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26551 (1)

Lloyd Forsse
Birth: Feb. 24, 1916
Death: Aug. 21, 1986

Family links: Parents: Gustave A Forsse (1877 - 1933), Ellen O Nelson Forsse (1885 - 1967); Spouse: Gwen Hall Forsse (1924 - 2008); Children: Sonja K Forsse (1935 - 1936); Sibling: Earl O Forsse (1911 - 1983), Lloyd Forsse (1916 - 1986)

Burial: Calvary Cemetery, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas, USA

Maintained by: Mike Maxton
Originally Created by: Deb
Record added: Mar 04, 2007
Find A Grave Memorial # 18226690
FORSSE, Lloyd (I44507)
26552 (1)

Lloyd Harris
Birth: 1847
Death: Apr. 3, 1879

Family links: Parents: Isaiah Stout Harris (1812 - 1879), Vilettie Miller Harris (1816 - 1880); Sibling: Lloyd Harris (1847 - 1879), Warren Harden Harris (1853 - 1919)

Inscription: Lloyd

Note: Wife: America French

Burial: Davis Cemetery, Engelberg, Randolph County, Arkansas, USA

Created by: Jimmy Harris
Record added: Aug 15, 2001
Find A Grave Memorial# 5689045 
HARRIS, Lloyd (I37140)
26553 (1)

Logan Bowman
Birth: 1823, North Carolina, USA
Death: Unknown,
Alexander County, North Carolina, USA
Burial: Friendship Lutheran Church Cemetery, Taylorsville, Alexander County, North Carolina, USA

Logan Bowman

Born about 1823, in N.C., Logan Bowman, was most likely the son of Samuel Bowman, b. in N.C.

Logan Bowman married Elizabeth Katherine (or Catherine) Starnes. . . .

Logan Bowman possibly died sometime between 1900 census and the 1910 census.

There is a death record of a Logan Bowman, same area, that died Febr. 9, 1918, but I am not sure if this would have been the same Logan Bowman.

Burial: Not certain that Logan is buried in this cemetery, if not, the correct cemetery is presently unknown.

Family Members: Parents: Samuel D Bowman (1781-1867), Susanna Diehl Bowman (1777-1857); Spouse: Elizabeth Starnes Bowman (1823-1882); Children: Susanna Catherine Bowman (1844-1930), John Wesley Bowman (1849-1923), Simon Wilson Bowman (1853-1924), J. Leander Bowman (1857-1924); Siblings: George Bowman (1802-1876), Mary Bowman White (1805-1870), Samuel Bowman (1814-1880), Jesse Troy Bowman (1815-1887)

Maintained by: Find A Grave
Originally Created by: Autumn
Added: 30 Oct 2009
Find A Grave Memorial 43737564
BOWMAN, Logan (I44979)
26554 (1)

Loren Wylie Hudson
Birth: Jul. 13, 1926
Death: Nov. 20, 1981

Family links: Parents: Samuel Wylie Hudson (1878 - 1944), Minnie Sanders Hudson (1883 - 1964); Spouse: Nellie Starnes Hudson (1922 - 2011); Children: Sandra Hudson Lyner (1946 - 2005), Samuel Wylie Hudson (1951 - 2005); Siblings: Clarence Eugene Hudson (1903 - 1969), Queen Anne Hudson (1905 - 1992), Loren Wylie Hudson (1926 - 1981)

Inscription: Father

Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Chester, Chester County, South Carolina, USA

Created by: Rick and Kathy Wright
Record added: Oct 04, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 42681711 
HUDSON, Loren Wylie (I42216)
26555 (1)

Lorinda Almira Bishop
Birth: 1838
Death: Aug. 25, 1914

w/o B S Bishop

Burial: Mount Zion Cemetery, Newton, Jasper County, Iowa, USA
Plot: South Division Lot 29

Created by: Richard Weston
Record added: Apr 01, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 50521424 
BALDWIN, Almyra Lorinda (I35287)
26556 (1)

Lottie Decker Parks
Birth: Oct. 1, 1901
Death: Jan. 27, 1995

Family links: Spouse: Rex S L Parks (1901 - 1974)

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Cambridge, Furnas County, Nebraska, USA
Plot: NR49

Created by: Oldergraver
Record added: Mar 24, 2013
Find A Grave Memorial# 107240340 
DECKER, Lottie (I42389)
26557 (1)

Lou Belle Poole Tindall
Birth: May 27, 1896
Death: Dec. 17, 1963

Daughter of William Brantley Poole and Theodocia Gunter

Family links: Parents: W Brantley Poole (1868 - 1927), Docia Gunter Poole (1875 - 1904); Spouse: John D. Tindall (1879 - 1974); Children: Rosa Lee Tindall Erwin (1927 - 2005)

Burial: Clinton United Methodist Church Cemetery, Salley, Aiken County, South Carolina, USA

Created by: Susan Williams
Record added: Feb 10, 2013
Find A Grave Memorial# 104924576 
POOLE, Lou Belle (I42171)
26558 (1)

Louis LeRoy "Roy" Emery
Birth: Jul. 28, 1875
Liscomb, Marshall County, Iowa, USA
Death: Mar. 24, 1950, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA

Family links: Parents: Samuel Allen Emery (1840 - 1900), Emily Cornelia Martin Emery (1845 - 1927); Spouses: Ida Maude Collins Emery (1889 - 1987), Gertrude Sollars Wilson (1879 - 1935); Children: Emma Gertrude Emery Simmons (1897 - 1980), Infant Son Emery (1897 - 1897), Helen Louise Emery Hodges (1899 - 1954), Ida Maude Emery Brett (1913 - 1999), George Collins Emery (1918 - 1991), Eugene Francis Emery (1924 - 1974)

Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA

Created by: Cathy & Thomas
Record added: Jul 24, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 55391152 
EMERY, Louis LeRoy (I42076)
26559 (1)

Louisa Bozarth Durham
Birth: Dec. 17, 1834, Carroll County, Indiana, USA
Death: Sep. 3, 1903, Seneca, Newton County, Missouri, USA

Family links: Spouse: Jesse W. Durham (1833 - 1879); Children: Fina Ann Durham (1857 - 1938), Rena Anna Durham (1863 - 1941), Granville Bazzel Durham (1867 - 1960) . . .

