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Johannes Pietersen VAN BRUGH

Male Abt 1624 - 1699  (~ 75 years)

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  • Name Johannes Pietersen VAN BRUGH 
    Born Abt 1624  Haarlem, Noord-Holland, Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Immigration Bef 15 Jun 1651  New Amsterdam, New Netherland [now New York City, New York County, NY] Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Name Johannes Pieterszen VERBRUGGE 
    Name Johannes VER BRUGGE 
    Will 23 Aug 1662  New Amsterdam, New Netherland [now New York City, New York County, NY] Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Will 22 Dec 1696  New York City, New York County, NY Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Died 1699 

    • (1) Source: Zabriskie, George Olin, "Anneke Jans in Fact and Fiction," The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 104, No. 2 (April 1973), pp. 157 et seq.

      (2) Delafield, John Ross, "The Van Brugh Family," New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 66, No. 2 (April 1935), pp. 166, 168-171:

      JAN PIETERS VANBRUGH (son of Pieter, Jan, Gillis). There is no known entry of his baptism, though it is stated without proof that he was born in 1624, and this, judging from the known ages of his brothers Pieter and Reynier, may well be correct. This man was often mentioned in the records of New Amsterdam, whither he had certainly gone before 1651, probably in connection with the business of his uncle Gillis. On 15 June 1651 at New Amsterdam Paulus Leendertsen gave a bond for him as Johannes Pietersen Verbrugge [Calendar Hist. Mss. (N. Y.) Dutch]. He was evidently well established in New Amsterdam by 1653, when on March 13 he subscribed 200 florins toward the defense of New Amsterdam (Records of New Amsterdam, Vol. I, p. 66). There were two others who subscribed a like amount. The rest gave much less. His cousin, Jan Gillis Verbrugge, gave 100 florins. In the same year Johannes de Peyster going to Fort Orange appointed Johannes Pietersen Verbrugge his attorney in New Amsterdam (Idem. p. 81). Then, on 2 August 1653, Johannes Pietersen Verbruggen and his cousin Johannes Gillesen Verbruggen were named among those attending a burgers' meeting for retrenchments for the city (Idem, pp. 92-93). On 18 January 1654, as Johannes Pietersz. van Brug, he was one of the sponsors at the baptism of Tryntie, daughter of Abraham Klock (Records of Dutch Church, New York), and also, as Jan Pietersen Verbrugge, had a deed of a lot on the Great Highway in Manhattan [Calendar Hist. Mss. (N. Y.) Dutch.] He was back in Holland by 15 August 1655, for on that date at Haarlem, with his father, Pieter Verbrugge, and his sister-in-law, Catharyntje van Geelmuden (wife of his brother Reynier) he was sponsor at the baptism of Johannes, son of his sister Geertruyd Verbrugge and Pieter Jansen Kortrijck her husband. He had probably returned to New Amsterdam by 10 March 1656, when Dame Dirckje van Galen, widow of Willem Thomas, sea captain, gave power of attorney to Yan Reyeress, captain of the ship de Beer and to Yan Pietersz. Verbrugge and Yohannes Gilliss. Verbrugge, jointly and severally, to lease her house in Manhathans in New Netherlands now occupied by the above-named Yan Pietersz. Verbrugge and to sell a vacant lot there adjoining, reserving a right of way (Archives of Amsterdam, Protocol of Notary G. de Winter. Invent. No. 2283, p. 22). In the same year he, as Johannes Pietersen van Brugge, petitioned to be credited with the money advanced by him to the city of New Amsterdam in the time of the English troubles [Calendar Hist. Mss. (N. Y.) Dutch]. This was perhaps the above-mentioned 200 florins. The entry of a power of attorney given in 1657 by Jan Gillisen Verbrugge to Johannes de Peyster to attend to the affairs of Jan Pietersen Verbrugge may indicate that he was then absent from New Amsterdam (Idem). The occasion for giving this power was apparently that Jan Gillisen was then about to return to Holland. Earlier in the year, on 11 April 1657, both these van Brughs had taken the great burgers' oath at New Amsterdam. Jan Pietersen van Brugh had, however, gone to Holland by 31 August 1663, for there is record of a petition by Allard Anthony and Cornelius Steenwyck requesting the appointment of a third orphan master "instead of Johannes van Brugh who has returned to the fatherland" (Holland Society of New York Year Book for 1900, p. 118). On 5 January of the same year he, as Johannes van Brugh, had revoked a power of attorney given by him on 3 August 1858 to his uncle Gillis van Brugghe, then living in Amsterdam, and had appointed in his place Gerrit Arentsen Zuyck, merchant, of Amsterdam. This instrument was witnessed by Johannes de Peyster and Jacobus van de Water (Holland Society of N. Y. Year Book, 1900, p. 154). This journey to Holland seems to have been made by him and by Jan Baptist van Rensselaer to carry thither an appeal for help (Van Rensselaer-Bowler Mss. 1908. p. 785-789). Jan Baptist van Rensselaer was still in Holland in December, 1666, when he was one of the arbitrators in the dispute before mentioned between the children of Seth Verbrugge and his creditors.

