate: and alsoe to make Divission of what lands Came by the affore Said Elizabeth Cate from her father Tucker and of her the said Elizabeth thirds in her said Late husband Edward Cates Estate: So to Make an Entire Divission of all the Real Estate amongst the Children of the Said Edward Cate of all the Lands & houses the said Edward Died Seized and Possessed off: amongst them and those that represent them as Neare In Quality and Quaintity as wee Could In our best judgment

      Accordingly wee have been upon the lands and vie[we]d it well and have laid out by meets and bounds Each ones Share (Except the Eldest Sons which is Set off by agreement & Consent as hereafter) of all the Rest wee have Caused a platt to be made on the other Side hereof: and number Each one part in figurs: Number one being Edward Cates Share: Number two with the Dwelling house upon it Is Joshua Cates Share he paying to his Brother in law Jonathan weeks twelve pounds and letting his Mother Elizabeth Cate have the free use of the Westerly halfe of the Dwelling house During her Life and halfe ye Garden: Number three with the Barn thereon to Bridget Dunnavan Number fower And Number Eight William Cates Part: Number Nine Tucker Cates part Number five in two parts for the Children of John Frosts Number six in two parts is Margarets Wiats Number Seven is Jonathan Weekses part and alsoe twelve pounds to be paid Him by Joshua Cate for Equality of Partition The Eldest Son James Cate to have all that land at Greenland Neare the Great Bay (where he livs) It being purchased by his father Edward Cate) for his Double Share and twenty pounds out of the Goods & Chatles Jonathan Weeks Tucker Cate & William Cate to have that Quarter and a halfe of an acres of land lying at the Water Side Neare Monsons in the Cove or Creek below the said Edward Cates Dwelling house and the high way Down from the Rhoad to sagamore Creek to the said land: and in lieu of the said Elizabeths land being Now so Divided with her affore Said Husbands Estate and alsoe her Dowry being Now Divided Amongst the Children of the said Edward Cate (By her) And their Representatives: Each of them the said Children & those that appeare to act for them do oblidge themselvs and their parts of the said Estate for Each Respectively to pay unto the said Elizabeth Cate Dureing her Life (besides her living in the Dwelling house as affore said: the Severall Sumes following That is to say: the Eldest son James Cate Six pounds yearely and Every yesre and Each of the other Children or the Guardians of those that represent them three pounds yearly and Every yeare so long as the said Elizabeth Shall live--This is our Return according to the Trust Reposed in us and according to our best judgments Witness our hands May the twenty fourth Anno Domini 1733?

      Ephm Dennet
      Samll Hart
      Mark Langdon

      Wee the subscribers do all of us agree to the above Division and Each of us accept the same for our Severall parts & portions of our fathers Edward Cates Estate Wittnesses our hands & Seales--

      Edward Cate
      Wm Cate
      Joshua Cate
      Jonathan Weeks
      Elizabeth X Weeks
      Tucker Cates
      Bridget X Dunnavan
      Elizabeth X Cate
      James Cates
      Margrit wyatt
    Person ID I3023  Frost, Gilchrist and Related Families
    Last Modified 29 Dec 2018 

    Father James CATE,   b. Abt 1634,   d. 15 May 1677, Portsmouth, Rockingham County, NH Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 43 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Mother Alice (CATE) 
    Relationship natural 
    Family ID F2200  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Elizabeth TUCKER,   b. Abt 1655,   d. Abt 1733  (Age ~ 78 years) 
     1. Bridget CATE  [natural]
     2. Elizabeth CATE,   b. Abt 1683,   d. Abt 1755  (Age ~ 72 years)  [natural]
     3. James CATE,   b. Abt 1687,   d. Abt 1754  (Age ~ 67 years)  [natural]
     4. Margaret CATE,   b. Abt 1691,   d. Abt 1735  (Age ~ 44 years)  [natural]
     5. Edward CATE, Jr.,   b. Abt 1694,   d. Abt 1738  (Age ~ 44 years)  [natural]
     6. Tucker CATE,   b. Abt 1696,   d. Abt 1738  (Age ~ 42 years)  [natural]
     7. William CATE,   b. Abt 1699,   d. Abt 1738  (Age ~ 39 years)  [natural]
     8. Joshua CATE,   b. 12 May 1702, Portsmouth, Rockingham County, NH Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Abt 1738  (Age 35 years)  [natural]
     9. Mary CATE,   b. Abt 1704, Portsmouth, Rockingham County, NH Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef 22 Dec 1732, Portsmouth, Rockingham County, NH Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 28 years)  [natural]
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