Burial: Kirk Cemetery, Seneca, Newton County, Missouri, USA

Maintained by: Lowell S Adams
Originally Created by: Kim Slayton
Record added: Dec 06, 2005
Find A Grave Memorial# 12618857 
BOZARTH, Louisa (I42643)
26560 (1)

Louisa Heddon Ayers
Birth: Dec. 29, 1818, Spartanburg County, South Carolina, USA
Death: 1867, Ripley, Tippah County, Mississippi, USA

Daughter of Jacob B. and Nancy Heddon, both believed to have died in Tippah Co.

Family links: Spouse: Simpson Green Ayers (1820 - 1897); Children: Sarah Elizabeth Ayers Wall (1851 - 1907)

Burial: Little Hope Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Falkner, Tippah County, Mississippi, USA

Created by: Nona williams
Record added: Dec 12, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 62841728 
HEDDON, Louisa (I38875)
26561 (1)

Louisa Wills Parks
Birth: Mar. 23, 1812
Death: Sep. 27, 1834

AGED: 22Y 6M 4D

Family links: Spouse: Jonathan Parks (1814 - 1895)

Burial: Commissioners Cemetery, Clayton, Hendricks County, Indiana, USA

Created by: R & S Fine
Record added: Oct 14, 2005
Find A Grave Memorial# 12000537 
WILLS, Louisa (I23171)
26562 (1)

Lousea/Louisa Jane Phillippi March
Birth: Nov. 17, 1840, Boone County, Missouri, USA
Death: Jun. 25, 1933, Bourbon, Boone County, Missouri, USA

Lousea/Louisa Jane Phillippi's father was David Phillippi of Wythe Co., VA; her mother was Margaret Cowden of Wythe Co., VA.

She outlived 3 husbands: Mathew Thompson, Jacob Whitworth, Stephen March.

Lousea and Jacob Whitworth had 3 children: Jacob Oscar Whitworth, born 12/31/1863, Boone Co., MO; Alonzo J. Whitworth, born 11/1866, Boone Co., MO; Mary A. Whitworth, born 8/16/1870 Boone Co., MO.

Family links: Spouses: Jacob Whitworth (1818 - 1893), Stephen A. March (1846 - 1927), Mathew Thompson (____ - 1862); Children: Alonzo Jacob Whitworth (1867 - 1954)

Burial: Red Rock Cemetery, Harrisburg, Boone County, Missouri, USA

Created by: SHARYN
Record added: Jul 14, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 39446937 
PHILLIPPE, Louisa Jane (I36937)
26563 (1)

LTJG Kenneth Oscar "Ken" Pankow
Birth: 3 Nov 1936, Kiester, Faribault County, Minnesota, USA
Death: 13 Dec 2016 (aged 80), Asheville, Buncombe County, North Carolina, USA
Burial: Cremated, Ashes given to family or friend

Kenneth O. Pankow, 80, of Biltmore Forest, NC, passed away peacefully at Memorial Mission Hospital on Tuesday, December 13, 2016.

Kenneth Oscar Pankow, known as Ken, was the second son and third of four children born to Herbert Heinrich Gustav Pankow (1898-1970) and his wife Alice Althea Whilhelmina Matson (1900-1984). His paternal grandparents were Heinrich Frederich Johann "Henry" Pankow and his wife Albertine Friederike Henriette "Henrietta" Peters (1865-1922), who brought their family from Germany to the United States in 1906. His maternal grandparents were August M. Matson (1868-1950) and his wife Augusta Olivia Brand (1870-1938), who were both born in Sweden and came to the US as teenagers in the 1880s.

Ken had one sister, the late Lois Ruth Pankow (1932-1993, Mrs. Donald Lien), and two brothers, Leonard August Frederick Pankow and Dr. David Herbert Pankow, who survive him. He was born in Kiester, Minn., where his mother's parents had settled in 1913. When he was a small child, his family moved to Meriden, Minn., where his father owned a general store. He often told fascinating stories of his childhood in this very small town, which only had two streets. In a few years, the family moved to Faribault, Minn., where Herbert and Alice owned a garage/gas station and drive in.

Ken was a good student and an excellent athlete. He enjoyed most sports, both as a participant and spectator, and loved to hunt and fish. He joined the Navy ROTC, and was graduated from Faribault High School in 1954. He attended the University of Minnesota, where he received his BME (Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, a 5 year degree) in 1959.

In 1959, Ken joined the United States Navy. He served in the Amphibious Construction Battalion as an officer, with the rank of Lieutenant, JG. During the course of his Navy career, he visited many fascinating places all over the world, and was off the coast of Cuba during the Bay of Pigs crisis. He served until 1962, and remained in the Navy Reserves for the next few years.

While in the Navy, Ken was stationed at Little Creek, near Virginia Beach. He used to tell that, when they were on leave at Little Creek, he and some of his Navy buddies would just drive down the street in Virginia Beach until they saw a house that was brightly lit and heard music, and they'd go knock on the door. More often than not, young Navy officers would be welcomed to join the party. Of such chances is fate decided.

At a party one night, where people were playing bridge, Ken met the love of his life, Joanne Field, a school teacher from North Carolina. They met when they sat down across from each other at a bridge table and made a "Grand Slam." Ken used to say from that moment on, he knew he wanted to marry her, but it took a while to persuade her.

Joanne Field and Kenneth O. Pankow were married in her home town, Marion, NC, on 23 June 1962. They were married at the First Presbyterian Church, with both Dr. Carl McMurray (Presbyterian) and Rev. John Q. Beckwith (Episcopalian) officiating. Ken left the Navy on their marriage, and went to work for an engineering firm in Asheville, NC, where they lived at first. They went back to Marion for a while when Joanne's father, John Field, was sick, and remained with her mother, Eunice, for a year or so after his death. They came back to Asheville in 1964 or 1965. Ken and Joanne had one son, John Field Pankow, born in Marion, the writer of this article.

