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Ebenezer FROST, Sr.

Male 1746 - 1824  (77 years)

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  • Name Ebenezer FROST 
    Suffix Sr. 
    Born 23 Nov 1746  Morristown, Morris County, NJ Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Christened 11 Jan 1747  Morristown, Morris County, NJ Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    AFN 462K-79 
    Died 7 Jan 1824  Rowan [now Davie] County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Buried Old Frost Burying Ground, Davie County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • (1) History of the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, N. J. [Microreproduction of Original Published in Morristown, NJ, 1880-1885], Sanford, NC: Microfilming Corporation of America, 1983, p. 82:

      Frost, William. . . .
      Ebenezer; B. 11 Jan. 1747.

      (2) Baptisms at the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, Morris County, NJ < .htm>:

      Surname: FROST
      Given: Ebenezer
      Baptism: 11 Jan 1747
      Father: William FROST
      Notes: Child of William Frost & wf

      (3) Frost, Wright W., The Frosts and Related Families of Bedford County, Tennessee, Knoxville, TN: 1962, pp. 3-7:

      Evidence that Ebenezer Frost was the son of William Frost and that he was born in Morristown, New Jersey, has already been given. His tombstone inscription, to which additional reference will be made later, provides the date of his birth on November 23, 1746, and of his death on January 7, 1824. Indisputable proof of the father-son relationship between William and Ebenezer Frost is found in the record of a real estate transaction which took place many years after William Frost's death. On July 20, 1805, Ebenezer Frost and wife Elizabeth Frost sold to George Booe ". . . a tract or parcel of land lying in Rowan County on waters of Bear Creek, beginning . . . William Nelson's corner . . . Jones line . . . William Moore's line . . . Walter Gaither . . . containing two hundred acres being a part of a tract of land containing four hundred and eightyfour acres which descended to said Ebenezer from his father William Frost. . . ." (Rowan County Deed Book 19, p. 381). A similar description of this land was used on January 5, 1815, when George Booe sold it to John Booe for $700 (Rowan County Deed Book 23, pp. 355-356). This land seems to have included what later became known as the "Old Frost Burying Ground," which is described later. In all probability William Frost himself and his daughter-in-law Sarah Fairchild Frost were buried in this family cemetery but without inscribed tombstones to mark their graves.

      The marriage bond for Ebenezer Frost and his first wife, Sarah Fairchild Frost, was dated December 5, 1769, and was signed by Ebenezer Frost, Jonathan Boone, and Dan C. Little. A photocopy of the bond shows that Thomas Frohock, Rowan County Court Clerk, misspelled Sarah's name. The error has been copied as "Sarahy" Fairchild by many who did not notice the correct spelling by Sarah's father. Attached to the marriage bond is this note from Ebenezer Fairchild:

      ["]North Calinah Roan County In the year of our lord 1769 Desembour the 3 Day pleas to grant Ebenezer Frost lisens to marry Sarah Fair Child and in so doing you will a blige your friend.

      ["(Signed) ebeneser fair Child["]

      Though by no means an authority on spelling, Ebenezer Fairchild at least knew how to spell Sarah. . . .

      At the time of his marriage to Sarah Fairchild, Ebenezer Frost was twenty-three years of age. Sarah probably was younger than eighteen, since her parents are thought to have married in 1750 and since her father's consent was attached to her marriage bond. How long Sarah lived after her marriage is not known; nor is the exact date of the births of any of her children whose names will be listed later. Her death probably occurred a few months before Ebenezer Frost's second marriage on November 2, 1775. It is through the descendants of John Frost, son of this young mother who lived less than six years after her marriage, that the Frost, Fairchild, Boone, and Wright families of western North Carolina were united to constitute a prominent part of the ancestry of the Frost family which settled in Bedford County, Tennessee, about sixty years later.

