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Jacob GROSS, Sr.

Male 1740 - Bef 1809  (< 69 years)

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  • Name Jacob GROSS 
    Suffix Sr. 
    Born 1740  Zweibr??cken, Pfalz, Germany Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died Bef 20 Jun 1809  Claiborne County, TN Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • (1) Shari Bennett <>:

      JACOB and SABINA (DOROTHY) GROSS came from Germany. I've heard that they sailed from Rotterdam October 4th, 1752 on the ship "NEPTUNE" with JOHN MASON, the captain. A Johann (Jacob) Gross did sign the passenger list. If his birth date is correct, then he would've been too young to have signed the passenger list. My understanding is that no man under the age of 16 signed the passenger lists. Another researcher states that they came over onboard the ship "Two Brothers." I was unable to find a Jacob Gross among those listed in their passenger lists. Chadwell Heritage says they settled in Rockingham County, North Carolina and then came to Sullivan County, Tennnessee in 1789 and then to Claiborne County, Tennessee, which is just NW of Knoxville, Tennessee. JACOB was a weaver by trade.

      * * *

      There are several reports of JACOB GROSS fighting in the Revolution, but I'm not sure if they refer to our Jacob Gross or not.
      "A return of the eighth company of the sixth battalion of Lancaster county showing each man's respective class also a return of those who served in their class in the year A.D. 1778 and 1779, we find the name of JACOB GROSS, 7th class, (see Pennsylvania Archives, 5th Ser., V. 7, p. 561)

      The name of JACOB GROSS, 7th class, appears on "A True and exact list of the names of each and every male white person, inhabiting or residing with my district, in the fourth company of the ninth battalion of Lancaster county within, between the age of eighteen and fifty-three years. Taken for the year 1782." (Pennsylvania Archives, 5th Ser., V. 7, page 1073)

      We also find the name of JACOB GROSS, 3rd class, on a "General muster roll of the first battalion of Northampton county militia." (Pennsylvania Archives, 5th Ser., V. 8, p. 86)

      In the Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography, July 1921, Vol. 45, page 260, we find the Muster of the "Light Dragoons for the county of Philadelphia, with the Battalion they belonged to annexed to their names," on which appears the name JACOB GROSS, in the same publication, page 279, is the statement: "JACOB GROSS died about June 20, 1809, letters of administration being granted to DOROTHY GROSS, and security being given by GEORGE GROSS and JOHN GROSS cordwainers." (Shoe Makers)

      It is also said that JACOB GROSS SR, who with two or three brothers came over from Germany in Colonial times, settled in Pennsylvania, joined the Colonial armies, was with Washington at Valley Forge and on until the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown.

      * * *

      The following was taken from "Rockingham County, Virginia Minute Book, 1778-1792 - Part I 1778-1786" Abstracted and Compiled by: Constance A. Levinson and Louise C. Levinson; Page 52:

      Jacob Gross and Saveny his wife she being first privily examined, acknowledged deeds of lease and release to Jacob Harmon. Ordered recorded. [Page 54 (27 March 1780) of Minute Book.]

      * * *

      JACOB GROSS SR. bought 300 acres of land on November 17th, 1790 for which he paid 150 shillings in Sullivan County N.C. which later became Claiborne County, Tenn. The description of the land said 300 acres on the path that goes from Nancy Choates to Burclus, turning toward Watauga, (which is now Elizabethton, Tenn.) Registered 10 July 1792. [Sullivan Co. TN DB2-529]

      The Estate (300 Acres) of Jacob Gross was divided into 11 parts: David Gross late of Guilford Co. NC to Jacob Gross (1/11th ) estimated to be 27 acres, whereon Solomon Gross now lives, 29 Aug 1821; Solomon Gross to Jacob Gross (3/11) 19 June 1821; William & Sabina P. Engle to Jonathan Gross (1/11) 1822. . . . tract of land belonging to the heirs of Jacob Gross, decd. [Sullivan Co. TN DB9-292, 293, 398]

      * * *

      The following information was taken from "Families and History of Sullivan County, Tennessee: Volume One, 1779-1992" complied by Holston Territory Genealogy Society - 1993:

      908 Gross Family

      Jacob Gross I is the first known ancestor of this family. Tradition says that he died in 1790. His estate was settled in Sullivan County, Tennessee, between 1821 - 1823 and was divided into 11 parts. He received a land grant from the state of North Carolina on 17 November 1790 for 300 acres on south side of the Holston River.

      Jacob was of German descent and is believed to have come to Sullivan County with the Rev. Joseph Rhea, minister of Piney Creek Presbyterian Church in Taneytown, Maryland.