During the whole time they lived in Marion, Ken had to commute "over the mountain" to Asheville, which was quite a trip in the old days before the Interstate. But he didn't mind. He was unfailingly thoughtful, kind and considerate to his beloved wife, and her family and family friends. In fact, whenever anyone needed any kind of help, there was Ken. A cousin of my mother's often used to say "Ken is a saint, an absolute saint." He may not have been a saint, but when Joanne turned to him and said "Ke-en" (it always had at least two syllables when she said it), the young Navy officer became something of a knight in shining armor and would do, if possible, whatever his Lady asked of him.

Ken loved cars, and tinkering with them. While in the Navy, he'd bought a white 1960 Renault convertible in France and had it brought to the US. We called it "the little car." He would take it apart every Saturday and put it back together, sometimes having parts left over, but it usually ran. Later he owned a 1940 Cadillac and 1930 and 1931 Model A Fords (His father had owned a Ford automobile dealership before he was born.) and a bright yellow 1960 Fiat sports car. He taught me how to drive on the 1930 Model A Ford, saying "If you can learn to drive this, you can drive anything." From the time I was about 12, we'd go over to an empty parking lot on Saturday afternoons and drive around and around. At one time he was very active in the Antique Automobile Club and helped to organize car shows at the Civic Center.

In 1970, Ken started Pankow Engineering Company, an engineering and land surveying firm. He started out in the garage of our house on Adamswood Road, and then in the basement of our house on Cedarcliff. He got a "real office," the top floor of the second building at Harrell Park in the late 1970s. He surveyed many of the real estate developments, shopping centers, etc. in this area. He also surveyed portions of the Appalachian Trail, and worked on the designs for the Folk Art Center. He trained some young surveyors who went on to form their own businesses. In the early years of computers, he became interested in them, and wrote several land surveying programs. (The problem was, the computers he worked on soon became obsolete, so he had to rework is programs for the next new type of computer, or start all over again.) He also worked for several years as a consultant and advisor for the EZ Lay Drain Co., and helped to develop a method of using polystyrene instead of gravel in drainage systems. He continued his business for around 40 years.

Ken grew up in the EUB (Evangelical United Brethren) Church, which later united with the Methodist Church. When he married Joanne and they moved to Asheville, they joined the First Presbyterian Church of Asheville, where he served as a Deacon for a time. They later attended Kenilworth Presbyterian, Arden Presbyterian and All Saints' Anglican. In later years, Ken didn't often feel like going to church, but he rarely missed the Sunday sermons of Dr. Benjamin Littlejohn and Dr. Wendell Estep, both South Carolina Baptists, broadcast on television.

In 1991, Joanne took early retirement from teaching school and began pursuing a career as a professional actress. While Ken often voiced the opinion that "theatre people are strange and movie people are weird," he was unfailing in his support of her career, often taking time from his work to accompany her on auditions or to filming. Because she hated to fly, he'd drive her to places as far away as New York, Memphis and New Orleans. Her first big break was on the TV series "In the Heat of the Night," filmed in Georgia, where she played a recurring role as "Mrs. Abercrombie," an eccentric lady who had a crush on one of the series regulars "Bubba," played by Allen Autry. At a Christmas party Carroll O'Connor gave for the cast and crew, Joanne introduced Ken to Mr. Autry, and "Bubba" said "How come you're always chasing me if you got a hunk like that at home?" Dad did enjoy telling folks that! He had his own professional connection to films as he was hired to help with the location scouting, and then the site plans, environmental permitting and structural engineering for an enormous replica of a circa 1757 fort built on Lake James for the film "The Last of the Mohicans."

Ken lost his beloved "Sweeetheart," his wife of 47 years, Joanne, on Nov. 10, 2009. He never really was the same after that. As I told someone, she was the light of his life, and once the light went out, life seemed very dim. (It seemed that way to all of us who had known and loved her.) Still, he remained uncomplaining. Despite several severe health crises, he never complained, never got upset or showed that he was unhappy. Not long before he passed away, he had to spend some time in a rehabilitation facility after a hospital stay. While he was there, he was a great hit with the ladies who gathered in the smokers' exile in the parking lot. I teased him about all his "girlfriends," and said he was becoming the gigolo of the rest home.

What can I say about this man who walked this earth for a little over 80 years, and who was my father and my friend? He was honest, above all. My mother used to say that he couldn't tell a lie if his life depended on it. He could never believe that anyone would ever cheat him or do him wrong, because the idea of doing wrong to anyone else was so foreign to him. He was intelligent and innovative and optimistic and had an unbounded enthusiasm for new ideas. He was always willing to help anyone he could, and always grateful for any help he was given. He was quiet and reserved, but had a sharp sense of humor and a dry wit that would catch you by surprise and leave you laughing for hours. He was brave and calm and uncomplaining, no matter what he had to endure. He was an adoring husband and a loving father and a good friend to everyone.

Funeral services will be conducted on Wednesday, Jan. 4, at 2 pm, at the Kenilworth Presbyterian Church, with the Reverend Jay King Rabuck officiating.

Family Members: Parents: Herbert Heinrich (Henry) Gustav Pankow (1898-1970), Alice Althea Wilhelmina Matson Pankow (1900-1984); Spouse: Joanne Field Pankow (Unknown-2009, m. 1962); Siblings: Lois Ruth Pankow Lien (1932-1993)

Created by: John Field Pankow
Added: 15 Dec 2016
Find A Grave Memorial 174011074
PANKOW, Kenneth Oscar (I44840)
26564 (1)

Lucinda C Parks
Birth: Nov. 19, 1824
Death: Jan. 27, 1878

Inscription: w/o J.B. Parks

Note: Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth. Yea, saith the spirit that they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them.

Burial: Parks Family Cemetery, Kiskimere, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, USA

Created by: Burke Stoughton
Record added: Apr 08, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 50842209 
HILL, Lucinda C. (I42276)
26565 (1)

Lucinda Catherine Stearns Conner
Birth: 1 Sep 1825
Death: 7 Aug 1876 (aged 50)
Burial: Hickory Ridge Cemetery, Clinton County, Kentucky, USA

Family Members: Parents: John & Elizabeth A. Starnes (1795-1855); Spouses: Cornelius Maguire Conner (1802-1864), William N. Gossett (1842-1884 (m. 1868)); Children: George Washington Conner (1852-1936), Francis Marion Conner (1854-1923 ), Cornelius Snow Breckenridge Conner (1856-1884), William Lawrence Conner (1861-1946), Winnie Tennessee Gossett Conner (1871-1909); Siblings: J. G. Stearns, David H. Stearns (1823-1900)

Created by: Kyroots
Added: 4 Jul 2004
Find A Grave Memorial 9036046
STARNES, Lucinda Catherine (I44669)
26566 (1)

Lucinda Susan Kersey Chiles
Birth: Feb. 27, 1788, Virginia, USA
Death: Nov. 9, 1866, Giles County, Tennessee, USA

"Consort of Paul Chiles."