      According to the Minutes of Dutchmans Creek Baptist Church, Ebenezer Frost joined by baptism on March 7, 1773. His father-in-law, Ebenezer Fairchild, had been one of the ten charter members at its organization on October 5, 1772. On February 3, 1775, the Minutes indicate that some members were not regular in their attendance. This may have been the only charge against him when "It was thought proper by the Bretheren that Ebenezer Frost should be suspended til satisfaction could be given. . . ." But on June 7, 1776, "Ebenezer Frost through the goodness of God was brought to see the evil of his transgressions and acknowledging the same before God and the Bretheren and was received into fellowship again. . . ." More than a quarter of a century later, on January 21, 1804, after the church had become known as Eatons Baptist Church, Ebenezer Frost was again dropped from membership-this time ". . . because of obstinate refusing to comply with rules, contending against observance of Lord's Day." On June 22, 1805, however, he again made full confession of his faults and was received again into fellowship.

      Ebenezer Frost's second marriage was to Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of John Wilson, Sr. The marriage bond was dated November 2, 1775, and was signed by William Van Cleave, husband of Ebenezer's sister Abigail. Ebenezer and Elizabeth Wilson Frost lived together for almost forty-nine years. In the Old Frost Burying Ground near Cana, North Carolina, is a tombstone with this inscription: "Ebenezer Frost, Sen., Born Nov. 23, 1746, Died Jan. 7, 1824, Age 77 y's., 1 mo. and 15 d's." On an almost identical tombstone a similar inscription to "Elizabeth wife of Ebenezer Frost, Sen." records her birth date as December 21, 1754, and her death on November 13, 1825.

      Ebenezer and Elizabeth Wilson Frost's burial place, long known as the Old Frost Burying Ground, is located about one hundred yards south of Woodward Road at a point about one-half of a mile east of the junction with Cana Road, south of the Village of Cana, in Davie County, North Carolina. From the road the cemetery appears only as a grove of trees less than one acre in size amid cultivated fields. Surrounding the actual burial area, grown up in trees, bushes, and poison ivy, is a low wall of loosely piled quartz stones. On many of the graves is periwinkle (vinca minor) planted by Boyce Cain, an elderly citizen of Cana in 1961 and a great-grandson of Ebenezer and Elizabeth Wilson Frost. The last burial in this family cemetery seems to have been that of Isaac Newton Frost's son Benjamin F. Frost, who was born December 15, 1841, and died December 17, 1886. The growth of trees right out of the graves themselves indicates that proper care of the cemetery has been neglected since around 1900. This abandonment of the memories of the past to the mercies of Nature, however, may in the long run be the most significant factor in the preservation of the spot for the purpose of its dedication. While Nature has hidden from casual view the monuments erected by man, she is protecting those same monuments from the processes of agriculture and the trespassing of live stock. In full view of those who pass along Woodward Road, the grove of trees which covers this small area towers many times higher than any of the stone monuments.

      The writer made his first visit to the Old Frost Burying Ground on June 10, 1958, accompanied by Mrs. Louise Utley, a well known elderly resident of Cana, who has contributed most generously to the information contained in the Frost and Boone narratives. As living mementos of this visit, the writer transplanted to his own garden vinca minor from the graves of his great-great-great-grandmother Rebecca Boone Frost and his great-great-great-great-grandfather Ebenezer Frost, Sen. As a further reminder of the Old Frost Burying Ground, he has on his desk a paperweight, a small piece of quartz taken from the wall. A slightly larger piece of the quartz has been built into a stone wall in the area back of his home. Lest the reader get the impression of vandalism in the removal of these stones, it should be explained that they were not placed there in order to fence the cemetery. Instead, the edge of the cemetery seems to have become a depository for unwanted stones from the adjoining cultivated fields.

