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26501 (1)

Phebe Parker Hassell
Birth: 1790, Elbert County, Georgia, USA
Death: 1852, Anderson County, Texas, USA

Daughter of Elder John Parker and Sarah "Sally" White. Name also spelled Phoebe, Pheby & Pheboe in various places. Wife of Zacheus Hassell. Sister of Elder Daniel Parker. Mother of 10 children. Born in Georgia, then moved with her family to Tennessee, Illinois and finally Texas. Aunt to Cynthia Ann Parker. Please note she is not the same person as Phebe Anglin who some claim to be Cynthia Ann's Aunt Phebe. Phebe Anglin was simply the wife of Adrian Anglin who was the guardian of Cynthia Ann's younger siblings Orlena and Silas Jr. who were not captured at Ft. Parker. There father was killed at Ft Parker and when there mother Lucinda died Adrian who's daughter was married to Richard Duty, Lucindas brother, took the younger siblings in and with his wife Phebe raised them. Phebe Anglin was not this Phebe however as Phebe Anglin and Phebe Hassell or both shown alive in different households on the 1850 Census. Also Phebe Parker Hassell died around 1852-1853 before Cynthia Ann was brought back to the family so she can not be the Phebe said to have helped Cynthia Ann in her return to the family in 1861.

Family links: Parents: John Parker (1758 - 1836), Sarah White Parker (1759 - 1824); Spouse: Zacheus Hassell (____ - 1846); Siblings: Daniel Parker (1781 - 1844), John Parker (1783 - 1832), Mary Jane Parker Kendrick (1785 - 1846), Benjamin F. W. Parker (1788 - 1836), Phebe Parker Hassell (1790 - 1852), Isaac Parker (1793 - 1883), Phoebe Parker Anglin (1796 - 1863) [?], James William Parker (1797 - 1864), Nathaniel Parker (1799 - 1855), Silas Mercer Parker (1804 - 1836), Susannah Parker Starr (1807 - 1875)

Burial: Pilgrim Cemetery (White section), Elkhart, Anderson County, Texas, USA
Plot: Unmarked old section near son John Hassell

Created by: ScottNicholson
Record added: Jan 13, 2016
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PARKER, Phebe (I40345)
26502 (1)

Phebe Parks Brown
Birth: Apr. 13, 1796
Death: Nov. 1, 1864

Family links: Children: Robert Brown (1823 - 1823)

Inscription: married March 2, 1819; w/o James E. Brown.

Burial: Kittanning Cemetery, Kittanning, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, USA

Created by: Burke Stoughton
Record added: Jul 20, 2009
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PARKS, Phebe (I42266)
26503 (1)

Philip Sidney Logan
Birth: Sep. 28, 1936, Tarrant County, Texas, USA
Death: Aug. 22, 1991, Harris County, Texas, USA

Son of John Robert Logan, Jr. and Cleo Segrest. He was survived by his son, Scott Thomas Logan; daughter, Lynn Anne Logan; daughter, Lisa Jean Johnson; daughter Stace Elise Logan; third wife Susan Kulcak Logan.

(submitted by Lynn Logan Lee)

Family links: Parents: John Robert Logan (1909 - 1979), Cleo Sheffield Segrest Logan (1910 - 1962)

Inscription: Loving Husband, Father & Brother

Burial: Forest Park Westheimer Cemetery, Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA

Created by: Cyndi Wiseman
Record added: Nov 20, 2009
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LOGAN, Philip Sidney (I36382)
26504 (1)

Polly Luce Hunsaker
Birth: Sep. 24, 1790, Nelson County, Kentucky, USA
Death: Nov. 21, 1819, Jonesboro, Union County, Illinois, USA

Daughter of William Luce and Nancy Ann Newman

Married Jacob Hunsaker, 17 Feb 1808, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

Children - Nancy Hunsaker, Jacob T. Hunsaker, Catherine Hunsaker, John Luce Hunsaker, Abraham Hunsaker

Family links: Parents: William Luce (1767 - 1843), Ann Newman Luce (1771 - 1836); Spouse: Jacob Hunsaker (1781 - 1845); Children: Nancy Hunsaker Wigle (1809 - 1869), John Luce Hunsaker (1810 - 1863), Abraham Hunsaker (1812 - 1889), Catherine Hunsaker Wigle (1814 - 1893), Jacob T. Hunsaker (1818 - 1889)

Burial: Kimmel Cemetery, Jonesboro, Union County, Illinois, USA

Created by: SMSmith
Record added: Apr 11, 2008
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LUCE, Polly (I40618)
26505 (1)

Priscilla Goodloe Hale
Birth: Oct. 30, 1799, Franklin County, North Carolina, USA
Death: Aug. 23, 1879, Yorkville, Gibson County, Tennessee, USA

Daughter of John Goodloe and Mary Bowers. Wife of Stephen S. Hale married 21 Oct 1819 in Rutherford County TN. Hale Children were Joannah 1821, Melissa (Wyatt)1822, Lucy 1823, Mary 1825, Robert 1827, Martha S. Crenshaw 1832, James K. Polk 1836, Sinna 1837 and Amanda 1843.

Family links: Spouse: Stephen S Hale (1796 - 1876)

Inscription: In Memory of Priscilla Hale Wife of S. S. Hale Born Oct. 30 1799 Died Aug 23, 1879

Burial: Yorkville Cemetery, Yorkville, Gibson County, Tennessee, USA
Plot: Hale Family Plot

Created by: Donna Gore Ellis
Record added: Jun 01, 2010
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GOODLOE, Priscilla (I40532)
26506 (1)

Priscilla Lindley
Birth: Nov. 5, 1813
Death: Feb. 13, 1879

Family links: Spouse: Oliver Lindley (1809 - 1881); Children: James C. Lindley (1836 - 1887)

Burial: Odd Fellows Cemetery, Neosho, Newton County, Missouri, USA

Created by: Judie
Record added: Oct 30, 2010
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COFFIN, Priscilla (I44628)
26507 (1)

Pvt George Rush
Birth: Unknown
Death: Apr. 4, 1865

Pvt. E Co. 150th IN Infantry.

Burial: Antietam National Cemetery, Sharpsburg, Washington County, Maryland, USA

Created by: BIRDMAN
Record added: Nov 14, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 44328854 
RUSH, George (I40733)
26508 (1)

Pvt Lewis Jenkins
Birth: Nov. 15, 1786, Georgia, USA
Death: Jan. 27, 1863, Fayette County, Alabama, USA

Cemetery Location: Southwest of Pea Ridge (S29-T15S-R10W)

Inscribed on his tombstone is: Pvt. AUSTIN's Regt. S.C. Militia - War of 1812 - born November 15, 1786 and died January 27, 1863.

"The Jenkins Graveyard"
by Carrie Deavours
a special to the Broadcaster

In the deep woods, almost hidden away from the world, is a graveyard of distinguished people who left their mark on Fayette County History but whose living descendants are few in number.

This is the resting place of Lewis and Mary A. JENKINS and a few of their offspring. Inscribed on his tombstone is: Pvt. AUSTIN's Regt. S.C. Militia - War of 1812 - born November 15, 1786 and died January 27, 1863. His wife Mary A. [SANDERS] JENKINS born abt 1786; died August 30, 1855. Her grave is the oldest one marked.

General L.W. JENKINS, evidently their son, was born September 16, 1822 and died January 20, 1863 thus dying seven days before his father. His wife was born May 15, 1825 and died August 14, 1890. They had at least five sons and two daughters. [L.W. Jenkins was a son of Lewis Jenkins, and several of his children were buried here according to Greenberry Jenkins' book.]

The son Verris ["Buck" JENKINS was] born February 02, 1867, died September 30, 1933, married Susanna FOWLER, born 1867, died in 1958. She is buried in the Berry Cemetery.

One daughter, M. [Mathelda] Alice JENKINS, born February 18, 1851, died August 02, 1888, married George Washington DEAVOURS. They had triplet sons, but only one Lucian lived to maturity.

The other daughter Maggie M. [JENKINS] wife of C.A. WHEELER, M.D., died December 08, 1893. Dr. WHEELER was well known in the North River beat and married Siney KIMBRELL after Maggy's death. They had one son Kelcy. The doctor is buried at Musgrove Chapel.

The JENKINS men were a unique class. They nicknamed most all their acquaintances, both male and female, and not just ordinary names. I made a collection of many of them from my dear father-in-law, the late H.V. DEAVOURS.

They called my father, Bedford SAWYER, the Whangadoodle. In about 1913 he helped "put up" a phone line and it was called the "Whangadoodle Line." Once at a writers conclave, I asked the guest speaker, a Poet Laureate of South Carolina, Dr. Archibald RUTLEDGE, what the word meant, as I had seen a reference to it on a visit to Hepsidam, Winston County. He thought it was a mystical creature of undefined characteristics, a human usage.

Uncle John SAWYER was the Gander, Uncle Henry was Duggan, cousins Austin and Verris, Dobber and Rufe. John SMITH was Sidehar (side harrow), Isaac DEAVOURS, the Gabbet, and William SMITH, Diadapper.