      There is a little information about Jan Pietersen's activities while in Holland on this visit. In the Archives of the City of Amsterdam in an instrument dated 31 March 1664 (Protocol of Notary J. van de Yen. Invent. No. 1148, Fol. 256) and on 17 April 1664, he was party to two agreements. One of these was a power of attorney from Gerrit Suyek and Derck Croon, on behalf of the creditors of Gillis van Brugh & Co., giving Mr. Johannes Van Brugge, merchant, power to lease and collect rents, collect debts etc. in Nieu Amsterdam in Nieu Nederlandt (Archives of Amsterdam, Protocol of Notary Hendrick Schaeff, Inv. No. 1371, Fol. 63). The other is a partnership agreement with his brother and others which seems sufficiently interesting to give an English translation.

      On this day, April 17th Anno 1664, the hereafter-mentioned persons who signed this document?copartners declared to have appointed in their copartnership and taken in their services: Johannes Van Brugge, who declared on his side to agree with this appointment in the following manner and conditions, to know;

      That they appearers and he Johannes Van Brugge and his brother Reynier van Brugge, will make among them a cargo destined for New Netherland to an amount of sixteen thousand Caroli guilders. The participants will pay in money or goods as follows: Reynier and Johannes van Brugee together three eighth parts (3/8) being an amount, of six thousand guilders,?Seignior Gerrit Seyck a fourth part,? Derck Croon, Jacobus van Noortgau and Abraham Janss, every one of them an eighth part, making together the above-mentioned total or eight eighth parts; they will also participate like-wise in certain outstanding debts in New Netherland bought by him Johannes van Brugge known to them?to an amount of four thousand four hundred guilders, which is evident by written contract. And with conditions that of the cargoes, of which a part is already embarked will be sent under his accompaniment and the remnant next Autumn.

      Johannes van Brugge must deal with these cargoes and use his house and cellar as a store.

      And this during three or four years, to begin at his arrival in New Netherland. Johannes van Brugge is not bound to come back after the expiration of that time, but the other partners, or their representatives, must he satisfied and content with the manner in which he sent formerly the accounts and books to his former principals.

      All the charges concerning the trade, and also the expenses in behalf of his voyage hither and thither will become a charge upon the before-mentioned working capital.

      He Johannes van Brugge is bound to send every year to the other before-mentioned partners a list of the outstanding debts and the remnants of the goods and merchandises and this in particular to Seignior Gerrit Suych who will be manager here and must render an account to the other partners at the expiration of each year, such that the purchase and the sale of the goods and of the returned goods must be done with knowledge and communication of the other partners here (in Holland).

      Also the other partners must forward to him Johannes van Brugge the lists of the sold goods, products and outstanding debts annually.

      Johannes van Brugge will profit an amount of twelve hundred guilders annually to receive after the expiration of each year (Dutch current) for his service, the rent of his house and cellar, and for his livelihood, drink and support, to pay on his request. Moreover he may dispose on his behalf of an amount?or the value?of four to five hundred guilders yearly.

      And if it might happen, that commerce in that country (New Netherland) by an invasion and occupation of the English might be forbidden, that in this case the before-mentioned annual salary will not be paid out in the year that it happens but that the other partners (in the room of this) will pay him out a reasonable salary for his trouble in the sale of the remnants of the goods and the trouble to call in outstanding debts.