      Although he was of military age at the time of the American Revolution, Ebenezer Frost also had the responsibility of supporting a family. If he engaged in any military activities, the fact has not been included in any of the records which the writer has been able to find. On file with the National Register of the Daughters-of the American Revolution is a copy of a Revolutionary Voucher which verifies the civilian services or goods for which Ebenezer Frost filed claim against the State of North Carolina in 1781, 1782, and 1784. On the basis of this voucher he is classified as an "American Patriot" by the D.A.R. and as such is an eligible ancestor for membership in that organization.

      An old Bible, published in 1814, contains both names and birth dates of Ebenezer Frost, of his second wife, Elizabeth Frost, and of seven of their children, Rachel, William, Sarah, Abigail, Amy, Isaac N., and Samuel. All entries, except Samuel's, which was not in the proper order or in the same handwriting, appear to have been written at one time from memory or copied from another record. Six other names, without birth dates, were recorded in pencil and in a still different handwriting as though added many years later as follows: Capt. John Frost, Jonathan Frost, Millie Frost, Hannah Frost, Abbie Frost, and Wilson Frost. By eliminating Abbie, who obviously is the same as Abigail, the number of children in this Bible stands at twelve, which is four short of the sixteen whom Ebenezer Frost fathered, according to the tradition handed down from his son Isaac Newton Frost, through his grandson Jonathan C. Frost, and to his great-granddaughter Minnie Frost Rands. Two additional names, James and Elizabeth, are found in Elizabeth Wilson Frost's will dated May 17, 1825, and probated in November, 1825 (Rowan County Will Book H, p. 323 ), providing that ". . . all remaining property [be] sold and divided equally among my children, namely my son William, Wilson, Jonathan, Samuel, James, Isaac N., Elizabeth Van Cleave, Rachel Holman, Sally Garwood, Abigail Merrill, and Amy Frost."

      The names of Ebenezer (Jr.) and Mary (Polly), missing from the two lists already presented, are included in the fifteen found in an unsigned, unregistered indenture in which thirteen are named as follows: ". . . John Frost, Ebenezer Frost [Jr.], George E. Goff and Polly Goff his wife, David Holman and Rachel Holman his wife, William Frost, Sarah Garwood, Wilson Frost, Azariah Merrell and Abigail Merrell his wife, William Vancleave and Elizabeth Vancleave his wife, James Frost, Samuel Frost, Jonathan Frost, and Amy Frost. . . ." This indenture was drawn January 20, 1830, and provided for the sale by the above named to their brother Isaac Newton Frost their interest in a tract of land owned by their deceased sister Hannah at the time of her death. Only Wilson Frost signed this indenture, and he later cancelled his signature; but it was preserved by Isaac Newton Frost and passed on to his granddaughter Minnie Frost Rands, who made it available to the writer in 1962. Although it never had any legal status, it has considerable genealogical significance. The writer considers it both authentic and genuine. It provides the most nearly complete list of Ebenezer Frost's children with only the name of Milicent Frost, who may have died before 1830, omitted.

      Although Isaac Newton Frost is reported to have told his son Jonathan C. Frost, that Ebenezer Frost's second wife, Elizabeth Wilson Frost, had only ten children, the writer is constrained by available records to conclude that she was the mother of twelve, consisting of Hannah, who had died December 15, 1823, and the eleven whom she named in her will on May 17, 1825. This leaves only John, Mary (Polly), Milicent, and Ebenezer, Jr., who could have been Sarah Fairchild Frost's children. The individual sketches which follow provide only scant information on some of the sixteen children, and much which is presented is not documented to the complete satisfaction of the writer; but twelve of Ebenezer Frost's children will be shown to have been born after November 2, 1775, when he signed the bond for his marriage to his second wife, Elizabeth Wilson Frost.


      Ebenezer Frost
      Birth: Nov. 23, 1746, Morristown, Morris County, New Jersey, USA
      Death: Jan. 7, 1824, Rowan County, North Carolina, USA

      Ebenezer Frost (b. 23 November 1746, d. 07 January 1824). Ebenezer Frost (son of William Frost and Abigail) was born 23 November 1746 in Morristown, Morris Co, NJ . . . , and died 07 January 1824 in Rowan Co, NC. . . . He married Elizabeth Wilson on 02 November 1775 in Rowan Co, NC . . . , daughter of John Wilson and Rebecca.