But they also named each other. Verris [JENKINS] was called Buck, Sidney P. [JENKINS], buried at Mt. Zion Methodist Cemetery, was Thacker, Alvin Sumner [JENKINS], buried at Studdards Crossroads, was Dude. I can't recall those given to Freeman S. and William P. (other than Bill) but some of the relatives may know. Mrs. Eula HAMMACK told me her husband Bill was called Bogs, [but] he didn't exactly cherish the assignment. My mother Margaret SAWYER, was the Goose, Mrs. Florentine BROWN was the Cultivator.

Once Mr. Jim ELLIS "rung up" Mr. FREEMAN to inquire of his wife, Sis, who had been "under the weather," to which he replied, "Oh, she's complainin' of feelin' better this mornin'." Another time he called to ask about some sick and aged, very sick man: "Oh, he went west last night" (died).

My husband and I cleared off this old burial ground on a recent Saturday. It was badly overgrown. I got the feeling of stepping back into history, viewing the unusual care used in committing these loved ones to their last resting places. First a large skillfully hewn stone about seven feet by five feet was laid, then another, about six feet by four feet laid on top of this, then the marker. A hewn rock wall encircled it. A cedar tree and a thick stone were placed in each corner. A four-strand wire fence rusting away, enclosed it. One small grave, not a Jenkins, read Earnest HYDE, son of J.M. and S.E. HYDE, born October 31, 1902 and died August 04, 1903.

These people were honest, moral and skillful. They lived better than most. All had large orchards, bees and vegetable gardens. Mr. FREEMAN had a Cider Mill. They were also rock masons, and a few chimneys still stand, attesting to their art. Well curbs their were their specialty, knowing how to cut a perfectly round or square hole to accommodate the old oaken bucket. They lived near each other and had few children. Lewis JENKINS likely had land granted to him for war service.

Any relative reading this might want to revisit this quiet and lovely spot. If so, you will have to wind your dusty way through and around mounds of dirt and rock, for Mr. PEABODY's coal trucks have hauled their broad acres away!

Source: Undated, loose newspaper clipping on file at the Jasper, AL, library. Information within brackets [ ] was added by the submitter.

The graves of Lewis and Mary Jenkins, they are the parents of Jane Jenkins Frost.

Mary died on August 30, 1855, her grave is the oldest one marked, and Lewis died on January 27, 1863
from small pox 7 days after his son died.

Burial: Jenkins Cemetery, Fayette County, Alabama, USA

Created by: Heather Friend
Record added: Jul 26, 2005
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JENKINS, Lewis (I35195)
26509 (1)

Rachael Loveless Durham
Birth: Oct. 9, 1809, Ohio, USA
Death: Mar. 10, 1875

w/o Dennis, d. Mar 10, 1875, age 65y 5m 1d.

Family links: Parents: William Loveless (1786 - 1860), Elizabeth Watkins Loveless (1789 - 1854); Spouse: Dennis Durham (1803 - 1875); Children: William Durham (____ - 1848), Catharine Durham Baker, Eliza Durham Fickle (1829 - 1865), Nelson Durham (1832 - 1900), Allen M. Durham (1833 - 1920), Anderson Durham (1835 - 1906), Austin Durham (1837 - 1863), Nancy Ann Durham Rinehart (1842 - 1932), John E. Durham (1844 - 1908), Curtis E Durham (1852 - 1939); Siblings: John Evans Loveless (1808 - 1886), Rachael Loveless Durham (1809 - 1875), Sarah Loveless Beal (1811 - 1848), William Loveless (1815 - 1876), Mary Loveless Hoover (1816 - 1883), Priscilla M Loveless Morrison (1822 - 1919), Benjamin Christopher Loveless (1826 - 1907), Moses Loveless (1831 - ____)

Burial: Abbot Cemetery, Fickle, Clinton County, Indiana, USA

Created by: Thelma Brooks Morgan
Record added: Mar 30, 2002
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LOVELESS, Rachael (I42689)
26510 (1)

Rachael Rice Starnes
Birth: Unknown
Death: Unknown

As is so often the case for many women of the 1700s and early 1800s, there is very little that is definitely known about Rachel Rice Starns. She was born circa 1774, probably in Mecklenburg County, NC to parents of German descent, Jared and Lettie Potts (?) Rice. Rice is an English form of the name which was probably more like Reese or Reiss in German.

She was living in Mecklenburg County, NC when the bond for her marriage to Joseph Starns was issued on August 16, 1796 and they were married shortly thereafter. She was nearly twenty years younger than her husband. They made their home in Mecklenburg County, NC, and she gave birth to eight children, Eleanor, Joseph III, Jesse, Jarret Harrison, Sarah, Rachel, Jacob and Myra. The two oldest children were christened at Morningstar Lutheran Church where they attended services.

Joseph and Rachel Starns moved with their children to Burke County, NC (later Alexander County, NC) in 1816 and remained there the rest of their lives.

It is uncertain when she died. But she was certainly dead by 1850 as she was not listed in the U. S. Federal Census of that year, and it may be that she preceded her husband in death since there are no papers extant in the estate papers of Joseph Starns for a widow's allowance.

It is assumed that she is buried in the cemetery of Bethlehem Baptist Church beside her husband, Joseph Starns.

Family links: Spouse: Joseph Starnes (1755 - 1840); Children: Eleanor Starns Bradburn (1797 - 1887), Joseph Starnes (1798 - 1873), Jesse Starnes (1800 - 1874), Jarret Harrison Starnes (1804 - 1884), Rachel Starns Bisanar (1810 - 1887)

Burial: Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery, Bethlehem (Alexander County), Alexander County, North Carolina, USA

Maintained by: Michael W. Johnson
Originally Created by: Armantia
Record added: Apr 09, 2004
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RICE, Rachel (I34758)
26511 (1)

Rachel Fletcher Archer
Birth: Nov. 7, 1786
Death: Apr. 2, 1863

Family links: Spouse: Cavill Archer (1785 - 1850); Children: Meredith C. Archer (1818 - 1882), John Quincy Archer (1825 - 1889), Marcelus Preston Archer (1827 - 1885)

Burial: Archer-Bethel Cemetery, Fandon, McDonough County, Illinois, USA

Created by: Lizzie
Record added: Mar 24, 2010
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FLETCHER, Rachel (I44604)
26512 (1)

Rachel Harris Ewing
Birth: 1750, USA
Death: Sep. 29, 1825, Perry County, Indiana, USA

[Note by compiler: According to the inscription on the decedent's tombstone, she died in 1826. However, as indicated below, the decedent actually died in 1825.]

Family links: Parents: Nathaniel Harris (1723 - 1797), Abigail Padgett Harris (1727 - 1810); Spouse: George Ewing (1754 - 1824); Children: Sarah Ewing Clark (1783 - 1835), Thomas Ewing (1789 - 1871); Sibling: Rachel Harris Ewing (1750 - 1825), John Harris (1753 - 1830)

Note: Date of death on the headstone is in error per page 44 of "Perry County: A History" by James De La Hunt.

Burial: Cliff Cemetery, Cannelton, Perry County, Indiana, USA

Created by: Thomas Vaughn
Record added: Aug 25, 2009
Find A Grave Memorial# 41117937 
HARRIS, Rachel (I41676)
26513 (1)

Rachel Hunsaker Daugherty
Birth: Nov. 3, 1804, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, USA
Death: Apr. 17, 1833, Jonesboro, Union County, Illinois, USA

Family links: Parents: Samuel Hunsaker (1777 - 1864), Hannah Rhoades Hunsaker (1786 - 1854); Spouse: George Daugherty (1799 - 1877); Children: Margaret Daugherty Wigle (1821 - 1862), John W. Daugherty (1823 - 1864), Mary Minerva Daugherty Wigle (1827 - 1910), Daniel D. Daugherty (1828 - 1849), Samuel Daugherty (1830 - 1927), Martha Agnes Daugherty (1832 - ____); Siblings: Margaret Hunsaker (1802 - ____), John Brown Hunsaker (1803 - 1873), Rachel Hunsaker Daugherty (1804 - 1833), Andrew Hunsaker (1806 - 1890), Hiram Wike Hunsaker (1807 - 1867), Margaret Hunsaker McBride (1809 - 1849), Daniel Hunsaker (1811 - 1879), Susannah Hunsaker Rhoades (1813 - 1896), Elizabeth Hunsaker Pond (1815 - 1906), Katherine Hunsaker (1818 - 1834), Samuel Young Hunsaker (1820 - 1864), Joseph Rhoades Hunsaker (1822 - 1905)

Burial: Unknown

Created by: Chad Kendell
Record added: Mar 16, 2011
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HUNSAKER, Rachel (I40623)
26514 (1)

Rebecca Hawkins Crockett
Birth: 1756, Baltimore County, Maryland, USA
Death: Oct. 15, 1832, Gibson County, Tennessee, USA

This Memorial Plot is located in Rutherford, Gibson Co, Tennessee. Actual burial is at the Crockett Cabin in Rutherford County, Tennessee.