Lucinda Kersey is said to have been the daughter of a Thomas Kersey from Ireland. This is according to a biography of her son Roland Chiles. This same information can also be found in records belonging to Corp David Thomas Jefferson Kersey, Find A Grave Memorial# 82809433 who I believe to have been her nephew.

Lucinda married Paul Chiles, Sr. sometime prior to 1806. After her death, Paul Chiles lived in Obion County & is buried in the Campground Cemetery.

The children of Paul and Lucinda were named in his will: Francis Caruthers, Nancy Moore, John Chiles, Paul Chiles, Sarah Collins, Henry Chiles, Ann Hicks, Lucinda Jones, Rowland Chiles.

May you rest in peace.

For you Mama with much love. . . .

A special thanks to Mary Bob McClain for her volunteer work with this family & so many others.

Family links: Spouse: Paul Chiles (1787 - 1879); Children: Frances Chiles Caruthers (1806 - 1882), John Chiles (1809 - 1865), Nancy Ann Chiles Moore (1810 - 1888), Paul Chiles (1814 - 1861), Sarah Chiles Collins (1816 - 1884), Anna Chiles Hicks (1819 - 1883), Martha Lucinda Chiles Jones (1823 - 1858), Henry Chiles (1825 - ____), Rowland Chiles (1827 - 1899)

Burial: Diana Cemetery, Diana, Giles County, Tennessee, USA

Maintained by: Gloria Tune
Originally Created by: Mary Bob McClain
Record added: Jun 06, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 53318846 
KERSEY, Lucinda Susan (I36595)
26567 (1)

Lucretia Amanda Frost
Birth: Apr. 13, 1852
Death: Jul. 1, 1866

Lucretia was the daughter of Jesse Frost, I, and Catherine (Harless) Frost. Her marker is broken and totally illegible. Other records show the birth and death dates above and the inscription quoted below.

[Biographical information, above, and marker inscription, below, added by Patricia Crim Dietlein.]

Family links: Parents: Jesse Frost (1804 - 1880), Catherine Harless Frost (1809 - 1898); Siblings: Joshua Henry Frost (1832 - 1911), Hannah Caroline Frost Prestridge (1834 - 1906), Matilda Catherine Frost Callen (1835 - 1926), Arrena Simpson Frost Bragg (1840 - 1905), Martha Jane Frost Blackburn (1842 - 1900), John Harless Frost (1847 - 1935), Mary Zilla Frost (1849 - 1856), Jesse George Frost (1850 - 1930), Lucretia Amanda Frost (1852 - 1866), Charles Shrider Frost (1854 - 1938)


"Daughter of Jesse & C. Frost
Died 1 July 1866
Aged 14 yrs & 3 mos"

[Marker at foot of grave shows initials "L A F"]

Burial: Harless Cemetery, Montevallo, Shelby County, Alabama, USA

Maintained by: Patricia Crim Dietlein
Originally Created by: JOE JORDAN
Record added: Apr 02, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 35449616 
FROST, Lucretia Amanda (I36868)
26568 (1)

Lucretia Jenkins French
Birth: Dec. 14, 1822
Death: Jun. 29, 1909

Burial: Saint Clare Cemetery, Colesburg, Hardin County, Kentucky, USA

Created by: Bob & Ann (DiMeglio) Alvey
Record added: Oct 02, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 59534876 
JENKINS, Lucretia (I37109)
26569 (1)

Lucy Belle Tefertiller Starnes
Birth: Apr. 17, 1868, Illinois, USA
Death: Feb. 28, 1912, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County, California, USA

Family links: Children: Floyd Robert Starnes (1900 - 1982)

Burial: Paso Robles District Cemetery, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County, California, USA
Plot: 9 4

Created by: Russell Tefertiller
Record added: Aug 05, 2008
Find A Grave Memorial# 28797978 
TEFERTILLER, Lucy Bell (I2969)
26570 (1)

Lucy Domingo Bingham
Birth: Sep. 10, 1925
Death: Jun. 4, 2011

Family links: Spouse: Daniel A Bingham (1926 - 1954)

Inscription: US ARMY


Burial: National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA

Maintained by: Have Paws will travel!
Originally Created by: International Wargraves Photography Project
Record added: Jul 05, 2011
Find A Grave Memorial# 72846543 
DOMINGO, Lucy (I41942)
26571 (1)

Lucy J. Gilkison
Birth: Unknown
Death: Unknown

Burial: Brunersburg Cemetery, Defiance County, Ohio, USA

Created by: D
Record added: Nov 05, 2014
Find A Grave Memorial# 138349838 
SLAYTON, Lucy Juliette (I41574)
26572 (1)

Lucy Jane Sage Chenault
Birth: 1838, Kentucky, USA
Death: 1863, Dallas County, Texas, USA

Daughter of Daniel Sage and Jane Dye, she was the second wife of Wesley Marshall Chenault and the mother of James Henry Chenault.