      Ebenezer Frost was the son of William Frost, born in Morristown, NJ. His tombstone inscription provides the date of his birth on November 23, 1746, and the date of his death on January 7, 1824. He is buried in the family cemetery near Mocksville, Davie Co., NC. The grave was located in 1972.

      More About Ebenezer Frost:
      Burial: Unknown, Old Frost Bur Gr, Cana, Davie Co, NC.
      Christened/Bapt.: 11 January 1746/47, Morristown, Morris Co, NJ.
      Military: Public Service, American Revolution.
      Other-Begin: 07 March 1773, joined Dutchman's Creek Baptist Church.

      Family links: Children: Mary Ann Frost Goff (1771 - 1839)

      Burial: Old Frost Burying Ground, Davie County, North Carolina, USA
      Plot: Cana, North Carolina

      Created by: Debra K Choate Wornell
      Record added: Oct 29, 2011
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    Person ID I18247  Frost, Gilchrist and Related Families
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    Father William FROST,   b. Abt 1715,   d. Between 1772 and 1778, Rowan [now Davie] County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 57 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Family ID F63  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family 1 Elizabeth WILSON,   b. 21 Dec 1754, Rowan [now Davie] County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 13 Nov 1825, Rowan [now Davie] County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 70 years) 
    Married Abt 2 Nov 1775  Rowan County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Samuel FROST,   b. 18 May 1791,   d. 10 Jun 1884  (Age 93 years)  [natural]
     2. Hannah FROST,   b. 15 Feb 1790,   d. 15 Dec 1823  (Age 33 years)  [natural]
     3. James FROST,   b. 9 Feb 1787, Rowan [now Davie] County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 4 Mar 1853, Davie County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 66 years)  [natural]
     4. Isaac Newton FROST,   b. 11 Jul 1799,   d. 20 May 1872  (Age 72 years)  [natural]
     5. Amy FROST,   b. 9 Mar 1797,   d. 15 Apr 1857  (Age 60 years)  [natural]
     6. Jonathan FROST,   b. Abt 1793,   d. Bef 30 Jun 1843  (Age ~ 50 years)  [natural]
     7. Sarah FROST,   b. 19 Aug 1779,   d. 1855  (Age 75 years)  [natural]
     8. William FROST,   b. 26 Dec 1777,   d. Bef 27 Apr 1847  (Age < 69 years)  [natural]
     9. Rachel FROST,   b. 9 Aug 1776,   d. 18 May 1851  (Age 74 years)  [natural]
     10. Elizabeth FROST,   b. Between 1784 and 1785,   d. 26 Aug 1863, Johnson County, IL Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 79 years)  [natural]
     11. Wilson FROST,   b. Between 1782 and 1783,   d. 12 Aug 1853  (Age ~ 71 years)  [natural]
     12. Abigail FROST,   b. 19 Apr 1781  [natural]
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    Family 2 Sarah FAIRCHILD,   b. Abt 1751, NJ Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef 2 Nov 1775, Rowan [now Davie] County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 24 years) 
    Married Abt 5 Dec 1769  Rowan [now Davie] County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Millicent FROST,   b. Abt 1772, Rowan County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location  [natural]
     2. Ebenezer FROST, Jr.,   b. Feb 1774, Rowan County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef 18 Jul 1839, Hopkins County, KY Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 65 years)  [natural]
     3. John FROST,   b. Abt 1770, Rowan County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 4 Sep 1834  (Age ~ 64 years)  [natural]
     4. Mary FROST,   b. Abt 1772, Rowan County, NC Find all individuals with events at this location  [natural]
    Last Modified 8 Aug 2019 14:52:04 
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