Daughter of Nathan Hawkins and Ruth Cole
Wife of John Crockett, Sr m. 1779 (son of David Crockett, Sr and Elizabeth Hedge)

Mother of
1. Sarah Crockett b. 1780
2. Jane Crockett b. 1781
3. Aaron Crockett b. 1782
4. James William Crockett b. 1783
4. Wilson Crockett b. 1784
5. David Stern Crockett b. 1786
6. Nathan Crockett
7. Patterson Crockett
8. Elizabeth Crockett
9. Rebecca Crockett
10 John Crockett, Jr

Family links: Spouse: John B Crockett (1759 - 1834); Children: William Crockett (1782 - 1858), David Stern Crockett (1786 - 1836), John Crockett (1787 - 1840), Benjamin Franklin Ellis (1797 - 1877)

Burial: Crockett Memorial Plot, Gibson County, Tennessee, USA

Created by: Marigay
Record added: Jul 07, 2001
Find A Grave Memorial# 5598022 
HAWKINS, Rebecca (I41673)
26515 (1)

Rebecca Hunsaker Embler
Birth: 1803, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, USA
Death: 1844, Edgar, Edgar County, Illinois, USA

Family links: Parents: George Hunsaker (1766 - 1845), Susannah Moser Hunsaker (1766 - 1840); Spouses: John Embler (1799 - 1879), John Imbler (1799 - 1879); Children: Levi Hunsaker (1831 - 1899), Lavina Hunsaker Loughead (1833 - 1886), George Hunsaker (1835 - 1863), Susan Hunsaker Loughead (1837 - 1878), Benjamin J. Hunsaker (1839 - 1920), Mary Elizabeth Hunsaker Lewis (1841 - 1876), Synthia Hunsaker La Fever (1844 - 1878), Sarah Hunsaker Beall (1847 - 1875), Sina Hunsaker Gardner (1850 - 1924), Matthew Hunsaker (1853 - 1933), Joseph Hunsaker (1855 - 1926); Siblings: John William Hunsaker (1794 - 1848), Benjamin Franklin Hunsaker (1795 - 1855), Rebecca Hunsaker (1799 - 1800), Matthew Hunsaker (1801 - 1877), Rebecca Hunsaker Embler (1803 - 1844), Susannah Hunsaker Trogdon (1805 - 1881), Thomas Jefferson Hunsaker (1808 - 1868)

Burial: Unknown

Created by: Chad Kendell
Record added: Aug 28, 2012
Find A Grave Memorial# 96185048 
HUNSAKER, Rebecca (I40653)
26516 (1)

Rebecca J Howsmon
Birth: Unknown
Death: Unknown

[Note by compiler: Rebecca's tombstone is mostly unreadable.]

Family links: Parents: George M Howsmon (1822 - 1876), Rebecca Howsmon (1827 - 1856); Siblings: Rebecca J Howsmon, Isaac T. Howsmon (1846 - 1935), Wilson Howsmon (1848 - 1901), John Lemon Howsmon (1853 - 1937)

Inscription: Dau[ghter] of George & Rebecca

Burial: Bethel Cemetery, Range, Madison County, Ohio, USA
Plot: Sec 1

Created by: Dave
Record added: Sep 28, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 59351747 
HOWSMON, Rebecca J. (I18638)
26517 (1)

Rebecca Thompson McClintick
Birth: Unknown
Death: Unknown

McCLINTICK, Samuel ( . . . b. about 1758, d. 1838 [married] Rebecca THOMPSON on 04/20/1785; wife, Rebecca is presumed buried here as well).

Family links: Spouse: Samuel McClintick (1758 - 1838)

Burial: McClintick-Sylvester Cemetery, Jeffersonville, Clark County, Indiana, USA

Created by: Mayflower Pilgrim 332
Record added: Aug 25, 2014
Find A Grave Memorial# 134855095 
THOMPSON, Rebecca (I40711)
26518 (1)

Rebekkah Burgess Harrelson
Birth: Jan. 17, 1667, Virginia, USA
Death: Apr. 1, 1734, Hanover County, Virginia, USA

Rebekkah Burgess was born on 17 Jan 1667 in VA, USA. Rebekkah was the daughter of Joseph Burgess and Patience Freeman Burgess.

Rebekkah married Paul Peter Harrelson (1664-1734)in New Kent County, Virginia in 1687. He was the son of Peter Harrelson (1633-1715) and Rebekka Mary Chambers Harrelson (1635-1664).

Paul Peter and Rebekkah Burgess Harrelson became the parents of the following known children: Judith Harrelson, Rebecca Harrelson, Anne Harrelson, Peter Harrelson, Paul Harrelson, Dorothy, William, Benjamin, Andrew, Joseph, Nathaniel, Prudence and Mary Frances Harrelson.

Rebekkah died on 1 Apr 1734 in Hanover County, Virginia, United States. She was 67 years old.

Family links: Spouse: Paul Peter Harrelson (1664 - 1734); Children: Rebecca Harrelson Sims (1690 - 1784)

Burial: Saint Pauls Church Cemetery, Hanover, Hanover County, Virginia, USA

Created by: Stella
Record added: Feb 19, 2013
Find A Grave Memorial# 105499004 
BURGESS, Rebecca (I36654)
26519 (1)

Reuemma Starnes
Birth: 1812
Death: 1823 (aged 10-11)
Burial: Riverside Cemetery, Asheville, Buncombe County, North Carolina, USA

Family Members: Parents: John Starnes (1779-1855), Mary Etta Hice Starnes (1784-1875); Siblings: Masinda Atle Starnes Glenn (1810-1877), John Russell Starnes (1816-1893), Thomas Albert Starnes (1818-1897)

Created by: James Archer
Added: 18 Apr 2010
Find A Grave Memorial 51286672
STARNES, Reuemma (I44869)
26520 (1)

Rev David Young Wyatt
Birth: Jul. 24, 1832, Shelby County, Alabama, USA
Death: Jul. 31, 1897, Shelby County, Alabama, USA

David Young Wyatt, my great-great grandfather, was the son of William H. Wyatt and Lucinda Meredith Wyatt (both buried at Cedar Grove). He started the Spring Creek Presbyterian Church as well as several others in Shelby County. He married Mary Louisa Hill July 19, 1855. Children were Charlie, Samuel M, William H, John Neal, David Ella, James Lafayette, Susan Jane and Marcus Eugene, my great-grandfather.

Family links: Parents: William Wyatt (1802 - 1858), Lucinda Wyatt (1811 - 1848); Spouse: Mary Louisa Hill Wyatt (1836 - 1897); Children: William H Wyatt (1856 - 1930), Ella Wyatt Crawford (1861 - 1905), Susan Jane Wyatt Ingram (1864 - 1922), Marcus Eugene Wyatt (1869 - 1938); Siblings: David Young Wyatt (1832 - 1897), Lydia Jane Wyatt Harrell (1841 - 1904), James F. Wyatt (1843 - 1922), William Fountain Wyatt (1853 - 1931)*, George F Wyatt (1858 - 1958)*


Burial: Spring Creek Cemetery, Montevallo, Shelby County, Alabama, USA

Created by: Laura Argo Higginbotham
Record added: Jun 16, 2006
Find A Grave Memorial# 14618732 
WYATT, David Young (I36838)
26521 (1)

Rev Edward Young Buchanan
Birth: May 30, 1811, Mercersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: Jan. 25, 1895, Titusville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, USA

"Dr. Buchanan was in his 81st year. He was born in Mecersburg, Franklin County, May 30, 1811 and was a son of James Buchanan, and a brother of James Buchanan, President of the United States, who was 20 years his senior. Dr. Buchanan received his early education at Mercersburg, and at the age of 15 entered Dickinson College. He graduated with the second honors of his class.

"Dr. Buchanan was a faithful and devoted Pastor, and was much beloved by those who knew him. He was active in the work of the church in this diocese, and had been a member of different church organizations. He married Anne Eliza Foster, a daughther of William B. Foster of Pittsburg, and a sister of Stephen C. Foster, the composer of "Old Folks at Home" and "My Old Kentucky Home," and William B. Foster, one of the first engineers of the Pennsylvania Railroad who died in 1801. Dr. Buchanan leaves one son and five daughters. The son is a resident of California. The funeral will take place on Wednesday. Services will be held at St. James Church and the interment will be made at Trinity Churchyard, Oxford."

Information obtained from State Library of Pennsylvania: Genealogy Collection, Pennsylvania Scrap Book Necrology, Volume 12, p. 112.

Family links: Parents: James Buchanan (1761 - 1821), Elizabeth Speer Buchanan (1767 - 1833); Spouse: Anne Eliza Foster Buchanan (1812 - 1891); Children: Ann Elizabeth Buchanan (1838 - 1927), Harriett Buchanan (1841 - 1912), Henrietta Jane Buchanan (1844 - 1906), Marie Lois Buchanan Cassatt (1847 - 1920), William Foster Buchanan (1849 - 1875), Alice Conyngham Buchanan Ewing (1852 - 1931); Siblings: George Robert Buchanan (1782 - ____)*, James Buchanan (1791 - 1868), Jane Ann Buchanan Lane (1793 - 1839), Maria T. Buchanan Yates (1795 - 1849), Sarah Buchanan Huston (1798 - 1825), Harriet E. Buchanan Henry (1802 - 1840), William Speer Buchanan (1805 - 1826), George Washington Buchanan (1808 - 1832), Edward Young Buchanan (1811 - 1895), Elizabeth Buchanan Gaylord (1812 - 1902)


Burial: Trinity Oxford Episcopal Churchyard, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA

Created by: Judy Cain Bowser
Record added: Jan 29, 2012
Find A Grave Memorial# 84177259 
BUCHANAN, Edward Young (I40884)
26522 (1)

Rev John Ennett Harrison
Birth: Dec. 12, 1814, Washington County, Georgia, USA
Death: Aug. 22, 1886, Washington County, Georgia, USA

John Ennett Harrison is the son of Rev. Joseph Ennett Harrison & Ester/Esther Matilda (Jenkins) Harrison. His middle name "Ennett" is a family surname. The Division 91, Washington County, Georgia 1850 Census shows Elizabeth Ennett, age 73, born in N. Carolina, living in Joseph and Ester Harrison's household.