      Jacob Gross I was probably buried in the New Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery and was supposed to have been one of the first members of the Church. Jacob was the father of a large family of sons and daughters who emigrated westward and dispersed in various directions.

      The oldest marked grave in New Bethel Cemetery is called the grave of the "Unknown Traveler." It is marked by a marble slab inset with a stone (3" x 6" x 3") inscribed "I.G. d. 1790." Could the "I" have been a "J"? Could this be the tombstone of Jacob Gross I?

      The following are known children of Jacob Gross I: (1) Jacob II (1790/97-1870) m. 1811 Sarah Farrington; (2) Jonathan; (3) Sabrina m. William Engle; (4) David, of Guilford Co., NC; (5) Solomon. William Gross, aged 28 years, and a John Gross aged 31 years, were in the East Tennessee Militia, War of 1812. William Gross died 1827, Hawkins Co., Tennessee...

      Submitted by Patsy Burnette, 2080 Hay. 126, Bristol, TN 37620. Written by: Mrs. Shelby Ireson Edwards, 414 Wagner Street, Bristol, VA 24201

      (page 184-185)


      ...Four cemeteries are located in the community. Lindamood Cemetery ... Droke Cemetery ... Smith Cemetery ... Gross Cemetery, located on the Warren farm; Jacob Gross, who died 1790, is thought buried there.

      Gross Store and Post Office was located on the Warren Farm. Lida Post Office, was near R. B. Cross' Home. Woods store was on the Morrell Farm. Howard Phillips Cash Market operated in 1950-60. A Blacksmith shop operated near Charles Houston's home. In 1930-40s, Corrie Phillips manufactured cheese in her home, which she delivered to home and to stores in Bristol.

      Homes and farms, of the community were searched and raided by the Yankees, during the Civil War. Gross Store was the Mustering site for Military Units during the War.

      Some of the Early families were, Webbs, Hicks, Smith, Gross, Geisler, Emmert, DeVault, McHenry, Malone, Droke, Cross, Akards, Morrell, Phillips, Crussell, Millhorn, Lindamood, Combs, Mottern, Deakins, Warren, Hodges, Houston, St. John, Wright, Willen, Jeter, Stidham.

      Submitted by: Mary Catherine Morrell, 336 Fillers Rd., Piney Flats, TN 37686

      (page 287)


      Located near Piney Flats. Turn right to the north at the Piney Flats Crossroads, then turn west on Prickens Bridge Road, go about 3 1/2 miles to new Bethel Road and turn right to the north and the Church and Cemetery are on the right.

      The oldest marked grave in New Bethel might be called the grave of the "Unknown Traveler." The story goes that in the year 1790 and unknown stranger passing through was found dead on the morrow. In his saddle bags was found a stone (now about 3" x 6" x 3") with the letters "I.G." cut upon it. He was buried in the church-yard, using the rock as his marker. In later years as it was being lost to sight, Col. Nathan Gregg, a hero of the Confederacy, reset the rock within a marble slab, and erected it above his grave. Today we read, "I.G., d. 1790"

      * * *

      I have to disagree with the death date of Jacob Gross Sr. being 1790. All evidence seems to point to the fact that he was still alive at least until 1796.

      * * *

      The following was taken from "The New Bethel Sesquicentennial, 1782-1932":

      p. 98 - Jacob Gross I, died about 1790. May be buried in New Bethel. Of German descent - all of family Lutheran, except himself - and supposed to have been one of first members of New Bethel [Presbyterian Church, Sullivan Co. TN]. Jacob Gross II, d. May 21st, 1872, Son of Jacob I, Wife was Sarah Farington. May be buried on Jacob Gross farm [Sullivan Co. TN]. Alfred F. Gross, 1822-1902. Ordained as Deacon in 1882 by Rev. James B. Converse. Son of Jacob Gross II. Julian A. Gross, 1830-1904. Wife of Alfred F. Gross.

      p. 70 - The Gross family, of German descent, were all Lutherans except Jacob Gross, Sr., himself who died about 1790, and is believed to have been one of the original members of New Bethel [organized in 1782]. He was the father of a large family of sons and daughters, who emigrated westward and dispersed in various directions. His son, Jacob Gross, 2d, occupied the old homestead, and after a very irregular life of more than three-score and ten years came to a dying bed. On that sick bed he professed penitence, asked to be received into the Presbyterian Church, saying that he had been baptized in his infancy by a Presbyterian minister and desiring that the Lord's Supper might be administered to him. His request was granted and he died May 21st, 1872.