      And also if it might happen that the other partners (in this country) add more money to the working capital and send this quantity of goods and merchandises to him, that in this case Johannes van Brugge is obliged to deal also in these goods without advance in wages or increase of his annual salary, and is also obliged to return the remnants occasionally.

      They pledge (mutual) their persons and goods, movable and immovable which they possess at present and will possess in the future nothing exempt and everyone for his own part in the before-mentioned copartnership and more-over Johannes van Brugge pledges here for his annual salary of XIIc guilders.

      They submit themselves to any eventual sentence of the Court of Holland and judges and also to the laws.

      Drawn up in good faith. In knowledge of this undersigned in Amsterdam on the day and in the year before-mentioned, in the presence of us Notary and requested witnesses who signed also this document.

      (was signed) : JOHANNES VAN BRUGH
      ( id ) : REYNIER VAN BRUGH
      ( rd ) : DIRCK CROON
      ( id ) : JACOBUS NOORTGOU
      ( id ) : ABRAHAM JANSEN
      ( id ) : GERRETT ZUYCH

      as witnesses (W.S.)

      In my presence as Notary
      (W. S.) HK. SCHAEF.
      Public Notary.

      It was during this stay in Holland that his sister Barbara made her will dated 4 June 1664, in which she named him and his daughters Helena and Anna. He was back in New Amsterdam by 5 September in the same year and as Johannes van Brugh signed the remonstrance of the People of New Netherland to the Director General (Documents Relating to the Colonial History of New York, Vol. II. p. 449).

      He was active in the affairs of the colony both under Dutch and English rule, was Schepen in 1656, 1659, 1661, and presiding Schepen in 1662; Orphan Master in 1658, 1659, 1663, 1670, 1671; Burgomaster in 1673, 1674; member of the Common Council 1683, 1685; Alderman 1666, 1670, 1679, 1686; Captain of a Burgher Company in 1669; of militia in 1672 and 1673; and held other offices and appointments.

      On 29 March 1658 at the Dutch Church in New Amsterdam, he, as Johannes Pieterszen Ver Brugge from Haerlem, married Catharina Roelofs, widow of Lucas Rodenborg. Her first husband has [had?] been the Dutch vice-Director of Curacao which may account for the following,?1658 memorandum of sundries sent to divers persons in New Amsterdam, viz. salt, pickled lemons paroquets, and parrots, some of which were sent to Johannes van Brugh recently married to Mistress Rodenburgh [Calendar Hist. Mss. (N. Y. Dutch.] Catharine was one of the daughters of Roeloff Jansen and Anneke Jans his wife. Maria Jans, the sister of Anneke Jans, had married Govert Loockermans as his second wife, he being her third husband. This is doubtless the reason why Maria in her will in 1677 called Johannes van Brugh Kinsman and appointed him her executor. It may also account for the item in the inventory of the estate of Covert Loockermans, made in 1692, that he had one piece of ground over against Johanes Van Brugh as by Patent. On 22 August 1658 Johannes Pietersen van Brugh petitioned for payment of a balance due Lucas Rodenburgh, late vice-director of Curacao [Calendar Hist. Mss. (N. Y.) Dutch.]

      Johannes and Catharina had the following children:

      (a) Helena, baptized in the Dutch Church at New Amsterdam 4 April, 1659. . . .

      (b) Helena, baptized at the Dutch Church 28 July 1660. . . .

      (c) Anna, baptized 6 September 1662 . . . . [Note by compiler: According to another source, this baptism occurred on September 10, 1662.]

      (d) Catharina, baptized at the Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, 19 April 1665. . . .

      (d) Pieter, baptized 14 July 1666. . . .

      (e) Maria, baptized 20 September 1673. . . .

      (f) Johannes.