John has six brothers and one sister:

• Rev. Lewis Jenkins Harrison,
• Nancy Jones (Harrison) New,
• Drury Washington Harrison,
• Joseph Daniel Harrison,
• James Madison Harrison,
• Rev. Seaborn Uriah Harrison,
• Benjamin Thomas Harrison.

He married Sarah Elizabeth Frost on 11 May 1843 in Washington Co., GA. They had at least 13 children:

• Elizabeth Harrison
• Green Berry Harrison
• James Harrison
• William Henry Harrison
• John Washington "Jackie" Harrison
• Sara Matilda (Harrison) Smith
• Joseph Lewis Harrison
• Amanda Caroline Harrison
• Benjamin Seaborn Harrison
• Martha Harrison
• Thomas J. Harrison
• David Crawford Harrison
• Elizabeth (Harrison) Sheppard

During the War Between the States, he served as a Corporal with the C. S. A. in Co. B, 7th Battalion, GA Cavalry, State Guards.

Rev. Harrison was the pastor of the following churches in Georgia: Nails Creek, Jefferson Co.; Pleasant Hills and Pleasant Plains, Washington Co.; Rehoboth, Johnson Co.; Oak Chapel, Emanuel Co.; and Red Bluff, Montgomery Co.

• Bio by Meredith Drew Trawick, ggg-granddaughter of Rev. Joseph Ennett Harrison

Family links: Parents: Joseph Ennett Harrison (1782 - ____), Esther Matilda Jenkins Harrison (1786 - ____); Spouse: Sarah Elizabeth Frost Harrison (1824 - 1905); Children: Green Berry Harrison (1846 - 1896), J. Lewis Harrison (1855 - 1927), Benjamin Seaborn Harrison (1860 - 1919), Thomas J. Harrison (1868 - 1913); Siblings: John Ennett Harrison (1814 - 1886), Lewis Jenkins Harrison (1817 - 1876), Drury Washington Harrison (1821 - 1885), Joseph Daniel Harrison (1822 - ____), Seaborn Uriah Harrison (1826 - 1908), Benjamin Thomas Harrison (1828 - 1862)

Inscription: God's finger touched him/and he slept.

Note: The middle name "Emmett" is incorrect according to his name in his father's Will: Will of Rev. Joseph Ennett Harrison signed 10 Feb 1858 in Washington Co., GA.

Burial: Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Pringle, Washington County, Georgia, USA

Created by: Meredith Drew Trawick
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HARRISON, Rev. John Ennett (I35061)
26523 (1)

Rev Moses Crowson
Birth: Oct. 6, 1778, North Carolina, USA
Death: 1862, Lowndes County, Mississippi, USA

In "THE LOST SOLDIERS", An Index to the Complied Service Records of VOLUNTEER SOLDIERS 1784 - 1811, Volume 1, by Barbara Schull Wolfe: Moses is listed with his father, William and brothers Aaron, William Jr., and Richard, as serving with Ensign Blair's Detachment, formed in 1794, to protect the settlements against Indian warfare South of the Ohio.

In June 1817 the Cahaba Valley Church, of Bibb County, Alabama was constituted about three and a half miles west of Brierfield by Moses Crowson and William West, with twelve members. This makes it one of the oldest Baptist Churches south of the Tennessee River. (Baptist of Shelby County, by Ray M. Atchison, page 80, from the 1840 writings of Hosea Holcombe, minister. It is interesting to note that the Holcombes and Crowsons many years later intermarried, and their descendants still live in the same areas.)

From the "History of Shelby County, Alabama M, by E.B. Teague, Chapter 6 comes the following: "In the same neighborhood with Moses Johnson, (North of Montevallo, Shelby County, Alabama ) were the Harlesses, Crosses, Hawkins and Crowsons, Rev. Moses and Richard."

The year 1818 witnessed continued strides in the more through organizations of Baptist Churches in the Alabama Territory, Cairaba Organization organized in 1818. The organization took place with a Cahaba Valley Church, within what became Bibb County. Ten churches were represented at this meeting: Mulberry, Bethel, Enon, Ebenezer, Bethel (Tuscaloosa), Cahaba Valley, Unior Alamabe, Clater, Shiloh, Salem and Canaan. Moses Crowson was the first moderator and Willie Davids, the first Clerk. There were 259 members in 10 churches". (Info: Kenneth R. Crowson)

Family links: Spouse: Martha Person Crowson (1784 - 1828); Children: Richard Wood Crowson (1804 - 1870), Sarah Crowson Gooch (1807 - 1890), Henry P. Crowson (1812 - 1839), William Samuel Crowson (1814 - 1863), John Jasper Crowson (1818 - 1847), Martha Crowson Atkinson (1821 - 1904)

Burial: Unknown

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CROWSON, Rev. Moses (I36883)
26524 (1)

Revd Salmon Treat
Birth: 1673, Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut, USA
Death: Jan. 6, 1762, Preston, New London County, Connecticut, USA

Rev. Salmon Treat, s. of Lieut. James Treat & Rebecca Latimer, was b. at Wethersfield, Conn. circa 1672-73. He d. at Preston, Conn. on Jan. 6, 1762, æ 90.

On Apr. 28, 1698 at Stonington, Conn., Salmon m. 1) Dorothy Noyes, dau. of Rev. James Noyes & Dorothy Stanton, b. June 22, 1675 at Stonington and d. at Preston, Conn. on Dec. 6, 1714, æ 40.

An extended bio will be added later. In the interim, the children of Rev. Salmon Treat & Dorothy Noyes, all b. of record at Preston, Conn. (the eldest bapt. at Stonington, the rest at Preston), are:

i. Anna Treat, b. Aug. 26, 1699 (bapt. at Stonington by her grandfather, Oct. 15, 1699), d. Mar. 17, 1777 at Stonington, æ 78; was m. on Oct. 25, 1721 at Stonington, Conn. by her father to Jonathan Richardson, Jr., s. of Jonathan Richardson & Ann Edwards, b. prob. at Stonington but bapt. at Hartford, Conn. on Nov. 21, 1697. He d. at Stonington on Nov. 22, 1773, æ 77.

ii. James Treat, b. Nov. 29, 1700 (bapt. Dec. 1); d. unmarried and impaired at Preston on June 25, 1774, æ 74.

iii. Dorothy Treat, b. Feb. 9, 1702/3 (bapt. same day), d. at Preston on Jan. 13, 1795, æ 93; m. on Sept. 20, 1725 at Preston, Capt. John Brewster, s. of Capt. & Dea. Daniel Brewster [Benjamin3, Jonathan2, Elder William1 of the Plymouth Colony & 1620 Mayflower] & Hannah Gager, b. at Preston on July 18, 1695 and d. at Preston on Aug. 29, 1776, æ 82.

iv. Jerusha Treat, b. Nov. 21, 1704 (bapt. Nov. 24); d. unmarried and impaired at Preston on Aug. 8, 1771, æ 67.

v. Prudence Treat, b. Nov. 23, 1706 (bapt. same day); m. on Dec. 10, 1762 at North Stonington (2nd Chh.) at an advanced age, Capt. Daniel Stanton. The date of her death cannot be found.

vi. Sarah Treat, b. Sept. 19, 1708 (bapt. same day), d. at Preston on Nov. 14, 1754, æ 47; m. May 10, 1737 at Preston, Thomas Partridge, who d. at Preston on May 26, 1781.

vii. Rebecca Treat, b. June 29, 1710 (bapt. July 2); m. at Norwich, Conn. on May 2, 1741, Jonathan Jackson.

viii. Rev. Samuel Treat, b. July 21, 1712 (bapt. July 27), d. on Sept. 16, 1773 at Preston, æ 62; m. Dec. 23, 1751 at Preston, Elizabeth Stark, dau. of Christopher Stark & Joanna Walworth, b. on Dec. 23, 1730 at Groton, Conn. and d. at Preston on Sept. 19, 1772, æ 42.

ix. Jemima Treat, b. Nov. 27, 1714 (bapt. Nov. 29); no further certain record.

Following the death of wife Dorothy, Rev. Salmon m. a Mary Park(e) at Preston on Nov. 6, 1716. Her identity is not settled and she may not be as historically claimed. There are no known children of this second marriage, and when and where Mary died is not of record.