      * * *

      The following was taken from "Publications of the Historical Society of Washington Co. VA"

      p. 181 - Jacob Gross I was of German descent and is believed to have come to Sullivan Co. TN with the Rev. Joseph Rhea, a Presbyterian minister from Taneytown [Tarreytown], Maryland. Rev. Joseph Rhea was pastor of Piney Creek Presbyterian Church, in Taneytown/Tarreytown and he came to Sullivan Co. , went back to Maryland to get his family and died 1777. His family came to Sullivan Co. in 1778. Rev. Rhea was so much impressed with the Holston Country that he influenced many of his Piney Creek Church members to follow him here, including the families of Alisons, Gross, McKinleys, Hodges, Scotts, Halls, and others - and many of their descendants may be found here today, especially in the Fork Country.

      * * *

      The following was taken from "Goodspeed's History of Sullivan County, TN"

      . . . The Looneys, who were among the first settlers of the county, came from Wales, and lived for a time in Virginia. Col. David Looney lived on Muddy Creek, two miles above the Holston, where he erected a blockhouse. Samuel Looney located on the Holston, one mile below the mouth of Beaver Creek.

      Of other early settlers there were in the fork the McKinleys, McCorkles, Scotts, Hodges, Greggs, Torbetts, Dinsmores, Hughes, Kings, Hogans, Sharps, and Grosses . Col. William Christie lived near where Kingsport now is, on the south side of Reedy Creek. The same neighborhood was the birthplace of Gen. Edmund Pendleton Gaines. Long Island and much other land in the vicinity became the property of Richard Netherland, the father of Hon. John Netherland. Fort Womack, which stood two miles east of Bluff City, was built by Jacob Womack. It afforded protection for the people who lived in the territory now covered by the Fourth, Sixteenth, Ninth and Twentieth Civil Districts. It is said that when on one occasion the people were forted here a marriage took place between Hal Massengill and Penelope Cobb. From this union have sprunga large number of descendants, many of whom still reside in the county. . .

      * * *

      There is some conflict regarding Jacob Sr.'s son, Jacob Jr.

      Theory 1: Jacob Sr. had a son Jacob (a1) who was born between 1790-1797. Jacob (a1) married Sarah Farrington on December 12, 1812 in Guilford County, NC and lived in Sullivan County, TN. Jacob (a1) had a son Jacob (a2) who was born in 1832.

      Theory 2: Jacob Sr. had a son Jacob (b1) who was born around 1770. This Jacob then had a son Jacob (b2) who was born in 1794. Jacob (b2) married Mary McClanahan and lived in Rhea/Meigs County, TN.

      My opinion is that Jacob (a1) that married Sarah Farrington is the son of Jacob and Sabina Gross. I believe that Jacob (2b) that married Mary McClanahan is actually the son of George Gross. My reasons are as follows: (1) David Gross (s/o Jacob Sr.) was also married in Guilford County in 1813. David was also the Bondsman for a Temperance Farrington (possible relation to Sarah Farrington?). David Gross had a grandson named James Farrington Rankin who had a son named Alfred Farrington Rankin. (2) Early tax lists of Sullivan County show Jacob, John and George Gross. I believe that they refer to Jacob Sr. and his sons John and George. Above mentions that John and George were administrators of Jacob's estate. A George Gross appears in the 1830 Rhea County census along with Jacob (2b). It looks like George's age indicates he was born between 1770-1780, which would be the right age to be the son of Jacob Sr. (3) Several books (second hand accounts) mention Jacob (1a) as having a father Jacob Gross of German descent and an early settler of Sullivan County, NC/TN. (4) In the book "Henry DeWald, 1733-1817, York County, Pennsylvania" by DeVault, Newland, it mentions his two sons, Henry Jr. (who married Elizabeth Gross, dau. of Jacob Sr.) and Gabriel, owning land next to Jacob Gross Sr. In the 1850 Sullivan County, TN census, Jacob and Sarah are living next to Gabriel Devault, age 83. (Henry and Elizabeth moved to Indiana in 1803).

      * * *

      The following was taken from "Early East Tennesse Tax list" by Mary Barnett Curtis:

      Page 130?Sullivan County 1796 Tax list?Jacob Gross 200 acres.

      Jacob Gross appears in the 1787 Rockingham County, VA tax list.
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    Father Fredrick GROSS,   b. 1708, Zweibr??cken, Pfalz, Germany Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Mother Anna Marie (GROSS) 
    Relationship natural 
    Married Bef 1740 
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    Family Sabina (GROSS),   b. Bef 1744, Germany Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Married Abt 1767  Northampton County, PA Find all individuals with events at this location 
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