      It appears that on 23 August 1662 Johannes Van Brugh and Catharina Roeloffs made a joint will after the Dutch fashion by the notary Walewyn Van der Veen in New Amsterdam. In it they named her two daughters by her first marriage, namely Elizabeth and Lucretia Rodenburgh. This will was witnessed by Johannes de Peyster and Jacobus van der Water (Holland Society of New York Year Book for 1900, p. 153). Finally on 22 December 1696, he made his last will, which may be abstracted as follows:

      Johannes Van Brugh, New York, "merchant'' "being weake in body" leaves to wife Catherine for life or during widowhood, all estate real and personal. But she is not to sell without the consent of the children, or the greater part of them, and he makes her sole executor. "And whereas our daughter Elizabeth Rodenbergh, now wife of John Donaldson of New Castle in Delaware, has due unto her out of my estate the like proportion as her sister Lucretia Rodenbergh has received in full of her proportion of the estate of her father Lucas Rodenberg, the executor is directed to pay the same, to be paid according to the terms of a marriage settlement made between the said John Donaldson and Elizabeth his wife, February 24, 1691/2. And whereas I have purchased for my son Peter, a tract of land on Delaware River next to the land of John Donaldson, the same is left to him." He also leaves him five pounds "in consideration that he is my first born son." After his wife's decease the property is to go to the children, Elizabeth Donaldson "my wife's daughter by a former husband," Helena, wife of Teunis de Kay, Anne, wife of Andrew Gravenraedt, Peter, Catharine, wife of Henry RenselIaer, Johannes, and Mary, wife of Stephen Richards.

      Proved _____ 1699

      (no witnesses)


      Baptisms at the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam (1639-1730)
      Manually Entered by Theodore Brassard

      [Note: The baptisms are laid out in order as follows: The date of the baptism; the parents; the child; and the witnesses. Note the separation of each item by semicolons.]

      [Johannes Pietersen VAN BRUGH and Catharina ROELOFS were present at the following baptisms of six of their children.]

      BAPTISMS OF 1659 . . .

      4 Apr; Johannes Van Brug, Catharina Roelofs; Helena; Johannes de Peyster, Annetje Bogardus, Marritje Loockermans

      BAPTISMS OF 1660 . . .

      28 Jul; Johannes Van Brug, Tryntie Roelofs; Helena; Cornelis Steenwyck, Anneken Loockermans

      BAPTISMS OF 1662 . . .

      10 Sept; Johannes Van Brug, Tryntie Rodenburgs; Anna; Olof Stephenszen Van Courtlant, Margareta de Riemer [Note by compiler: According to another source, this baptism occurred on September 6, 1662.]

      BAPTISMS OF 1665 . . .

      19 Apr; Johannes Van Brug, Tryntie Roelofs; Catharina; Jacob Leydsler, Judith Bayard

      BAPTISMS OF 1666 . . .

      14 Jul; Johannes Van Brug, Cathryntie Roelofs; Pieter; Johannes de Peyster, Marritje Loockermans

      BAPTISMS OF 1673 . . .

      20 Sept; Johannes Van Brug, Catharina Roelofs: Maria; Anthony de Mill, Schout, Marritie Jacobs
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    Father Pieter VAN BRUGH 
    Relationship natural 
    Mother Helena POTTAI 
    Relationship natural 
    Family ID F5034  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Tryntje ROELOFS,   b. Bef 24 Jun 1629, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Marriage Banns 29 Mar 1658  Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland [now New York City, New York County, NY] Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Married 24 Apr 1658  Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland [now New York City, New York County, NY] Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
     1. Pieter VAN BRUGH,   b. Bef 14 Jul 1666, New York City, New York County, NY Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Jul 1740, Albany, Albany County, NY Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 74 years)  [natural]
     2. Maria VAN BRUGH,   b. Bef 20 Sep 1673, New York City, New York County, NY Find all individuals with events at this location  [natural]
     3. Catharina VAN BRUGH,   b. Bef 19 Apr 1665, New York City, New York County, NY Find all individuals with events at this location  [natural]
     4. Helena VAN BRUGH,   b. Bef 4 Apr 1659, New Amsterdam, New Netherland [now New York City, New York County, NY] Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef 28 Jul 1660  (Age < 1 years)  [natural]
     5. Helena VAN BRUGH,   b. Bef 28 Jul 1660, New Amsterdam, New Netherland [now New York City, New York County, NY] Find all individuals with events at this location  [natural]
     6. Anna VAN BRUGH,   b. Bef 6 Sep 1662, New Amsterdam, New Netherland [now New York City, New York County, NY] Find all individuals with events at this location  [natural]
     7. Johannes VAN BRUGH  [natural]
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  • Sources 
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