Family links: Parents: James Treat (1634 - 1709), Rebecca Latimer Treat (1646 - 1734); Children: Anna Treat Richardson (1699 - 1777); Spouse: Dorothy Noyes Treat (1675 - 1714).

Inscription: In Memory of ye Rev'd Salmon Treat who was Educated at Yale College & was ye Firft Minifter that Ever was Ordaind in Prefton - he came to ye Miniftry Nov'm 16th 1698 & Refignd his Paftoral Office March 14th 1744. He Departed this Life Jan'r 6th 1762 in ye 90th year of his Age. The Memory of ye Juft is Blefsed And ye true Chriftians Laft End is Happinefs.

On the day Salmon died he was 89 years old, and aetatis (i.e., æ, "aged," in the XX year of his age, etc.) 90.

Burial: Preston City Cemetery, Preston, New London County, Connecticut, USA

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TREAT, Rev. Salmon (I23100)
26525 (1)

Rex S L Parks
Birth: Jan. 31, 1901
Death: Dec. 10, 1974

Rex was married 2 times - married Lottie on 10-10-1952; married Caroline Moss on 12-24-1919 . . .

Family links: Parents: William Carl Parks (1852 - 1944), Celia E Morton Parks (1860 - 1930); Spouses: Caroline Z Moss Parks (1901 - 1950), Lottie Decker Parks (1901 - 1995); Siblings: Stella Parks Luse (1877 - 1958), Jessa Parks (1881 - 1884), Sarah Parks Wanker (1883 - 1964), Grover Cleveland Parks (1885 - 1965), George Washington Parks (1887 - 1965), Hattie May Parks Arbogast (1889 - 1970), Celia Ethel Parks Hodson (1892 - 1974), Carl Morton Parks (1895 - 1986), Moses Utsel Parks (1898 - 1983), Rex S L Parks (1901 - 1974), Jay L Parks (1905 - 1984)

Note: Links by Della M

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Cambridge, Furnas County, Nebraska, USA
Plot: NR49

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PARKS, Rex S. L. (I42382)
26526 (1)

Richard C. "Rick" Frost, Jr
Birth: Dec. 18, 1946, Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County, Michigan, USA
Death: Jan. 19, 1997, Grapevine, Tarrant County, Texas, USA

PARENTS: Richard C. Frost, Sr. 1922-2012, Betsy Ann Frost [?] [Note by compiler: According to the decedent's obituary, his mother was Marion Frost.]

SPOUSE: Ellen G Zitterbart, Married September 17, 1977, Dallas, Texas

Richard C. Frost Jr.

GRAPEVINE - Richard C. "Rick" Frost Jr., 50, a systems development and independent consultant, died Jan. 19, 1997, in Grapevine.

Funeral: 12:30 p.m. Wednesday at Greenwood Funeral Home.

Memorials: American Heart Association or Disabled American Veterans.

Richard C. "Rick" Frost Jr. was born Dec. 18, 1946, in Ypsilanti, Mich., and had resided in Fort Worth since 1951. He graduated from Arlington Heights High School and received bachelor's and MBA degrees from UT-Austin. He was previously employed at Arthur Andersen, Curtis Mathes and Minyard's.

He was a Vietnam veteran and was awarded the Purple Heart.

He was preceded in death by his mother, Marion Frost, in 1973.

Survivors: Wife, Ellen of Grapevine; father and stepmother, Richard and Betsy-Ann Frost of Fort Worth; brother, Randy Frost of Hurst; sister and brother- in-law, Kristin and Rocky Hill of Arlington; stepbrother, John Meissner and his wife, Bonni, of Fort Worth; and several nieces and nephews. . . .

Family links: Parents: Richard C. Frost (1922 - 2012)

Burial: Unknown

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FROST, Richard Carl Jr. (I36188)
26527 (1)

Richard Duty
Birth: 1755, North Carolina, USA
Death: 1822, Knox County, Indiana, USA

Richard was born in North Carolina, the third of nine children. He married (1) Lois Tars, date unknown. He married (2) Sarah "Sally" Pinson about 1779.

In 1790 they are living in the 96th District, Laurens, South Carolina. In 1800 they are listed in Laurens County, South Carolina. By 1820 they have moved to Widner, Knox County, Indiana. Richard's will was written Jan 4, 1822 in Knox County, Indiana.

Their children were:

(1) Nancy - born about 1780 was married before 1822
(2) Amy - born about 1782, died after 1860 married about 1810 #1 John Stokes #2 Stephen Bailey
(3) John - born about 1784, married and died before 1822
(4) Mary "Polly" - born about 1786, married before 1822 to _____ Baldwin
(5) Elizabeth - born about 1788, married _____ Kellogg (Killough)
(6) Thomas - born about 1791, married before 1822
(7) Rachel - born about 1795, married Apr 19, 1817 Knox Co, Indiana to Asa McCord
(8) Martha (Patsy) - born about 1797, died 30 Oct 30 1846 Houston Co, Tx.; married James W. Parker
(9) William - born about 1798, married 29 Jan 1829 Clark Co, Illinois to Nancy Austin Richard - born 1800
(11) Susannah - born about 1802, died young
(12) Lucinda (Lucy) - born about 1804, SC, married 31 Aug 1824 in Clark Co, Illinois to Silas Mercer Parker, she died about 1852
(13) Sarah "Sally" Ann - born about 1805, married 2 Nov 1825 in Knox Co, Indiana to William Stewart (Steward)
(14) Catherine - born about 1806, in SC, married 21 July, 1831 in Coles Co, Illinois to Elisha Anglin. She died at Fort Houston, Palestine, Anderson, Texas in 1837

Family links: Spouse: Sarah Pinson Parker (1758 - 1836); Children: Lucinda Duty Parker-Usry-Roberts (1811 - 1852), Catherine Duty Anglin (1813 - 1837)

Burial: Unknown

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DUTY, Richard (I40340)
26528 (1)

Richard Wood Call
Birth: Apr. 28, 1921, Bountiful, Davis County, Utah, USA
Death: Mar. 31, 2011, Red Bluff, Tehama County, California, USA

Richard Wood Call, 89, died after a short illness on March 31, 2011. Richard was born April 28, 1921 in Bountiful, Utah to Henry D. Call and Violet Wood Call.

Richard attended Davis High School in Layton, Utah and graduated from Utah State in 1943. He was the intramural boxing and wrestling champion, member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and Junior Class President. After graduation from college and ROTC he was commissioned a lieutenant in the U.S. Army during World War II. He was an infantry officer (platoon leader) in the 44th Infantry Division fighting in France, Germany, and Austria. He was awarded the Bronze Star. The citation reads, in part: "finding the enemy entrenched, he prevented them from crossing a canal. Lt. Call immediately placed himself at the head of his men and led them over the Neckar River over a partially destroyed bridge, despite intense enemy fire."

Richard lived in Layton, Ogden, Castle Dale, and Roosevelt, Utah before moving to Fresno, CA then to Red Bluff, CA in 1965. He worked 30 years for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service. He was honored for his service in 1969 by Governor Reagan. He served as National President of the American Soil Conservation Society. He expanded his farm holdings to include the Sycamore Ranch in Los Molinos. He had a passion for farming that kept him strong, working until his late eighties.

Richard's great joy was his family and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving in leadership and teaching positions most of his adult life. If he saw someone in need, they were not turned away.

Richard married Lorene Donaldson, of Ogden Utah, in 1944. They were married 50 years. After Lorene's death in 1995, he married LaRue Nixon in 1998.

Richard and Lorene had four children. Dayton (Eileen), Vacaville, CA; Brad (Larisa), Los Molinos, CA; Anne (Gary), Ogden, Utah; and Mark , Yuba City, CA.

Richard has 17 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. Richard is survived by his wife, LaRue; his brothers, Steven Call of Bountiful, UT; Jay Call of Logan, UT; and H.D. Call of Bountiful, UT.

Funeral Services will be held Saturday, April 9, 2011 at 12 noon at the LDS Church at 111 Marguerite, Corning, CA with a viewing at 11:00 A.M. Interment will be at 2:00 p.m. in the Oakhill Cemetery in Red Bluff, CA.

Published in Daily News from April 5 to April 8, 2011

Family links: Parents: Henry D. Call (1894 - 1978), Violet Wood Call (1899 - 1983); Spouses: Lorene Donaldson Call (1922 - 1995), LaRue Holbrook Call (1931 - 2012); Siblings: Richard Wood Call (1921 - 2011), Elizabeth Call Barlow (1922 - 2007)*, Henry Dee Call (1938 - 2016)


Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Red Bluff, Tehama County, California, USA

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CALL, Richard Wood (I44060)
26529 (1)

Riley F Starnes
Birth: 1865
Death: 1942

Burial: Mount Carmel Cemetery, Guntersville, Marshall County, Alabama, USA

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STARNES, Riley Franklin (I35382)
26530 (1)

Robert H. Handly
Birth: Mar. 31, 1792, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, USA
Death: Nov., 1845, Aullville, Lafayette County, Missouri, USA

Family links: Children: William H. Handly (1817 - 1845), Joseph M Handly (1818 - 1886), John Campbell Handly (1821 - 1903)

Burial: Old Scott Cemetery, Aullville, Lafayette County, Missouri, USA

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HANDLY, Robert H. (I40777)
26531 (1)

Robert Houston
Birth: Unknown, USA
Death: Apr. 19, 1866, Arkansas, USA


SPOUSE: Delilah Fanning


1. Mary Ann 1822 Illinois x; (m) John Snoddy Fanning.

2. Joseph Calvin 5-1-1823 x 11-13-1910, Madison County, Arkansas; (m) Sarah "Sally" Birkes.

3. John Forg 12-16-1828 Illinois x 10-20-1904 Arkansas; (m1) Diana "Anna" Birkes; (m2) Delphia A Hall.

4. Andrew Jackson 1832 Illinois x; (m) Angeline Fanning.

5. William Isaac 1836 Arkansas x; (m) Diademma Holeman (she married 2nd Isaac Horan).

6. Jacob Alfred 1837 Arkansas x about 1860; (m) Mary Catherine Weaver.

7. Abraham Artliss "Abe" 1840 Arkansas x 12-16-1896 Madison County, Arkansas; (m) Sarah "Sally" Biggerstaff (she married 2nd Elijah Bohanan).