Family links: Spouse: Wesley Marshal Chenault (1819 - 1891); Children: Elizabeth Chenault Kemp (1860 - 1939), James Henry Chenault (1862 - 1927)

Burial: Warren Angus Ferris Cemetery, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA

Created by: Pat Simmons
Record added: Apr 05, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 35561690 
SAGE, Lucy Jane (I36829)
26573 (1)

Mabelle Lee McClintick Kennedy
[Note by compiler: According to the decedent's tombstone, she spelled her maiden name McClintock, not McClintick.]
Birth: Sep. 2, 1887, Novelty, Knox County, Missouri, USA
Death: Jan., 1981, Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma, USA

Family links: Parents: Hiram Sylvester McClintick (1860 - 1944), Nancy Lee Bryant McClintick (1864 - 1923); Spouse: Edmund Thomas Kennedy (1883 - 1936); Children: Anna Blake Kennedy Bell (1908 - 1981), Marjorie Kennedy Kane (1911 - 1981), Julia A. Kennedy Lane (1913 - 1982), Edmund Thomas Kennedy (1919 - 1998); Siblings: Mabelle Lee McClintick Kennedy (1887 - 1981), Hiram Bryant McClintick (1890 - 1968), Julia Amelia McClintick McKibben (1896 - 1961), Merle Kenneth McClintick (1905 - 1986), Lloyd B McClintick (1907 - 1977)

Burial: Pawhuska City Cemetery, Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma, USA

Created by: Chad Kendell
Record added: Jun 05, 2011
Find A Grave Memorial# 70901114 
McCLINTOCK, Mabelle Lee (I36241)
26574 (1)

Mack Saxon
Birth: Nov. 21, 1901
Death: May 8, 1949, Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia, USA . . .

h/o Mary Adelaide BARRON Hilton Saxon, m. 1 June 1935 in Fort Worth, TX

Mack Saxon (c. 1901 - May 8, 1949) was an American football player, coach of football, basketball, and baseball, and college athletic administrator in the United States. He served as the head football coach at the Texas State School of Mines and Metallurgy, now the University of Texas El Paso, from 1929 to 1941, compiling a record of 66-43-9. He had three 7-1 seasons at Texas Mines. His 1936 team lost in the Sun Bowl, the only bowl game to which his teams were invited. From 1928 to 1934, Saxon coached the Texas Mines basketball team, tallying a mark of 34-61. He also coached the school's baseball team in 1928 and 1930, amassing record of 17-4. Saxon died at the age of 47 of a heart attack at his home in Arlington, Virginia on May 8, 1949. [Contributed by K]

Family links: Spouse: Mary Barron Saxon (1906 - 1966)

Burial: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia, USA

Created by: LadyDragon
Record added: Jun 16, 2011
Find A Grave Memorial# 71472299 
SAXON, Mack (I36244)
26575 (1)

Madeacy McGown Gentry
Birth: Aug. 14, 1820
Death: Dec. 11, 1905

Family links: Spouse: Bartlett Gentry (1803 - 1893); Rebecca Gentry Stoops (1842 - 1905), Louisa Elizabeth Gentry Stoops (1861 - 1945)

Burial: Pine Lawn Cemetery, Houston, Texas County, Missouri, USA

Created by: Carole Fudge/Ragain
Record added: Aug 23, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 57513158 
McGOWN, Madeacy (I36797)
26576 (1)

Madeleine of Valois
Birth: Aug. 10, 1520, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Departement des Yvelines, Île-de-France, France
Death: Jul. 7, 1537, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland

Scottish monarch, queen consort of James V, King of Scots. Daughter of King Francis I of France and Claude of Valois, daughter of Louis XII. She married James on January 1, 1537 at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The young princess suffered from tuberculosis, and died in her husband's arms only 7 months after her arrival in Scotland. She was 17 years old.

Family links: Parents: King Francois I (1494 - 1547), Claude de France (1499 - 1524); Spouse: James, King of Scots (1512 - 1542); Siblings: Louise de France (1515 - 1518), Charlotte de Valois (1516 - 1524), Francois de France (1518 - 1536), Henri de Valois (1519 - 1559), Madeleine of Valois (1520 - 1537), Charles de France (1522 - 1545)

Burial: Abbey of Holyrood, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland

Maintained by: Find A Grave
Originally Created by: Kristen Conrad
Record added: Aug 10, 2004
Find A Grave Memorial# 9301821 
Madeleine of Valois (I41274)
26577 (1)

Madison Doran
Birth: Oct. 5, 1821, Ohio, USA
Death: Oct. 1, 1882, Adams County, Illinois, USA

Family links: Spouse: Ann McClintock Doran (1832 - 1901); Children: Samuel M. Doran (1850 - 1887), Sarah J Doran Mays (1855 - 1937), Isabelle Doran Kemp (1859 - 1931)

Burial: Hebron Cemetery, Golden, Adams County, Illinois, USA

Created by: Downing
Record added: Jan 16, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 32974087 
DORAN, Madison (I40566)
26578 (1)

Magdalena Bieri Hunsaker
Birth: Jan. 3, 1732, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: Sep. 8, 1796, Springhill, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, USA

Wife of Johannes (John) Hunsaker

Hannes married Magdalena Bieri b: 3 Jan 1732 in East Manchester, York County, Pennsylvania on the 15th of May 1750 in East Manchester, York County, Pennsylvania.

Children of Hannes and Magdalena are:

• Abraham Hunsaker b: 13 Jan 1751 in Manchester, York County, Pennsylvania
• Johannes Hunsaker b: 16 Sep 1752 in Manchester, York County, Pennsylvania
• Barbara Hunsaker b: 6 May 1754 in East Manchester, York County, Pennsylvania
• Nicholas Hunsaker b: 3 Feb 1756 in East Manchester, York County, Pennsylvania
• Hartman Hunsaker b: 20 Aug 1757 in Manheim Twp, York County, Pennsylvania
• Jacob Hunsaker b: 6 May 1759 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
• Joseph Hunsaker b: 20 May 1761 in Manheim Twp, York County, Pennsylvania
• Abraham Hunsaker b: 25 Apr 1763 in Manheim Twp, York County, Pennsylvania
• George Hunsaker b: 12 Mar 1766 in Manchester, York County, Pennsylvania
• Catherine Hunsaker b: 5 Mar 1769 in Pipe Creek, Frederick County, Maryland
• Magdalena Hunsaker b: 24 Mar 1770 in Pipe Creek, Frederick County, Maryland
• Andrew Hunsaker b: 5 Jul 1772 in Pipe Creek, Frederick County, Maryland and
• Samuel Hunsaker b: 2 Nov 1777 in Washington, Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Family links: Spouse: Johannes Hunsaker (1728 - 1815); Children: John Hunsaker (1752 - 1792), Nicholas Honsaker (1756 - 1843), Jacob Hunsaker (1759 - 1831), Joseph Hunsaker (1761 - 1844), Abraham Hunsaker (1763 - 1841), George Hunsaker (1766 - 1845), Magdalena Hunsaker Lesley (1770 - 1825), Andrew Hunsaker (1772 - 1843), Samuel Hunsaker (1777 - 1864)