8. George W.; (m) Mary E Stevens.

9. Anthony 1843 Arkansas x 1860.

Family links: Spouse: Delilah Fanning Houston (1805 - 1853); Children: Joseph Calvin Houston (1822 - 1901), Joseph Calvin Houston (1823 - 1901), John Forg Houston (1828 - 1904), Jacob Alfred Houston (1836 - 1859), Abraham Artliss Houston (1842 - 1896).

Burial: Rockhouse Cemetery, Rockhouse, Madison County, Arkansas, USA

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HOUSTON, Robert (I44134)
26532 (1)

Roland E. Shelton
Birth: 16 Jan 1922
Death: 24 Apr 1975 (aged 53)
Burial: Walnut Grove Cemetery, Alpha, Clinton County, Kentucky, USA

Son of Delbert M. Shelton & Bessie Starnes; spouse of Clara Shelton, who was his third cousin.


J D Shelton
Cecil Shelton
Dale Shelton, Deceased
Lee Shelton
Mitchell Shelton
Phyllis Shelton
Danny Shelton
Michael Shelton, Deceased
Bill Shelton

Family Members: Parents: Delmer McKinley Shelton (1893-1963), Bessie Merle Starnes Shelton (1899-1972); Children: Lester Dale Shelton (1952-1993), Michael McKinley Shelton (1962-2007); Siblings: Dora C. Franklin (1918-1978), Mary E. Shelton Perdue (1919-1996), Granville S. Shelton (1924-1975), Obie Carson Shelton (1927-1964), Carl M. Shelton (1933-1933), Minnie Frances Shelton Miller (1934-1959), Wanda Louise Shelton DeRossett (1941-1992)

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Find A Grave Memorial 10125687
SHELTON, Roland E. (I44717)
26533 (1)

Rose F Casford Hartlieb
Birth: 1893, Nebraska, USA
Death: 1977, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, USA

Family links: Spouse: Daniel M Hartlieb (1893 - 1974); Children: Donald Kenneth Hartlieb (1924 - 1980)

Note: Buried: 3/4/1977, Source: City of Colo Spgs cemetery data 3/14/09

Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, USA
Plot: Block 239-A - 000374

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CASFORD, Rose F. (I41945)
26534 (1)

Roy La'Don Smith
Birth: Apr. 16, 1942
Death: Apr. 16, 2015, South Carolina, USA

GASTON - Roy La'Don Smith, 73, passed away surrounded by his family on Thursday, April 16, 2015.

Born on April 16, 1942, Mr. Smith was the son of the late Robert Calhoun Smith and Eula Mae Starnes Smith of West Columbia, SC. He is survived by his loving wife of 45 years, Frances Garrick Smith; son, William David "Bill" Payne (Beth) of Sandy Run; daughters, Kim Boatwright (Michael) of Lexington and Jennifer Jackson (Robby) of Sandy Run; and his grandchildren, Taylor, Ashley, Savannah, and Austin. He is also survived by his sisters, Bobbie Jones and Ruby Brown (Mack) all of West Columbia.

The family will receive friends from 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. Monday, April 20, 2015 at Caughman-Harman Funeral Home, West Columbia Chapel. A memorial service with full military honors will be held in Fort Jackson National Cemetery at a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the American Cancer Society, 128 Stonemark Lane, Columbia, SC 29210.

Burial: Fort Jackson National Cemetery, Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina, USA
Plot: 3-495

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Find A Grave Memorial# 145229682 
SMITH, Roy La'Don (I42231)
26535 (1)

Rusha Elizabeth King Stearns Edwards
Birth: 11 Mar 1837, Union County, North Carolina, USA
Death: 26 Nov 1894 (aged 57), Saline County, Arkansas, USA
Burial: James Cemetery, Benton, Saline County, Arkansas, USA

Rusha Elizabeth King was the first of thirteen children born to Rev. Harmon Daniel King (1805-1906) and Mary V. Starnes (1814-1865), of Union County, North Carolina. She married Dulin Stearns (1836-1863, son of Valentine and Olivia Ritch Stearns) a Confederate soldier who was killed in the War. They had two sons, Emsley Valentine Stearns (c.1859-1920) and Dulin Benson Stearns (1863-1962, great grandfather of the writer). Rusha's second husband was A. Jackson Edwards (c.1833-?) another Confederate soldier, and they had a daughter, Lessia Lou Edwards (1869-1949, married George Smith, Joseph Jacks, Mr. Casey & Joseph H. Byers, 1870-1931).

Rusha's paternal grandfather, Harmon King, was a soldier of the Revolution. Her paternal grandmother was Elizabeth Flye, daughter of Jesse Flye/Fley/Fly, Sr. and Elizabeth Rochelle of Old Camden District, South Carolina. Her maternal grandparents were, probably, Valentine Starnes (1792-1880) and Elizabeth Richardson, daughter of Edward Richardson, another soldier of the Revolution. (The Starnes were distant cousins of her first husband's family.) Her father was a highly respected minister in his community, who married twice and fathered 21 children. He lived past 100, and, at the time of his death, had nearly 300 descendants. Rusha had two brothers, James Gassaway King (1838-1904) and Rev. Harmon Benson King (1845-1923), who served in the Confederate Army.

While her life was full of tragedy and difficulties, Rusha never gave up the deep and abiding faith that had been passed down to her by her parents. She died far from home, but her descendants honor and remember her. And what a reunion they must have had when they all got to Heaven! In a letter to her daughter Lessia in 1906, Rusha's brother, David A. King, wrote "Oh! The cheering thought of meeting in that home where Jesus dwells. There we'll meet with our dear Mothers and with all that's gone before. There we'll meet our Blessed Savior where sad partings come no more."

Family Members: Parents: Harmon Daniel King (1805-1906), Mary V. Starnes King (1814-1865); Spouse: Dulin Stearns (1836-1863); Children: Emsley Valentine Starnes (1859-1920), Dulin Benson Stearns (1863-1962), Lessia Lou Edwards Byers (1869-1949); Siblings: James Gassaway King (1838-1904), Apsia Ann King Helms (1840-1917), Arabella King Starnes (1842-1874), Harmon Benson King (1843-1923), Margaret C. King Courtney (1847-1914), William D. King (1849-1859), Judge Washington King (1850-1919), Sarah J. King (1853-1859), David Anderson King (1854-1925), Gatsy Emma King Helms (1856-1910), Joseph Stough King (1860-1937); Half Siblings: Frances R. L. "Fannie" King McCorkle (1867-1946), Martha Ellen King McCorkle (1868-1950), Benjamin Franklin King (1872-1962), Zebulon Vance King (1877-1959), Goodman Harmon King (1879-1951),
Fairley Daniel King (1881-1937)

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KING, Rusha Elizabeth (I44829)
26536 (1)

Russell Beale Sowell
Birth: Apr. 9, 1865
Death: Nov. 11, 1943

Burial: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Richmond City, Virginia, USA
Plot: Section 12

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Find A Grave Memorial# 32167449 
SOWELL, Russell Beale (I33321)
26537 (1)

Ruth Amelia Yoder Gilkison
Birth: Mar. 22, 1897, Willow Hill, Jasper County, Illinois, USA
Death: Nov. 4, 1986, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana, USA

Family links: Spouse: Emert Edgar Gilkison (1895 - 1969)

Burial: Skyline Memorial Park, Monee, Will County, Illinois, USA

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Find A Grave Memorial# 45784263 
YODER, Ruth Amelia (I41494)
26538 (1)

S C "Pig" Ballard
Birth: May 14, 1901
Death: Jun. 24, 1968

Family links: Spouse: Gladys Jones Laster (1908 - 2001); Children: Jo Ann Ballard Bledsoe (1938 - 1984), William Clarence Ballard (1942 - 2011)

Burial: Prairie Hill Cemetery, Prairie Hill (Limestone County), Limestone County, Texas, USA

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Find A Grave Memorial# 19099930 
BALLARD, Sylvester Clarence (I37237)
26539 (1)

Samuel D Bowman
Birth: 16 May 1781, Lincoln County, North Carolina, USA
Death: 15 Jan 1867 (aged 85), Alexander County, North Carolina, USA
Burial: Friendship Lutheran Church Cemetery, Taylorsville, Alexander County, North Carolina, USA

Samuel and Susanna Bowman had moved to Burke County - now Alexander [County] by 1820. This proof comes from the deed by the heirs of Jacob Deal to John McGee dated October 28, 1820. It states that they are residents of Burke County.

The following information is found in the Federal census records:

1850 Alexander County, #694: Samuel Bowman was listed as a 60-year-old farmer with $350 in property value. His wife, Susanna, was 57 years old.

Samuel Bowman was living with his son, Logan, in household #636 in 1860. His age was given as 77.

Samuel could have been born from 1781-1790 based on census records.

Family Members: Parents: Johann Daniel Bowman (1740-1811), Ann Maria Mouser Bowman (1746-1812); Spouse: Susanna Diehl Bowman (1777-1857); Children: George Bowman (1802-1876), Mary Bowman White (1805-1870), Samuel Bowman (1814-1880), Jesse Troy Bowman (1815-1887), Logan Bowman (1823-Unknown); Siblings: Daniel Bowman (1772-Unknown), Catherine Bowman Lutes (1772-1855), John Bowman (1774-Unknown), Barbara Bowman Herman (1774-Unknown), David Bowman (1778-1852), Mary Bowman Deal (1778-1850), Henry Bowman (1784-1849), George Bowman (1787-1874), Catherine Bowman Lutes (1772-1855)

Created by: Susan Bowman
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Find A Grave Memorial 32782112
BOWMAN, Samuel D. (I44996)
26540 (1)

Samuel Lindsay
Birth: May 12, 1820, Ohio, USA
Death: Mar. 17, 1911, Leon, Decatur County, Iowa, USA

According to death register at (I do not have a copy):

Cause of death: Cardiac asthma

Family links: Parents: Abraham Lindsey (____ - 1864), Abigail Lindsey (____ - 1866)

Burial: Leon Cemetery, Leon, Decatur County, Iowa, USA

Created by: Jill Kastello
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Find A Grave Memorial# 125133990
LINDSAY, Samuel (I42695)
26541 (1)

Samuel Young Hunsaker, Sr
Birth: Aug. 15, 1820, Union County, Illinois, USA
Death: Jun. 6, 1864, Liberty, Adams County, Illinois, USA

Family links: Parents: Samuel Hunsaker (1777 - 1864), Hannah Rhoades Hunsaker (1786 - 1854); Spouse: Angelina Matilda Dinsmore Hunsaker (1825 - 1888); Children: Rachel Hunsaker (1846 - ____), Sarah Hunsaker Kimmons (1848 - 1927), Daniel David Hunsaker (1849 - 1919), Samuel Young Hunsaker (1852 - 1884), Robert W. Hunsaker (1855 - 1939), Margaret Hunsaker (1858 - 1858), Wiley Langford Hunsaker (1860 - 1916), Hannah Margaret Hunsaker Seaton (1862 - 1936), Christila Angelina Hunsaker (1864 - 1865); Siblings: Margaret Hunsaker (1802 - ____), John Brown Hunsaker (1803 - 1873), Rachel Hunsaker Daugherty (1804 - 1833), Andrew Hunsaker (1806 - 1890), Hiram Wike Hunsaker (1807 - 1867), Margaret Hunsaker McBride (1809 - 1849), Daniel Hunsaker (1811 - 1879), Susannah Hunsaker Rhoades (1813 - 1896), Elizabeth Hunsaker Pond (1815 - 1906), Katherine Hunsaker (1818 - 1834), Samuel Young Hunsaker (1820 - 1864), Joseph Rhoades Hunsaker (1822 - 1905)

Burial: Kimmons Cemetery, Burton, Adams County, Illinois, USA

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Find A Grave Memorial# 67013962 
HUNSAKER, Samuel Young (I40629)
26542 (1)

Sara Melissa Bell Durham
Birth: Apr. 30, 1830, Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA
Death: Jul. 16, 1902, Newton County, Missouri, USA

Daughter of Rev. Samuel and Mary Mildred "Millie" (Moore) Bell. Widow of William W. Durham. They were married in Newton Co., Missouri.

Mother of 7; Mary Ellen, Aaron, Margaret Jane, Martha Anna, Samantha, Nelson, and Paralee.

Family links: Spouse: William W. Durham (1829 - 1894); Children: Pairlee J Durham Simmonds (1866 - 1947)

Burial: Kirk Cemetery, Seneca, Newton County, Missouri, USA
Plot: should be next to husband William

Created by: Family Searcher
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Find A Grave Memorial# 87990596 
BELL, Sara Melissa (I42640)
26543 (1)

Sarah "Granny" Pinson Parker
Birth: Jul. 10, 1758, Laurens County, South Carolina, USA
Death: Jul. 28, 1836, Charleston, Anderson County, Texas, USA

Sarah "Sally" Pinson first married Richard Duty in Laurens, S.C. The marriage record did not show date. She was the daughter of John Pinson and wife, Ann Pinson. She was born in S.C. She and Richard were in Laurens, S.C. in 1800 per census. But in 1820, they were in Widner, Knox county, Indiana. Richard died in 1822. By then, they had numerous children:

1. Thomas M. b. unk
2. John d. b. unk
3. Nancy M. b. unk
4. Amy b. 1792 S.C.
5. Mary "Polly" b. unk. m. unk Baldwin
6. Martha "Patsey" b. 1797 m. James W. Parker
7. Rachel b. 1817, Knox co, Ind. m. Asa McCord
8. Sarah "Sallie" b. 1801 m. William Stewart (Steward)
9. Elizabeth m. unk Kellogg (Taken captive at Fort Parker Massacre), was ransomed in a few months and returned home.
10. William M. m. Nancy Austin
11. Lucinda "Lucy" b. 1811 S.C. m. 1824 Silas Mercer Parker Clark Co, Ill. (Lost husband Silas at Fort Parker Massacre, while daughter Cynthia Ann Parker and son John Richard Parker were captured by the Indians during the massacre and taken)
12. Catherine b. 1810 or 1813. M. Elisha Anglin.
13. Richard, Jr. d. 1847, Anderson Co, Texas.
14. Susannah.

According to other family histories these were the children of Richard and Sarah Pinson Duty.

After the death of Richard Duty in 1822, and the death of Sarah "Sallie" White Parker in 1824, Elder John Parker married widow Sarah Pinson Duty on 21 March, 1825 in Knox Co, Vincennes, Indiana.

They in turn came with their families and relatives and a few friends to this wilderness of a new land for religious freedom. They wanted to start another religion in the state of Coahuilla y Tejas. Only Catholic. Texas as we know was not a state and was ruled by the Mexican government, although Stephen F. Austin had brought new settlers into the area.

The Parkers came with there wagons and settled in Robertson County or Colony into East Texas until they moved further into Texas to Houston County, and later Limestone County.

Elder John and his wife Sarah moved on to Limestone County, with most of his sons and families and other kinfolk and friends. They had been given land to settle and raise crops. Due to Indian attacks in they area they decided to built a stockade for the families in time of trouble.

They built Fort Parker. Some still lived outside of the fort and worked their land.

On May 19, 1836 trouble was in the air. The men had left early to tend their crops. There were not many left in the fort except mostly women and children. Elder John Parker and wife Sarah "Granny" Parker were there. Silas and his family were there. Benjamin was there.

The Indians came up and to the fort. They said they wanted food. Silas went to greet them. They killed him and attacked the fort.

People were killed, children and two adult women were taken.

Sarah "Granny" Parker's daughter Elizabeth Duty Kellogg was taken captive.

Rachel Parker Plummer daughter of James W. and Patsey Duty Parker was taken with her son and unborn baby. Granddaughter of both Sarah Pinson Duty Parker and Elder John Parker, from both of their children.

Cynthia Ann and John Richard Parker children of Silas Parker and Lucy Duty Parker were taken captive. Grandchildren of both Sarah Pinson Duty Parker and Elder John Parker from both of their children.

Elder John was scalped and killed.

People who could escaped to get to the men of the fort who were working in the fields, to let them know what tragedy had occurred.

The men arrived and did what they could and gathered the survivors to try to get to Fort Houston, in Anderson Co.

Some of the men went back to the fort that night.

Abraham (Abram) Anglin thought he saw a ghost. It was a white form in a long white dress and white flowing hair. It really scared him. The ghost beckoned them to come. He got close and realized it was Old Granny Parker. She had walked and crawled to another house away from the fort. She was speared, abused and left for dead. Abraham (Abram) took some bedding and took her some distance away from the house and left her to return to the fort. He came back and got her and took her to the other party that was going toward Fort Houston.

They did arrive at Fort Houston some days later and gathered men to go to the fort and bury their dead.
I have never heard if Fort Parker was used after that.

Elizabeth Kellogg, Rachel Plummer, her son, James Pratt Plummer, (her baby when born was killed by the Indians)and Cynthia Ann Parker were eventually returned to their families.

John Richard Parker never returned. He did survive though and moved into Mexico and lived out his life there.

Sarah "Granny" Pinson Duty Parker died soon after arriving in Fort Houston.