Burial: Greendale Cemetery, Masontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, USA

Created by: Arthur Ridley
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Find A Grave Memorial# 70506776 
BIERI, Magdalena (I40580)
26579 (1)

Magdalena Hunsaker Lesley
Birth: Mar. 24, 1770, Frederick County, Maryland, USA
Death: 1825, Union County, Illinois, USA

Family links: Parents: Johannes Hunsaker (1728 - 1815), Magdalena Bieri Hunsaker (1732 - 1796); Spouses: Abner Keith (1778 - 1866), Valentine Lesley (1770 - 1802); Children: John Lesley (1794 - 1861), Susannah Lesley (1800 - ____), Sampson Boothe Keith (1801 - 1855), Nicholas Keith (1804 - ____), Bowen Keith (1806 - 1852), Dorcas Keith Bardmass (1808 - 1890), Frances Keith Hagler (1809 - 1877), Neason Keith (1810 - ____), Delilah Keith Clutts (1811 - 1875), Rezin Keith (1812 - 1839), Valentine Keith (1812 - 1858), John Keith (1814 - 1858), Elizabeth Keith Anderson (1818 - 1903); Siblings: John Hunsaker (1752 - 1792), Nicholas Honsaker (1756 - 1843), Jacob Hunsaker (1759 - 1831), Joseph Hunsaker (1761 - 1844), Abraham Hunsaker (1763 - 1841), George Hunsaker (1766 - 1845), Magdalena Hunsaker Lesley (1770 - 1825), Andrew Hunsaker (1772 - 1843), Samuel Hunsaker (1777 - 1864)

Burial: Unknown

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Find A Grave Memorial# 45844613 
HUNSAKER, Magdalena (I40610)
26580 (1)

Magdalena Schweinhardt Hutzel
Birth: Jan. 8, 1725, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: Jun. 21, 1788

d/o Georg & Margreth Schweinhardt

14 June 1739 md. Joh. Georg Hutzel who died 2 May 1778, 8 sons, 4 daughters

Had a stroke

Family links: Spouse: Johann Georg Hutzel (1711 - 1788); Children: Margaretha Hützel Miller (1740 - 1825), Johann "Peter" Hutzel (1750 - 1820)

Burial: Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Frederick, Frederick County, Maryland, USA

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Find A Grave Memorial# 39525073
SCHWEINHARDT, Anna Maria Magdelina (I44219)
26581 (1)

Magdaline Ollyver Winslow
Birth: 4 Aug 1566
Death: 24 Mar 1631 (aged 64)
Burial: Saint Peter's Churchyard, Droitwich Spa, Wychavon District, Worcestershire, England

Family Members: Spouse: Edward Winslow (1560-1620); Children: Edward Winslow (1595-1655), John Winslow (1597-1674), Eleanore Winslow Hilton (1598-1672), Kenelm Winslow (1599-1672), Gilbert Winslow (1600-1631), Josiah Winslow (1605-1674), Mary Magdalen Winslow Worden (1610-1686)

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Find A Grave Memorial 190607696
OLLYVER, Magdalene (I45468)
26582 (1)

Maggie Mae Eddings Frost
Birth: 1872
Death: 1953

Family links: Spouse: Emmett Robert Frost (1871 - 1964); Children: Raymond Dennis Frost (1896 - 1986), Emmett Nelson Frost (1904 - 1950), Howard Bruce Frost (1909 - 1989)

Burial: Dutch Tract Cemetery, North Pleasureville, Henry County, Kentucky, USA

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Find A Grave Memorial# 91100126
EDDINGS, Margaret May (I33642)
26583 (1)

Mahlon Albert Spangler
Birth: Dec. 18, 1853, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: 1909, Jackson County, Missouri, USA

Family links: Spouse: Elizabeth Anna McClintock Spangler (1859 - 1918); Children: William Sylvester Spangler (1878 - 1954), Henry Albert Spangler (1880 - 1975), Jacob Franklin Spangler (1883 - 1954), Arthur D Spangler (1884 - 1965), Samuel Walter Spangler (1886 - 1953)

Burial: Mount Washington Cemetery, Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, USA

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Find A Grave Memorial# 79894682 
SPANGLER, Mahlon Albert (I40599)
26584 (1)

Maj Andrew Arnold
Birth: Jun. 15, 1794
Death: Apr. 6, 1860

Family links: Spouse: Isabella Parks Arnold (1794 - 1879); Children: Henry J Arnold (1820 - 1863), Robert Parks Arnold (1832 - 1903)

Burial: Kittanning Cemetery, Kittanning, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, USA
Plot: A15

Created by: Ralph Satterfield
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Find A Grave Memorial# 82280983 
ARNOLD, Andrew (I42265)
26585 (1)

Malinda Price Baker
Birth: Dec. 28, 1845
Death: Oct. 28, 1930, Arkansas, USA

Married 1st: Francis Marion Baker in 1860 Carroll County, Arkansas.


Joseph Francis Baker, born 1-31-1864, Carroll County, Arkansas

Married 2nd: She married her Widowed's Brother in Law: Wesley Young Biggerstaff.

Married 3rd: She married her Daughter-in-Law's Grandfather: Joseph Calvin Houston on 6-20-1895 in Carroll County, Arkansas.

Family links: Spouses: Joseph Calvin Houston (1823 - 1901), Wesley Young Biggerstaff (1827 - 1891), Francis Marion Baker (1842 - 1889); Children: Joseph Francis Baker (1864 - 1937)

Burial: Shady Grove Cemetery, Berryville, Carroll County, Arkansas, USA

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Find A Grave Memorial# 42649708
PRICE, Malinda (I44174)
26586 (1)

Malinda R. Boyce Mayo
Birth: Jul. 22, 1805, Warren County, Kentucky, USA
Death: Jan. 6, 1860, Boone County, Missouri, USA

See the inscription on Silas Mayo site for other details of Malinda. Both names on headstone.