Daughter: Lucinda "Lucy" Duty Parker. What has not been reported about Lucy is she married a man named Usry, after Silas Parker's death. Had a son, Benjamin Milam Usry, divorced Mr. Usry. Married last W. W. Roberts. . . .

Family links: Spouses: John Parker (1758 - 1836), Richard Duty (1755 - 1822); Children: Lucinda Duty Parker-Usry-Roberts (1811 - 1852), Catherine Duty Anglin (1813 - 1837)

Burial: Fort Houston Cemetery, Palestine, Anderson County, Texas, USA

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PINSON, Sarah (I40339)
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Sarah "Sallie" Hunsinger Hunsaker
Birth: Sep. 16, 1801, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, USA
Death: Oct. 8, 1884, Arthur, Douglas County, Illinois, USA

Family links: Spouse: Benjamin Franklin Hunsaker (1795 - 1855); Children: John William Hunsaker (1824 - 1900), James J Hunsaker (1824 - 1836), Isaac Hunsaker (1828 - 1852), Matthew Hunsaker (1828 - 1900), Benjamin Franklin Hunsaker (1832 - 1919), Samuel C. Hunsaker (1832 - 1919), Mary Ann Hunsaker Reeves (1834 - 1919), George W Hunsaker (1836 - 1853), Thomas Jefferson Hunsaker (1836 - 1908), Emily Jane Hunsaker Crockett (1837 - 1923)

Burial: New Providence Cemetery, Elbridge, Edgar County, Illinois, USA

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HUNSINGER, Sarah (I40664)
26545 (1)

Sarah "Sallie" White Parker
Birth: Jul. 10, 1759, Culpeper County, Virginia, USA
Death: Jul. 28, 1824, Coles County, Illinois, USA

Sarah was the daughter of Benjamin White of Pennsylvania [?] Co., Va. and unknown mother.

She had the following siblings:

1. Rachel White Bennett m. William Bennett (My family Bennett line).
2. Elizabeth "Patsy" White m. Jesse Stovall Keesee.
3. John W. White
4. Mary "Molley" White m. John Pearce.

She and her siblings were all left money in her father, Benjamin White's will dated 1818, when he died. Brother John W., was passed on at that point, so his heirs were left money. I bought a copy of his will. In my possession.

She married John Parker in Culpepper Co, Va. in Nov. 1779. They moved to Ga, Tenn, Ill. They had 13 children. She died while they were in Coles Co., Ill. Her husband remarried to Sarah Pinson Duty, in Ind. while there. Family, or most of it moved to Texas in 1835.

Children [Sarah "Sallie" White Parker]:

1. Daniel, b. 1781
2. John, Jr. b. 1782
3. Abigail b. 1784
4. Mary Jane "Polly" b. 1785
5. Benjamin F. W. b. 1788
6. Phoebe b. 1790
7. Isaac Duke b. 1893
8. Joseph Allen b. 1795
9. James W. b. 1797
10. Rachel b. 1798
11. Nathaniel b. 1799
12. Silas Mercer b. 1804
13. Susannah b. 1807

Family links: Spouse: John Parker (1758 - 1836); Children: Daniel Parker (1781 - 1844), John Parker (1783 - 1832), Mary Jane Parker Kendrick (1785 - 1846), Benjamin F. W. Parker (1788 - 1836), Phebe Parker Hassell (1790 - 1852), Isaac Parker (1793 - 1883), Phoebe Parker Anglin (1796 - 1863) [?], James William Parker (1797 - 1864), Nathaniel Parker (1799 - 1855), Silas Mercer Parker (1804 - 1836), Susannah Parker Starr (1807 - 1875)

Burial: Unknown
Specifically: Cemetery not known.

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WHITE, Sarah (I40338)
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Sarah "Sally" Birkes Houston
Birth: Nov. 20, 1822
Death: Jun. 11, 1894, Rockhouse, Madison County, Arkansas, USA


1. Samuel 1-20-1845 Arkansas x 3-1-1865.

2. Mary 12-3-1847 Arkansas x 1925 Tahlequah, Cherokee, Oklahoma; (m) John Robert "Robert" Griffith.

3. John "Shabby John" 8-15-1850 Arkansas x 8-30-1927; (m) Nancy Ann Poynor.

4. Martha Jane 2-18-1852 Arkansas x 6-8-1902 Madison County, Arkansas; (m) James Proctor Sutherland

5. Julia Ann 3-20-1854 Arkansas x 2-16-1886 Madison County, Arkansas; (m) James Lafayette Ferguson

6. Robert Calvin "Bugle Horn" 1-12-1856 Arkansas x 7-8-1942 Madison County, Arkansas

7. Melvinia 2-25-1858 Arkansas x 1-6-1893 Madison County, Arkansas; (m) James Polk Vaughn

8. William Riley "Bulger" 3-18-1859 Arkansas x 9-28-1920 Madison County, Arkansas; (m1) Celia Jane Boren; (m2) Mary Frances Brown

9. Nancy Elizabeth 2-3-1862 Arkansas x 10-17-1954 Madison County, Arkansas; (m1) John Robert Houston; (m2) Elihue Allen

* * *

Buried at the Old Home Place on the King's River -Now known as: John Allen's Farm.

Family links: Parents: Charles Birkes (1788 - 1852), Mary Birkes (1791 - 1860); Spouse: Joseph Calvin Houston (1823 - 1901); Children: Mary Houston Griffith (1847 - 1925), John Houston (1850 - 1927), Martha Jane Houston Southerland (1852 - 1902), Julia Ann Houston Ferguson (1856 - 1886), Robert Calvin Houston (1856 - 1942), Melvina Houston Vaughan (1858 - 1893), William Riley Houston (1859 - 1920), Nancy Elizabeth Houston Allen (1862 - 1954); Siblings: Elizabeth Birkes Rogers (1813 - 1873), George Washington Birkes (1814 - 1859), Silas Birkes (1815 - 1882), Isom Birkes (1816 - 1884), Sarah Birkes Houston (1822 - 1894), Diana "Anna" Birkes Houston (1833 - 1864)

Burial: J. C. Houston Homestead Cemetery, Rockhouse, Madison County, Arkansas, USA

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BIRKES, Sarah (I44145)
26547 (1)

Sarah "Sally" Starnes Loudermilk
Birth: 28 May 1805, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA
Death: 9 Jan 1889 (aged 83), Carlisle, Sullivan County, Indiana, USA
Burial: Engle Cemetery, Carlisle, Sullivan County, Indiana, USA

Married to Solomon Winfield Lowdermilk 10/2/1823

Family Members: Parents: Joseph Starnes (1755-1839), Rachael Rice Starnes; Spouse: Solomon Winfield Loudermilk (1801-1865, m. 1823); Children: Andrew Jackson Loudermilk (1819-1887), James Jefferson Loudermilk (1824-1918), Joseph Davidson Loudermilk (1826-1903), Pinkney Cauldwell Lowdermilk (1829-1904), Amanda Adeline Loudermilk Boone (1832-1880), William Logan Loudermilk (1835-1853),
Sarah C. Loudermilk Holder (1840-1911), Martha A Loudermilk (1843-1876); Siblings: Eleanor Starnes Bradburn (1797-1887), Joseph Starnes (1798-1873), Jesse Starnes (1800-1874), Jarret Harrison Starnes (1804-1884), Rachel Starnes Bisanar (1810-1887), Jacob Clinton Starnes (1814-1899), Lettie Myra Henrietta Starnes Fowler (1818-1895)

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STARNES[?], Sarah (I44976)
26548 (1)

Sarah A Lipe Starnes
Birth: Jan. 14, 1814
Death: May 23, 1896

was united in marriage June 10, 1833

Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Macomb, McDonough County, Illinois, USA

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LIPE, Sarah (I34567)
26549 (1)

Sarah Adelaide Frye
Birth: Aug. 11, 1865
Death: Aug. 28, 1910

Family links: Spouse: John Wesley (Walter?) Frye (1859 - 1926)

Inscription: W/o Rev. John Wesley Frye.

Note: Lexington Area Cemeteries, Vol. 3, p. 157.

Burial: Saint Davids Lutheran Church Cemetery, West Columbia, Lexington County, South Carolina, USA

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(FRYE), Sarah Adelaide (I42168)
26550 (1)

Sarah Ann Elder Cummings
Birth: Sep. 5, 1832, Derby, Perry County, Indiana, USA
Death: Dec. 14, 1915

Sarah Ann Elder, born 5 Sep 1832 in Derby, Union Township, Perry Co., IN; died Dec 1915 in Cummings Homestead, Derby, Perry Co., IN; buried in Cummings Family Cemetery, Derby, Perry Co., IN. She married in 1850 Clinton Ballard; and after the disappearance of her husband Clinton Ballard and her two sons to the South to join the Confederate Army never to be heard from again, she returned home with her one daughter. She married again in 1872 and after the death of her second husband Isiah Cummings in 1886 she made her home with her daughter. At the time of her death Sarah had 5 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. She was a devout Roman Catholic. She was hard working, generous, and well loved.

Family links: Spouse: Isaiah Cummings (1823 - 1886)

Burial: Cummings Cemetery, Derby, Perry County, Indiana, USA

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ELDER, Sarah Ann (I37245)

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