Burial: New Providence Cemetery, Columbia, Boone County, Missouri, USA

Created by: Albert C. Pace
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Find A Grave Memorial# 21840746 
BOYCE, Malinda R. (I36930)
26587 (1)

Malinda [Melinda] Mayo Sandker
Birth: May 9, 1843, Missouri, USA [?]
Death: Apr. 7, 1906, Boone County, Missouri, USA

Melinda J. Mayo Sandker's birth year shown in the 1850 and 1870 Federal Census as 1837 - Church records show it as 1843. The censuses show the family as having 9 children.

Family links: Spouse: Henry Garrett Sandker (1816 - 1889); Children: James Frederick Sandker (1855 - 1929), Mary Elizabeth Sandker Forbis (1857 - 1923), Henry L Sandker (1862 - 1925), John William Sandker (1867 - 1914)

Inscription: Wife of Henry Garret Sandker

Burial: Dripping Spring Christian Church Cemetery, Columbia, Boone County, Missouri, USA

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Find A Grave Memorial# 16600130 
MAYO, Malinda Jane (I36947)
26588 (1)

Marcus Hails
Birth: 1826, Tennessee, USA
Death: 1875, Illinois, USA

Family links: Parents: Thomas Franklin Hails (1794 - 1857), Sarah E Justice Hails (1798 - 1871); Spouse: Delia C Waters Hails (1828 - 1908), Children: Thomas J Hails (1856 - 1892), Annie F Hails (1866 - 1866); Siblings: James Madison Hails (1819 - 1892), William S Hail (1820 - 1880), John Wesley Hails (1823 - 1899), Marcus Hails (1826 - 1875), Nellie E. Hails Wilson (1837 - 1919)

Burial: Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois, USA

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Find A Grave Memorial# 86845758 
HAILS, Marcus (I40449)
26589 (1)

Marcy Worden Winslow
Birth: 1641, Yarmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 22 Sep 1688 (aged 46-47), Dennis, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA
Burial: Worden Cemetery, East Dennis, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA

Worden Cemetery (AKA Homer/Winslow) - Rt. 6A between Airline and Sears Rd. Access through right of way.

Mercy Worden Winslow, dau. Peter Worden

Here Lyes ye Body Of Mrs Marcy Winslow Wife to Mr Kenelm Winslow Who Decd Sept'br ye 22nd 1688 In ye 48th Year of Her Age.

Family Members: Parents: Peter Worden (1609-1679), Mary Magdalen Winslow Worden (1610-1686); Spouse: Kenelm Winslow (1636-1715); Children: Mercy Mary Winslow Ellis (1666-1755), Kenelm Winslow (1668-1728), Josiah Winslow (1669-1761), Thomas Winslow (1672-1689), Samuel Winslow (1672-1760), Edward Winslow (1681-1760); Siblings: Mary Worden Burgess (1639-1723), Samuel Worden (1645-1716)

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Find A Grave Memorial 16042097
WORDEN, Marcy (I45431)
26590 (1)

Margaret "Peggy" Beard McClintic
Birth: Apr. 20, 1803, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, USA
Death: Jul. 8, 1876, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, USA . . .

Family links: Parents: Samuel Beard (1771 - 1850), Margaret Walkup Beard (1771 - 1851); Spouse: Moses McClintic (1789 - 1856); Children: Samuel Beard McClintic (1823 - 1884); Siblings: John F. Beard (1796 - 1871), Christopher Beard (1798 - 1840), Margaret Beard McClintic (1803 - 1876), Andrew Beard (1806 - 1875), Joseph Beard (1810 - 1889)

Burial: Old Stone Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, USA
Plot: C-4

Created by: James Nathan Williams
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Find A Grave Memorial# 57805366 
BEARD, Margaret (I40791)
26591 (1)

Margaret "Peggy" Stearns Cowan
Birth: Jun. 5, 1817, Alabama, USA
Death: May 15, 1907, Yellville, Marion County, Arkansas, USA

Along with her husband John Wesley Cowan, Margaret was an early pioneer of Marion County Arkansas. She spent her life in Cowan Barrens. Family lore states that she was ½ Cherokee.

Family links: Spouse: John Wesley Cowan (1816 - 1862); Children: Alfred H Cowan (1839 - 1923), Barbara C Cowan Allen (1843 - 1931), Julia Margaret Cowan Doshier (1853 - 1938)

Burial: Cowan Cemetery, Marion County, Arkansas, USA

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Find A Grave Memorial# 24075054 
STARNES, Margaret (I34800)
26592 (1)

Margaret Ball Downman
Birth: Sep. 29, 1694, Lancaster County, Virginia, USA
Death: 1758, Richmond County, Virginia, USA

Margaret Ball was the daughter of Captain William Ball II and Margaret Williamson. Born about 1679 in Lancaster County Virginia, she was a contemporary of her cousins Mary Ball (mother of George Washington) and Esther Ball (spouse of Rawleigh Chinn). Margaret married Rawleigh Downman and had two boys, Rawleigh and William. After her husband died, Margaret began having an affair with Rawleigh Chinn, the husband of her cousin Esther Ball.

Esther and Rawleigh had several children but at some point their marriage began to fall apart, and Esther claimed that Rawleigh beat her and threw her out of the family home. She filed a court proceeding against Rawleigh where she raised these accusations. Rawleigh and Esther eventually divorced, which was highly unusual at the time.

Margaret proceeded to have three boys with Rawleigh. The first boy, Charles was born in 1723 when Margaret was in her 40s. Christopher and Elijah were born around 1725. When the boys were young they all went by the last name Downman. However after their father Rawleigh died and named them in his will as his "godsons", all three of the boys took the surname Chinn. They all inherited under their father's will.

In 1728, 1729, 1730 and 1731, Margaret was cited in several court proceedings for committing adultery with Rawleigh and for having children out of wedlock. In 1732 Margaret was found guilty of fornication and fined. The same jury decided that she could not be guilty of adultery since she was single.

Rawleigh and Margaret continued their love affair until his death in about 1741. Margaret lived an additional 18 years. After her death, Charles, Elijah and Christopher moved to the Middleburg area of Virginia, to live on the lands inherited from their father Rawleigh Chinn.

Family links: Parents: William Ball (1641 - 1694); Spouse: Rawleigh Chinn (1684 - 1741); Children: William Downman (1717 - 1765), Rawleigh Downman (1719 - 1781), Charles Downman Chinn (1723 - 1788), Christopher Downman Chinn (1725 - 1770), Elijah Downman Chinn (1727 - 1771); Siblings: Richard Ball (1675 - 1726), James Ball (1678 - 1754), George Ball (1683 - 1746), Samuel Ball (1686 - 1751), David Ball (1686 - 1732), Margaret Ball Downman (1694 - 1758)

[Note by compiler: Rawleigh Chinn and Margaret (Ball) Downman were never married to each other.]

Burial: Unknown

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Find A Grave Memorial# 113365655
BALL, Margaret (I42891)
26593 (1)

Margaret Braxton Pitts
Birth: Mar. 25, 1769, Chatham County, North Carolina, USA
Death: Jan. 15, 1863, Salem, Washington County, Indiana, USA

Family links: Parents: Thomas Braxton (1742 - 1815); Spouse: Andrew Pitts (1759 - 1845); Children: Sarah Pitts Davis (1801 - 1899); Siblings: Margaret Braxton Pitts (1769 - 1863), Thomas Braxtan (1774 - 1865), Rebecca Braxton Green (1777 - 1826), Rebecca Braxton Green (1778 - 1826), Ann Braxton Lindley (1779 - 1805), John Braxton (1782 - 1860)

Burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem, Washington County, Indiana, USA

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Find A Grave Memorial# 83704890
BRAXTON, Margaret (I44627)
26594 (1)

Margaret C Buchanan McClintock Summers
Birth: May 28, 1809, Virginia, USA
Death: Apr. 13, 1894, Tazewell County, Illinois, USA

McClintick/McClintock was her name from her first marriage to William McClintock. William McClintock's name is verified on the death records of her daughters Susan McClintock Brown and Mary McClintick Gay.

William McClintock and Margaret Buchanan married June 15, 1835 in Virginia.

Margaret McClintick married John Summers Dec 6 1848 in Tazewell Co.

John Summers and Margaret had 2 children that I know of:
Amelia Summers Berry #76572059
Anderson Summers #29860857

Family links: Spouse: John Summers (1792 - 1870)

Burial: Woodrow Cemetery, South Pekin, Tazewell County, Illinois, USA

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Find A Grave Memorial# 84145844 
BUCHANAN, Margaret C. (I40859)
26595 (1)

Margaret Campbell Park
Birth: Dec. 18, 1820
Death: 1886, Indiana, USA

[Note by compiler: The decedent's first name is spelled Margeret on her tombstone.]

Family links: Spouse: Andrew Park (1816 - 1893)

Burial: Walnut Hill Cemetery, Marysville, Clark County, Indiana, USA

Created by: Arlene McFarland
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Find A Grave Memorial# 42926917 
CAMPBELL, Margaret (I42452)
26596 (1)

Margaret Collins Parks
Birth: Jul. 14, 1828
Death: Jun. 3, 1870

Family links: Parents: John Collins (1806 - 1886), Manerva J. Newton Collins (1814 - 1872); Spouse: Joseph Lingal Parks (1829 - 1882); Children: Mary Elizabeth Parks (1859 - 1859), Ida Ophelia Parks (1861 - 1863); Siblings: Stephen Collins, Elizabeth Ann Collins Burgan (1827 - 1911), Margaret Collins Parks (1828 - 1870), William Henry Collins (1830 - 1878), Ellinor Collins Burgan (1832 - 1907), Abigail Collins Parks (1842 - 1867), Nancy A. Collins (1846 - 1869), Martha G. Collins (1848 - 1865), Olive Collins Flathers (1850 - 1913), Minnesota Collins Carothers (1854 - 1938), Mary J. Collins (1855 - 1855)

Note: Daughter of John & Manerva Collins, wife of Joseph L. Parks

Burial: Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Grove, Olmsted County, Minnesota, USA

Created by: K. Pike
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Find A Grave Memorial# 10875299 
COLLINS, Margaret (I42390)
26597 (1)

Margaret Cowden Phillippi
Birth: 1812, Wythe County, Virginia, USA
Death: Nov., 1840, Boone County, Missouri, USA

Daughter of Joseph Cowden and Jenny Chaney

Wife of David Phillippi, Born - 11/2/1811 Wythe Co., VA. Died - 2/7/1878 Boone Co., MO.

Burial: Cowden Family Cemetery, Woodlandville, Boone County, Missouri, USA

Created by: SHARYN
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Find A Grave Memorial# 67193071 
COWDEN, Margaret (I36931)
26598 (1)

Margaret Elizabeth Speck Starnes
Birth: 1763, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA
Death: 1848 (aged 84-85), Franklin County, Tennessee, USA
Burial: Non-Cemetery Burial

Family Members: Spouse: John Starnes (1745-1780); Children: Frederick Starnes (1772-1855), Catherine Starnes Wentz (1774-Unknown), John Starnes (1779-1855)

Created by: JohnetteDillsMurray
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Find A Grave Memorial 173399434
SPECK, Margaret Elizabeth (I34543)
26599 (1)

Margaret Gross Roark
Birth: 1806
Death: 1860

Burial: Roark Cemetery, Hamilton County, Tennessee, USA

Created by: Vicki Brewer Sexton
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Find A Grave Memorial# 96767933 
GROSS, Margaret (I34834)
26600 (1)

Margaret Hunsaker
Birth: 1802, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, USA
Death: Unknown

Family links: Parents: Samuel Hunsaker (1777 - 1864), Hannah Rhoades Hunsaker (1786 - 1854); Siblings: Margaret Hunsaker (1802 - ____), John Brown Hunsaker (1803 - 1873), Rachel Hunsaker Daugherty (1804 - 1833), Andrew Hunsaker (1806 - 1890), Hiram Wike Hunsaker (1807 - 1867), Margaret Hunsaker McBride (1809 - 1849), Daniel Hunsaker (1811 - 1879), Susannah Hunsaker Rhoades (1813 - 1896), Elizabeth Hunsaker Pond (1815 - 1906), Katherine Hunsaker (1818 - 1834), Samuel Young Hunsaker (1820 - 1864), Joseph Rhoades Hunsaker (1822 - 1905)

Burial: Unknown

Created by: Chad Kendell
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Find A Grave Memorial# 67018197 
HUNSAKER, Margaret (I40621)

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